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Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite Review

Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite

One area where Nike have really excelled in the past few years is delivering boots tailored to specific players on the pitch, and the new CTR360 Maestri II again fits the playmaker mold. You only have to take a look at the players wearing these (Cesc Fabregas, Landon Donovan, Andres Iniesta) to see exactly what type of player they are designed for.

Nike’s goal with this release was to create a boot that masters control while allowing players to receive and distribute passes with ease. After testing them, I can tell you almost every player on the field will benefit from the high performance level you get while wearing these. Below is my in-depth breakdown of how effective they actually are in action and how they compare to the original CTR360 Maestri release. For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Challenge Red/White/Black.

Nike CTR360 maestri II Front

Breaking In
Surprisingly, the CTR360 Maestri II Elite broke in pretty well! I have found that the carbon fiber soleplate found in the Nike Elite range can be especially hard to break in, but with this boot that wasn’t really an issue. After one 20 minute jogging session, they felt ready for game action. And when it came to wearing them in a game they worked very well, although there were some hot spots up around the top of the boot that caused concern. The non-Elite version of the CTR360 felt more comfortable through the break in period. Overall, they worked well and thankfully it didn’t get anywhere near blistering.

Compared to the CTR360 Maestri
The new versus the old! There are some updates to the second range including a re-engineered pass and receive pod region and some design upgrades. I wouldn’t say there is a great deal of difference between both releases, but the II definitely holds a slight overall advantage. If you are deciding between each pair simply choose the boot that suits your budget – the II is worth the money you pay, but the original CTR360 release still rates extremely high and will offer better value if you find them on sale.

CTR360 Maestri Passing Pod

Whats with the Pass and Receive Pads?
This is one of the more unique aspects to this release. The black region on the instep and the smaller red zone make up the pass and receive pads. The black zone is designed to improve control. Similar to the TPU fins seen on the T90 Laser III, it is designed to improve control by dampening the ball as it hits the surface of your foot. In testing, there is a noticeable difference as you make impact with the ball in that region. I found that it lies in the appropriate region as you control the ball. While striking the ball, it also offers additional spin as the fins give you extra grip on the ball.

The red region is advertised by Nike to offer similar attributes to the grooves seen on the face of a golf club. I didn’t necessarily find this region to be useful. Ultimately, I am not sure why you would actually need to add backspin while passing the ball! It might be useful for striking long balls, but it doesn’t lie anywhere near the right region. After testing, I didn’t find any conclusive evidence on how it is useful.

One last comment on this feature, many of you are going to ask how the control and pass pad compares to the Mukaiten panel seen on the Mizuno Wave Ignite. They are positioned in different regions, and also serve different purposes. The Mukaiten panel is more beneficial for striking long balls and free kicks, while the CTR360 is designed for shorter passes and quick through balls –  just like playmakers are required to make throughout a game.

Nike CTR360 Maestri II soccer cleats

I absolutely love the design of these boots. One of the things I really like is the black stripe that sits between the red and white areas. It adds a completely different look to the and in my opinion it is what makes them really stylish. The challenge red color almost has a metallic finish to it. Under the lights, they have an unusual shimmer that allows them to stand out. I have found through feedback that some people like the white Nike tick that has been added along the front of the boot. Personally, I like it and think it goes well with the overall design, but again opinions are mixed on this.

CTR360 Maestri II Tongue

Nike Control Pods

On field, these boots work out exactly as you would expect – and better! While dribbling, you are able to keep the ball closer to your feet by using the dampening pods up around the front of the boot. The dampening pods are raised slightly off the boot and are basically padded regions that allow for a softer touch on the ball. The side pass and control pads and the control region serves a valid purpose.

I also had an opportunity to test these out in wet conditions (we have had many rainy days here in LA recently!) and the results were very positive. Traction on the surface was never an issue, with twisting and turning not causing any problems. One thing to note is that the stud design on the Elite version differs from the regular version. Overall, performance was impressive and the boot felt like it molded easily to give a solid feel in game.

