Wednesday , June 7 2023

Kaka, Nani, Van Persie Launch adiPower Predator


The new Adidas adiPower Predator was officially launched at a celebrity packed event in London earlier today. International stars including Kaká (Real Madrid), Nani (Manchester United), Robin van Persie (Arsenal), Jack Rodwell (Everton), JonJo Shelvey (Liverpool), Fernando Llorente (Athletic Club Bilbao) and Riccardo Montolivo (Fiorentina) took part in unveiling the 11th version of the Predator.

The most important thing I got from the launch was some pretty clear details on how the new Predator element functions. Basically, Adidas has re-engineered the technology to perfect ball handling/control. Featured on the medial side of the cleat, the Predator Element is an injected silicon-rubber component welded onto the base material that features two specific zones.  One zone is designed to improve spin and power when striking the ball, while the second zone maximizes contact time with the ball to ensure perfect control no matter what weather conditions you are playing in.

Kaka, Nani adiPower Predator Launch

Also, Adidas confirmed that the adiPower Predator weighs in at 8.2oz, just as I stated when they were released. The integrated revolutionary Sprint Frame outsole construction featured in the adiZero F50 actually reduces the weight of the cleat by 25%.

If you are want to catch some MLS stars wearing the cleats, watch out for Omar Gonzalez of the LA Galaxy, Kenny Cooper of the Portland Timbers, Shalrie Joseph of the New England Revolution and Teal Bunbury of Sporting Kansas City.

Adidas adiPower Predator

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  1. dang, these are soo nice!! i still prefer the black/red/white, pure class!

  2. And Beckham of course!

  3. Watch Kaka ditch them again, along with at least Nani, I think…..

    IMHO? They're wanna be power boots, only distinguishable feature is the power spine and power swerve, of which the two, I believe only power swerve actually serves a purpose.

    Take away that and you have a leather F50.

    Only actual power boots I really think can still called that are the T90's, Concave's(out of biz), Powercat's, and maybe Mizuno Ignite. The power boot is dying out. 'nuff said.

  4. The color is growing on me…I'll let Bryan be the judge of the validity of the power boot design.

  5. I Agree with Elias about the power boot decaying away slowly, In my opinion the last true power boot was the Laser II, I own two pairs fantastic boot, everything is going “light” sounds like the food industry also hit the boot market….. Hopefully nike needa to give the lasers a new face lip…..

  6. A light power boot really sounds good to me! I'm definitely going to be getting the red/black colorway when they come out!

  7. a player on my team managed to get a pair of these off a buddy that plays on Chicago fire and these boots are unrealllll!

  8. This initial launch colourway is great for the summer 🙂

    Definitely diggin' how adidas is essentially "re-inventing" the Predator. Because whenever I hear that word (Predator) in football, the 1st image that comes to mind is how that boot can add a bit of "power" to anyone's game. At the same time, adidas is breaking from a tradition (in a good way though!) by showing "power" boot shouldn't be limited to its genre.

    Enough of the power talk! Let's all enjoy the release! 🙂

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