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Pele Trinity 3E Review

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a huge wave of publicity surrounding the release of the new and highly advanced Pele Sports Trinity. These boots are extremely unique, with Pele Sports gambling on the addition of new forms of technology to capture the attention of the market. It …

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Pele Sports Trinity – The Reaction

Yesterday, the Pele Sports Trinity 3E was released – and I had a pair delivered for review! With them in hand, I decided to try something a little different with the use of a video – capturing the reaction of fellow players to the new speed boots. As you will …

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Pele Sports Trinity 3E

If there was anyone questioning Pele Sports desire to become a top player in the soccer market check this release out  – the Trinity 3E. These boots are pretty extraordinary and completely go against the norms we expect as soccer players and there has been huge buzz about them since …

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Pele Sports Trinity – A New Speed Boot?

I just received some interesting news from Pele Sports, indicating they are on the verge of releasing a new speed boot. According to Pele Sports, the ‘Trinity’ will be an ultra light boot that is “ergonomically designed to harness your physical potential and strengthen footwork ability throughout the challenges of …

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