I can’t offer too many negatives on this boot. The overall design looks good and the on-field performance was excellent. The only area where there might be questions is in durability. The original CTR360 Maestri release received criticism in this area. I found that this new release held up really well and thus far I haven’t had any major durability problems. In the 3 weeks of testing, the front of the boots has scuffed slightly which is a concern. I will update if I find any issues going forward.

Nike CTR360 Maestri II at night

Nike have found the right balance with this release. To be honest, I still rate the original CTR360 Maestri release very highly, but I like the updates Nike have added to the second generation. They offer pretty much the complete package for any player who fits the playmaker mold, or any player that aspires to be a playmaker. But the best thing about the boot is how they suit nearly every player on the field! I can see many different style of players wearing them. They weigh in at 8.8oz, which in my opinion is a pretty ideal weight as you know you are still getting a decent level of protection. Overall, a great boot that is definitely top of my list right now. I don’t think that too many players who get their hands on a player will be disappointed with this release!

*Boots supplied for review by Nike

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. wow Bryan, great review!! do you prefer this over the puma v1.10 SL??




  3. hey bryan, how do these boots fit in your opinion, narrow, medium or wide? i am currently debating between, these, mercurial vapor vi, and f50 adizero, what do you think?

  4. Hey Bryan- good review. Thanks for the work. I just have one question however, because you mentioned that the Elite versions are a little weaker than the normal ones in some areas. Which would you recommend (or say is better), with no thought of price?

  5. Nice review…very much enjoyed it and am seriously considering getting the elite version of these boots instead of the regular maestri's.

  6. @Danny,

    The CTR360 is better as a playmaker boot, whereas the V1.10 SL is better for pacey players like wingers and quick forwards.


    I'm going to be wearing them for a while more to test out durability.


    Medium fit, similar to the F50 only they have more protection.


    It is down to whether you want the Carbon Fiber soleplate – personally I prefer a regular soleplate but for some players the Carbon Fiber will be #1 choice!

  7. Thanks bryan, im seriously considering getting these boots over the f50 adizero

  8. Thanks for the review….getting some of these soon hopefully.

  9. How is the sizing compared to the Predator X and Adizero Synthetic?I use both cleats in 9.5US. The X is very snug but still comfortable; the Adizero is a little longer/roomier. I prefer snug.

  10. Hey,Brain can you do a review on the adipure IV and really nice review.

  11. Bryan would you say the fit is more snug on the original CTR or CTR II? Which upper is softer? One more question did the lacing curving towards the instep affect your shooting at all?

  12. quick question. what do you do with these dozens of cleats that you review when your done reviewing?

    I know that with your year end give away you are giving away some cleats.

  13. I am currently a midfielder who playing competetively and i am not sure which cleat to get. What are the key skills i need for this postion and which cleat should i use? The T90 laser III, Predator X, or the CTR360 maestri II elite?

    • hey Geoff,
      i would definitly go with CTRs because the pred Xs are a terrible cleat and my lasers riped after 2 months.

    • I would buy the Predator X because it is good for passing, long distance shooting, it's durable. I think they are slightly better than the ctr360's. I have had both shoes. but i now realized that the predator is the better shoe.

  14. Another question, if i get this cleat would it decrease my shooting power due to the pads?

  15. Hey Bryan, Ive been trying to figure out how the red pads work and I believe that they probably help when trying to bring down and cushion a high ball, but that is just a big guess since i dont own these boots.

  16. Hey Bryan,i am a pacey winger ,i have to decide whether to take adizeroes,vapor vi or ctr360.which will u recommend?

  17. Hey Bryan really nice review but can you tell wick cleat are better nike ctr 360 or nike superfly 2.

  18. @ Geoff

    CTRs dont decrease shooting power i used them in 3 games (borrowed from a friend, and its competitive academy soccer) as a left back and I scored twice with some ridiculously NICEEE shots

  19. Great Review! Really useful but I know that they're is about a 2 ounce different in weight between the elite version and the non-elite version and was wondering if it makes a big difference in the play. Also, I believe that the non elite version does not have a kangaroo leather upper and if its worth the extra 120$ getting the elite version.

