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Pele Sports Trinity – A New Speed Boot?

Pele Sports TrinityI just received some interesting news from Pele Sports, indicating they are on the verge of releasing a new speed boot.

According to Pele Sports, the ‘Trinity’ will be an ultra light boot that is “ergonomically designed to harness your physical potential and strengthen footwork ability throughout the challenges of the game.”  What makes the release even more interesting is that “a key feature of the ‘Trinity’ lies in the revolutionary stud mapping system.” You don’t often hear companies highlighting the stud design as a key component of a boot, but that is how it seems to be. Check out the following PR release:

Pelé Sports vast experience of wear trials and physiological research into the mechanics of feet and speed have taught the specialists of the brand (Official Pelé licensee), that the classic stud configuration is outdated, unnecessary and it slows the player down.

“Our unique stud mapping technology has resulted in individual stud configurations, that together optimize foot muscle function and enhance propulsion. Each stud has been carefully sculpted to increase ground penetration, reduce turf resistance and most importantly minimize injury risk” explains Greg Lever-O’Keefe, Head of Design for Pelé Sports.

The ‘Trinity’ stud mapping system paves the way, for a completely new experience of instant ground contact, high velocity release, excellent traction and explosive acceleration. The highlighted studs collectively represent the advancement of each area of the foot as it flexes and rolls working simultaneously to dissipate force and improve grip.

All very interesting if you ask me! I am pretty excited to see and hear more about the release. The “Trinity” will officially be launched as part of Pelé Sports Spring Summer 2012 collection. I had the opportunity to test the initial release in Pele Sports line last year, the 1970, and it turned out to be a very consistent performing boot. The leather was pretty fantastic – so, it leaves me wondering what materials will be used in the new speed release!

Whats are your thoughts and what would you like to see from the Trinity?

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  1. I don’t know about this.. seems like its a good step forward but with the lack of success with the 1970 (amount of pros wearing them) i dont know if these will be able to rival any of the top brands.

  2. soccercleats101

    The first images will be available in June (next month) so I'm not sure if they release them early for the following years collection, or there will be a wait until 2012. I will know more once they release pics

  3. Interesting that they’re marketing a speed boot this way since I’ve always thought the strength of adizeros wasn’t their weight, but their stability and traction in cuts and turns. This might compete with the adipure sl if they’re also in k-leather.

  4. these sound awsome i cant wait. I have the 1970s and love them so hopefully they keep the same wide last and the great leather.

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