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Pele is Going to Love These Incredible Hand-Painted Daren Dunn Boots!

Pele Trinity by Daren Dunn

When it comes to custom boots, there are none better than those that are designed to actually celebrate something important. Quite often we see players wearing personalized boots just for visual effect and to stand out on pitch, rather than spreading a message. These boots have been created for the later reason, and they are set to be presented to Pele when he meets the man that hand-painted them next month.

For those of you not familiar with Daren Dunn, he is an Aboriginal man of the Gamilaroi tribe who celebrates his tradition and Aboriginal Education through art pieces and the creation of awesome designs like these. It is pretty evident that a lot of time was spent creating these one of a kind boots. Daren will be personally presenting them to Pele at a charity event, while the great Brazilian is on his trip down under in a few weeks. You can check out more of Daren’s work on his Twitter or Instagram page.

Daren Dunn Pele Boots Aboriginal Education

Pele Trinity Aboriginal Education

The boots underneath the paintwork are the Pele Trinity 3E. Although the brand has ceased operations in recent times, the black colorway and signature release of Pele is the ideal platform to capture such impactful art. Right throughout, the detailing is extremely intricate and everything has been carefully positioned to encapsulate an important message.

‘Pele’ Coming down under. Not everyday a koori fulla gets to put his autograph along side a all time great. I’m very humbled by my opportunity. The greatest soccer player of all time – Daren Dunn.

What do you guys think of the design? How much do you wish that you could create pieces of art like this?

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