  20. hey bryan or anyone i really need your help and really dont know if i should get the elites or just the normal maestri , are the elites really worthh the money if i dont care what the weight is ???

  21. This is a bit off topic but have you ever had the chance to every try out a pair of Pantofola d'Oro? They are here at Prodirectsoccer.com I am trying to see if they ship to they US and was wondering if their reputation for being very comfortable and great all around cleats is true.

  22. @Mesut. The elite and non-elite version are KANGALITE. Both do not have kangaroo leather. They mirror its qualities. Look up soccer.com

    Personally, I pre-ordered the non-elites, I didn't see the point in paying another $150 for about 2oz less weight, I'm fast as it is. My first pair of CTR's are still in great condition. Hoping these are even better!

  23. Byran, my brother gave me a pair of the nike ctr360 trequartista fgs for christmas and I love them so far. However, since they were a gift, I never had a chance to try them on before they were purchase and their probably half a size to a whole size bigger than what I would normally be wearing. I've been able to break them in nicely but they feel slightly too long, especially my kicking foot. Since wearing these cleats, everytime I attempt to kick the ball with the top of my foot or when I shoot, I can't seem to make good, solid contact or get a good lift on the ball and it doesn't seem to feel right. Currently, these are my only cleats and might be for a while. Do you know anything I could do that help my cleats fit better or make them shrink a little?

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for all the detail. I would like your opinion on the cleat regarding traction and pivoting. I play outdoor on grass and AG as well as indoor on turf. I would like a single cleat (boot). Do you think this is the one?


  25. Het Bryan,what is the best cleat(boot) you have ever used and i know that this comes down to personal preferance but what cleat is your favorite

  26. @Jeb,

    They worked well on artificial turf surfaces – I found that they were a little slippy on grass fields, esp when it was muddy. Overall, I would say they work well on both surfaces.


    I think the "Review Scores" page spells it out best from my perspective!

  27. @Ryan,

    I will be faeturing a comparison of the non-Elite versus the Elite version in a few weeks (awaiting the regulars for review) but from my experience the regular version works really well – personally they would be my choice in terms of value for money.


    I haven't tested them, but I have heard great things about them! I should have a pair by early Feb for review…stay tuned!

  28. Hey Bryan what cleats would you recommend for a fast powerful left back?

  29. @Mike,

    The boots above are a pretty good option!

  30. The black pad is actually designed to get backspin on the ball, such as when you trap the ball it should almost roll back to you for better control. So I guess the red one is the pass pad,but it seems far away for passing did you notice anything like that?

  31. Bryan, would you mind sayin where you got the Pantofola d’Oro cleats from? I emailed prodirect.com & the makers website but got no response. Thanks

  32. Hey bryan!

    thanks for another great review, i'm 14 and play as an offensive left mid-midfielder 😛 and i have 3 shoes i'm not sure what to buy , these, mercurial miracle and adipure. I want the boot to be good protected against water, great comfort and that it should be pretty lightweight. What do you think?

    Looking forward to hear from you !

  33. hey brian,

    my high school coach plays me every position in mid and puts me at forward sometimes, and i was wondering which cleat would suit a fast versatile player like me. the vapor 6, total 90 laser 3 or ctr360 maestri 2

  34. @Brian, i would suggest these or the vapor 6 (unless u want to wait for the vapor 7 i hear is coming out early this year) or the ctr360 maestri 2 elite.

    the ctr360 is great for playmakers, and maximizes precision passing, while the vapor 6 is great for speed players and also offers a decent shot if used correctly

  35. Are you serious with the value rating?!?

    This is a boot for 250 punds, just becouse of a carbon plate you cant mean its worth it? Trully a greaaaaaaat boot, but the Nike elite boots its not worth the price, even tought I often buy the elites…. 😛

  36. Hos is the sizeing? If i have a 27 cm long foot, should i get 26.5 or 27? Im thinking of the non elite. Thanks!

  37. Hey brian great review. Do u think that these boots are better than the adipure IV?

  38. hey brian,

    i was just wondering if the world cup edition CTR 360 Maestri Elite have kangaroo leather, i need an answer fast


  39. i have the maestri’s and have noticed that the kanga lite doesnt quite feel the same as the first maestri’s my friend owns ….still have snow on the ground though so we will see how they perform on the pitch

  40. Nick,
    They don’t. They do have a upper material called Kanga-Lite which is actually very comfortable. It’s not as comfortable as kangaroo leather, but possess all of the amazing qualities of leather, why also having the great things of synthetic.
    Hope this helps,
    Cole O’Brien
    My Studs

  41. Does anyone know if the regular CTR 360 Maestri II's come with a bag? If so, what does it look like, and is it similar to any other bag (T90, Mercurial, etc.)

