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Best Cleats by Position: Attacking Mid

Attacking Mids soccer cleats

Attacking Midfield – Finding the right pair of soccer cleats is an important part of ensuring you are performing at the highest level on the pitch. Each position is going to have specific boots that are more suited than others. So, in our Best Cleats by Position series, we take a look at what boots suit the needs of each playing position on the soccer pitch.

Since it is such a specific position, highlighting the best options for Attacking Midfielders only seems appropriate. Every successful team has a playmaker who gets on the ball and creates chances – this role usually falls to the attacking mid. Not only do they create chances, but they have the responsibility of getting themselves on the score-sheet, with double digits a pretty standard season target.  Some of the best players in the world have played the position including Zidane, Paul Scholes, Ruud Gullit, Michel Platini and even Diego Maradona. To be an effective attacking mid, the following characteristics come into play:

  • Creativity – In order to create, an attacking mid needs a boot that gives him every advantage on the ball- something that compliments close control and quick passing.
  • Control – If you watch any of the top players in the position, you will see that they are on the ball quiet frequently but there time on the ball is short. It is a case of receive and play – so having close control and the ability to move it quickly is essential.
  • Traction – Having a solid boot that instills confidence allows an attack mid to let their game shine through.

New Nike CTR360 Maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri II (read review)

The boot designed specifically for the playmaker! No other boot on the market plays to a particular position as much as the CTR360 Maestri II. All you have to do is look at the players they chose during its release: Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta and Landon Donovan. Nike’s goal with this release was to create a boot that masters control while allowing players to receive and distribute passes with ease. It is the pass and receive pods on the insole that separate this release from other boots on the market.

Search for pairs of CTR360 Maestri.

Adidas adiPower Predator (read review)

This latest Predator release offers a fantastic option for creative players (officially named the Adidas adiPower Predator). Adidas has worked on creating an all new Predator Element that is designed to provide additional force and increased power when striking the ball. When you mix this with a high performing Taurus leather upper and an all round comfortable fit, you have the makings of a boot that matches the needs of an attacking player. Players to wear the boot on release include Kaka and David Beckham.

Search for pairs of adiPower Predator.

Nike T90 Laser III (read review)

Designed for absolute power, the Nike T90 Laser III offers technology that works in harmony with the style of a playmaker. The addition of five red ‘pods’ that sit right along the strike zone even out pressure distribution on ball contact, while TPU fins that sit on a honeycomb panel are designed to flex on contact, acting like a car suspension system in a sense. When it comes to a shooting boot, the T90 Laser III makes for one of the best on the market – ideal for creative players who like to take plenty of shots during game. Paul Scholes and Wesley Sneijder were two of the high profile playmakers wearing the T90 Laser last season.

Search for pairs of T90 Laser.

wave ignitus-2Mizuno Wave Ignitus II (read details)

A boot that is tough to find here in the US, the Mizuno Wave Ignitus is another great options for attacking players. Designed with the inclusion of Mizuno’s exclusive Mukaiten Panel, players have the opportunity to reduce spin on shots. For those that master the Mukaiten panel, you can actually create no-spin shots and completely fake out keepers (as we have seen Keisuke Honda do). Along the front of the boot sit black panels called the 360 Bio Vamps, designed to give players 2 different types of ball contact. The front area consists of a deeper groove that create additional spin on shooting, while the goal of the instep area is to offer additional control and touch on the ball. The best place to look for a pair in the US is on eBay.

Search for pairs of Wave Ignitus.

Other options worth checking out:
Nike Tiempo Legend IV
Adidas adiPure IV SL
Puma V1.11
Adidas F50 adiZero

What Attacking Mids are currently wearing: (as of June 2011)
Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan) – Nike T90 Laser III
Luca Modric (Spurs) – Nike Superfly III
Samir Nasri (Arsenal) – Adidas F50 adiZero
Raul Meireles (Liverpool) – Nike Tiempo Legend III
Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) – Nike CTR360 Maestri III
Kaka (Real Madrid) – Adidas adiPower Predator
Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) – Nike CTR360 Maestri III
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich) – Adidas adiPure IV
Ever Banega (Valencia) – Nike CTR360 Maestri III
Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona) – Adidas adiPower Predator

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  1. adipower all the way

  2. You forgot about Wave Ignitus ii 🙂

    dont forget to sign the petition everyone

  3. Why in the "What Attacking Mids are currently wearing" section does it say some players are wearing CTR III?

    Is that just a typo?

  4. Keisuke Honda – CSKA Moscow – Mizuno Wave Ignitus II

  5. T90 Lasers are surprisingly useful for this particular position since it offers ample protection. But the bonus, other than its claim to power shots and accuracy, is that these boots really enable a player to shake things up with a long cross to the other side of the field with near pin-point accuracy

  6. when i play attacking mid i use ctr360's and of all the boots ive tried these work the best

  7. To be honest, Copa Mundials need to be in there. The touch and comfort is perfect for a playmaker. They don't have a presence in the professional game, but for Sunday League/ High School/ College/Club where pretty much all of us play, they are perfect. They have the added bonus of being equally good on grass or turf.

  8. Im in need of some cleats id prefer something light i usually play on the wings but i also play center mid when i have to you guys have any ideas what cleats i should get? Please answer as soon as possible!

    • soccercleats101

      It depends on your style of play, if you are of the Beckham mold, go with the adiPower, but if you base your game off of being quick and tricky look at something like the Puma V1.11 SL (or V1.10) and the Adidas F50 adiZero!

  9. i play as a striker a lot but i also drop into a number 10 role a bit, what are your opinion on Superfly III's for an attacking mid?

    • They are a suitable option because they are lightweight and offer good protection. Prob not as good as the others listed below, but a good option.

      • Thanks Brian, i got them because i we play a very fast counter attacking style at my club, and i usually play as a striker, but sometimes get told to drop deep

  10. I think you should recommend some nike cleats

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