  42. @David L. yes they do come with a bag it is the same as the laser bag in style and size. Basically it is mostly red and then about 3/4s of the way it splits to black. So it is split up and down wise between red and black. It says CTR360 up the side. Sorry for that awful explanation.

  43. ^ Wait I think I was thinking fo a different bag. It's actually all red with CTR360 written across it in black.

  44. @nicholas

    It has a very comfortable fell the kanga lite material, better than leather in my opinion,just go to your local soccer shop and u will find owt how comfortable they are

  45. Hi Bryan, I'm thinking about getting last year's maestri elites but I have a medium to wide fit. Should I order a size up or stay the same? I'm an 11.5(us). Also which has better traction, the elites carbon outsole, or maestri's regular outsole? Thanx in advance.

  46. hey anyone are the Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite and just the Nike CTR360 Maestri II about the samething which ones do you think are better is they are about the same thing i may get the Elite ones just for 30$ more and with the size how do they fit im a size 10 what size should i get i want them to fit good for the money im going to spend

  47. @jairo,

    Order true to size! Both outsole offer a very similar level of traction, so you are going to get as much benefit from the regular version as the elites!

  48. bryan, what are the benefits of getting the maestri elite over the maestri because if there is no real significant difference its like a hundred bucks difference

  49. Bryan did you ever find a good way to deal with the scuffs in the boots? I have had a pair for a month now and I have yet to find an effective way to get them out.

  50. Honest question, why is the lacing over the instep and not the outside of the foot like most other side lacing systems? Does this bother anyone?

  51. @Ayo,

    The soleplate and weight difference are the only real difference – if you want the full package you need to pay the extra $100 – personally I would only pay for the regular version.


    It is a matter of cleaning them after each practice as best as possible, but the material used does seem to scuff more easily than others.

  52. I am torn between these and the AdiPure IV's. I'm a keeper but I enjoy playing on the field sometimes and also shooting around with friends. Im quite concerned with power. Which would reccomend? Thanks.

  53. @John

    I would actually recommend checking out the Nike T90 Laser III if you are looking for power. Both the CTR360 Maestri and the adiPure IV would be suitable options, prob the adiPure more-so for gks!

  54. Would these be good fit for a right back/center back?

  55. The backspiin is placed in the correct spot and is needed when you do a one touch pass. It is very important skill needed if you are playing in a high class soccer league.

  56. Hey! I will son buy a new pair of shoes and i will go for either the Nike Maestri II or the Nike Laser III. I often take freekick and corners and wich boot is the best for that between these two?

  57. Hi am a striker and midflelder who is not overly fast straight but I am very quick laterly. I love dribbling and shooting and want to have a lighter cleat. I have tried the Nike 90 laser and they were okay, but I am debating between the adizeros and the elite ctr 360s. Any advise?

  58. @Isaac

    Both will be good options, the adiZero will give you the total experience, but the CTR260 Maestri is no slouch and to be honest also extremely light!

  59. Hey do you by chance know when the release of the yellow/white/black CTR IIs will be released????

  60. Would you reccomend these for a goalkeeper?

  61. @Garrett

    The next week or two!


    They do have performance benefits for goalkeepers, but it depends on the GKs preference.

  62. ok thanks!!!

  63. can you find me a pair of ctr elites size 10 US any color will do,I cant find them ANYWERE.please

  64. So how are these compared with real kangaroo leather? I also don't understand why the lacing is placed over the striking area. Wouldn't it have been better to have offset lacing toward the outside of the foot?

  65. I just bought a pair of the non-elite version of these. Would playing in them for the first time at a tournament be a bad idea?

  66. @Roark

    Synthetic upper feels decent and offers good touch. The whole laces issue and their placement is a contentious issue! I will cover it in a post soon.


    I never advise wearing them without at least a short break in period. If you can, wear them around your house first…and if you decide to wear them in the tournie make sure to have your old boots on hand in case you feel any discomfort!

  67. Would these cleats be good for a sweeper? I have been using the T90s and the Tiempos, both of which are great cleats, but I would like to have a better touch on the ball, while having some power while kicking long balls. Also, how would these compare to the Mizuno Wave Ignitus?

  68. Are these wider then the original CTR? And do you know the weight of the CTR 2 non-elite?

  69. I am wearing the previous version of CTR. It's really great in term of controlling. Yes it's suitable for playmaker. But I am not satisfy in term of striking. I want to get new pair and thinking of Adipure III. Your opinion please.

  70. hey i have orthotic inserts, would these boots be good for my feet if i put in the inserts?

  71. @Kourt

    They are the same width and the non-elite version weighs 10.8oz

  72. Hey, I'm thinking about getting these or Adipure IV. Which boot I s better for wide feet?

  73. @Jonny, I think the adipure leather will stretch better to accomodate your wide foot

    @Daniel, there's a large debate over weather or not orthodics are worth using at all in the podiatric community. I would suggest trying to wean yourself off them by strengthening your feet and ankles and working on running mechanics and you might find you don't need them as much as you think. That being said, I would think you would have an easier time putting them in this type of shoe as opposed to a speed shoe because this shoe is more substantial and the leather won't stretch much since its synthetic. I'm just guessing here, but it stands to reason that a real leather boot would counter the orthodic's affects by stretching and adjusting.

  74. I am a fullback, specifically left back and am not sure what boot would be best for me. The ctr's seem great but I need something with durability when going in on tackles. I had the predator x's last season but they ripped along the bottom. They were great cleats however. So for a fullback or defender what would you suggest?

  75. Hey would it be bad to wear these on turf? I have the non elite version

  76. What are the differences between the non elite version and trequartista?

    Money is an issue, so how good is the trequartista? What are the differences?

  77. @Matt

    Check out this post on best cleats for center backs. I am currently working on one for outside backs that should be posted in a week or two.


    As long as you have the FG version they are fine to wear on turf. Not ideal, but they work.


    Trequartista upper is made of a different material – check out my Trequartista review. In my opinion they are terrific value for money and I would recommend them.

  78. Hey bryan, great review. I am planning to buy a pair. Are these boots great for chipping long crosses and taking corners? Thanks.

    • They work out fine with crossing and playing long balls – ultimately they have been designed with the playmaker mold in mind, so they are more suited to keeping the ball on the ground. But, as a winger I have found they work out well.


    • soccercleats101

      It is very dependent on the player and what they are looking for. The lighter weight offers some benefits, but compared to the regular version you are pretty much getting the same package.

  80. Bryan, my brother has these boots and after two weeks of training they are still not breaking in. Is this typical with the CTR II's???

  81. Hey Bryan, Great review! How have these held up? Any durability issues?

  82. Hi, Bryan.
    Your website really provides some valuable information on soccer cleats. I have a pair of CTR360. How do I take care of the Kanga-lite synthetic leather? Should I apply leather food to it?
    Thank you

    • No need for leather food, simply wipe them down with a worm wet rag after play. That should be all you really need to do, along with keeping them dry of course! The Kanga-Lite won't absorb the leather food like real leather will.

  83. so does the front of the boots scuffed?

  84. oh also, do u consider this boot an all around boots? if so, where do u rank this boot among other all around boots? what are the best all around boots? planning to play soccer this summer n will do everything besides gk i guess. so im going to need a pair of boots that do everything. thanks bryan

    • I'm personally not a fan of the touch on the Maestri. I prefer my adizero's (in leather of course) when I play every position up and down the left side. Yes, full back included.

      Check out the "Cleats by Position" link on the webpage and you will see which boots appear most often for all the positions.

  85. Adizero 2 or CRT 360 2 for a left wing?? I’m pretty fast but always enjoy the extra edge I get with the lightness of the adizero 1, will these hold me back much??? Also how are these in terms of shooting?? If the dampening pads cushion for trapping will it affect the power of the shots/free kicks?? Please get back to me

    • I don't think it will affect your shot power, but might add some additional spin. I think traction and stability will probably be the main noticable difference between them and the adizero since in my opinion, the weight is more of a mental advantage than anything. My opinion would be to get the leather Adizero's but I'm not trying to knock these boots in any way.

  86. Hey brian, I checked out the CTR360 Maestri II yellow colorway. It seems like the kanga-lite material is really weak and not durable at all, how have your cleats been holding up because its not worth spending the money and within 2 months them falling apart. Comment on the durabilty issue as fast as possible.

    • I have some boots with the kanga-lite material and I don’t think it performs as well as real k-leather. That being said, I haven’t had any issues with its durability. In fact, I think it is a little more durable than real leather since the synthetic holds up to adverse weather conditions better and is easier to clean. I would get them if your only concern is durability.

      • Thanks a lot, how long have you had your cleats? I think it is better in bad weather but the material seems very thin and not that durable, thanks again

  87. Hey Bryan!! Im stuck between these and the wave ignitus's!! COuld you help me out by doing a "5 months later" check up on them? Thanks man, I got me one of those soccer cleats 101 shirts! They're sick!

  88. ingimar (Iceland)

    do u think they are good for defenders? are these shoes kind of a Tiempo, all-kind-of-player-shoes? and one last Q: are these shoes bad for long passes?

  89. Thanks for the review Bryan.
    I currently use the prior version of Tiempo – not the elite one.
    I love the touch and the fit of the boots however I'm thinking of getting a new pair.
    Right now, the two in my mind are the new Tiempo elite and Ctr 360 2 elite.
    I liked the tiempo a lot but I'm still waivering in my decision since I'm getting so many good feeds about CTR.

    What I like the best about Tiempo the first touch you can get with the boots, and that is my main focus.
    How would you compare these two in this aspect?


    • soccercleats101

      Both offer very similar touch and control on the ball, although you get the added bonus of the pass pods on the CTR360 Maestri. You won't be disappointed with either boot!

  90. Is there any real diffrence between these and the regular ctr360s? Or is it just the soleplate?

  91. Bryan will you make a post on the durability of these cleats and your puma sl and adizero/adipure. Just to see which cleats last the longest

  92. hey bryan im thinking of getting these boots but the adipowers look rsally nice which one should i get?
    I play CM and ACM. I like the playmaking role but i also like going up and helping the forwards and shooting.
    plz help

  93. soccer.com what is wrong with you
    Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG – White/Black/Tour Yellow/Metallic Silver
    first priced at 179 when they were released then priced at 137 for the past two weeks now today priced at 197 (more than the newish gold ones which were suppose to be used in the gold cup but are not) just cause 3 players on US are wearing the yellow ones it doesnt mean you can jack the price higher than the original selling price of 179. what a disgrace… i just lost all respect for soccer.com and will never order from them again.

  94. soccer.com
    today posted at 149.99
    seriously i have never seen more price fluctuation before in my life

  95. Hey, i wear a size 9 us for my mercurial victories and i am thinking of buying a ctr360 maestri 2. What size should i get for the maestris?

  96. i got the regular $180 version and they are the best cleats i have ever worn. they are game ready right out of the box. good for a slightly wide foot too.

  97. hey bryan,
    would the ctr maestri ii elites last me at least 10 months?

  98. What’s the best way to take good care of the maestri ii elites?

    • soccercleats101

      Clean them off and air dry them or stuff them with newspaper after wear, use some leather food to keep them feeling supple. That is it – you should get at least a good season out of them!

  99. hey bryan,
    are the maestri 2 elites alright for about 4 turf games a year?

    • soccercleats101

      I actually wore them on turf many times and there have been no problems, comfort or durability wise!

  100. Hey bryan, i am purchasing a new pair of cleats, and i wasn't sure if i should get the adidas adipower predators or the nike ctr360 maestri ii. what is your opinion on this? By the way, i am a fullback who likes to attack. Thanks!

  101. Hi again. This time i have a website question. I posted a question yesterday and it disappeared! Where did it go? Thanks.

  102. Hey, I play center back for my club, high school, and summer team. I currently wear the PUMA PWR-C v1.10 and the Tiempo Legend II's. I love my tiempo's and I'm considering just buying the Tiempo IV's. But after all the great review's on the CTR II's and the AdiPowers, I don't know which cleat to buy. I read the center back guide that you posted a while back, but I still dont have a clue which to pick. The problem i have is durability. I practice twice a week. once on turf once on natural grass. and most of my games are on grass. If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  103. are these cleats good for strikers?

  104. Are these cleats good for a winger who likes to attack defenders 1 on 1 but isn’t that fast? Please I need an answer asap

  105. I'm a size 10 in superfly III's, should I just order a size 10 in these as well?

  106. hey Bryan how do you compare the soleplate of the regular ( i ) against the elite (ii) in turf ??? Because i'm thinking in buy the elite but i'm affraid that the regular are better for turf..

  107. Bryan, i bought these cleats in the yellow/white color way about a week ago and was just wondering, whats the best way to clean scuffs off your cleats?

  108. Bryan, i bought these cleats in the yellow/white color way about a week ago and was just wondering, whats the best way to clean scuffs off your cleats?

  109. hi bryan, i have the ctr360 maestriII and the top left on the right foot and right on the left foot studs are giving me terrible blisters. do they fix this problem on the elite? is there any way i can prevent blisters? i have a tournament coming up this weekend so i need to fix this problem fast! thanks so much!

    • I haven't heard of this problem, so it is either unique to the pair you have or they are just not the right fit for you. Have you had them long and are they broken in?

  110. Hey Bryan, how long would maestri 2 elites last if I never put leather food on or clean them?

    • They don't require leather food – choosing to not clean them is not an option!

      • How long would they last though?

      • Hey Bryan, How long Would the maestri 2 elites last if I really don’t take care of them? I’m asking you because my older brother has a pair and he doesn’t take care of them AT ALL. He leaves them outside and stuff. I hope to use them but idk how long they will last. Can you please answer ASAP thanks.

  111. would you recommend these for a striker?

  112. Bryan, i play football how i play futsal, i like to use the sole of my foot to beat defenders, i would love to see how much traction the cleat has on the ball, and how easy it is to use the sole of your foot in some of yours reviews.

  113. Very Nice review…very much enjoyed it and am seriously considering getting the elite version of these boots instead of the regular maestri's.

  114. hi great review
    but is there a big difference between elite and just regular?

  115. Hello,

    I was wondering how the traction was on the elite version of the Maestri II compared to the regular Maestri II.

    I play on turf and FG. So, which has better traction? As they have different stud patterns…

  116. Hey Brian, do you know anywhere where I could buy these [or the regular version] in the same color as you had them? Looking forward to the Christmas Giveaway, I love the site 😀

  117. i have the red and black version and i love them

  118. Hey Brian,
    Quick question, do you think these would be a good selection for a keeper? If so, why?

    • Yeah they should be fine, there are not a great deal of boots that don't suit a keepers style! The fact that you get a pass and control zone, front dampening pods and an overall light boot make them a good match.

  119. Is it bad to wear the new ctr360 on turf because i just bought them and I’m wondering if i should keep them or sell them

    • I heard from other reviews they provide too much traction if you believe it or not, to the point where you might just break your leg! If I were you, I'd be on the safe side and get cleats specialized for turf surfaces.

  120. can you juggle with these cleats

  121. this boot iz not durable .,.,my one got ripped off,.

  122. This boot and t90 laser elite, r the width same?

  123. Just went trough the reviews and stopped at this one. I've had these cleats for almost 2 years now and have been wearing them non-stop. They are truly amazing! Really, there is absolutely nothing I can complaint about as they are still working perfectly fine and nothing has ripped or broken so far..if I had to I would buy these boots again anytime!

  124. Can i get them now? In any way?

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