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adidas X Crazyfast+ FG Review

Speed redefined and expectations surpassed – that’s the expectation with a release like the adidas X Crazyfast+. Right? What I’ve discovered is that they are a release that ventures into the realm of specialized performance, tailored for a certain breed of player. Draped in a captivating solar blue colorway, accented with softer hues of baby blue and white, they stand out not just in appearance but in their purposeful design. The shimmering effect on the single-layer monomesh upper hints at a deeper commitment to detail and functionality by adidas.

In my time testing them, I’ve come to appreciate their niche appeal. They’re not a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, they’re a carefully crafted option for players who seek a specific kind of on-field experience. This review is set to explore the unique attributes of the X Crazyfast+, from their snug embrace to the innovative soleplate. They may not be the universal answer for every player, but for those who find their fit within the X Crazyfast+‘s distinct design, there’s a lot to be excited about. Let’s dive into what makes these boots a potential game-changer for the right player.

Initial Reaction: A Shift in Perspective

When I first unboxed the adidas X Crazyfast+, I was intrigued by their lightweight build and sleek design. They seemed like they could easily be the next best thing in lightweight performance. Could adidas merge the best of modern innovation (especially in the upper materials) with a lightweight construction to produce a standout? Holding them for the first time, they definitely create an air of excitement! As I’ve spent more time on the field with them, my perspective has evolved, especially regarding their fit, comfort, and performance. And we will talk more about that below.

adidas X Crazyfast+ FG

adidas X Crazyfast+ Soccer Cleats 2024

Comfort and Fit: A Leap into Synthetic Evolution

The adidas X Crazyfast+ takes us on an intriguing journey with its AEROPACITY Speedskin+ upper, marking a significant shift from traditional cleat materials. This synthetic isn’t just another iteration of what we’ve seen before – it’s a complete overhaul. The material has a unique texture, almost crusty to the touch, reminiscent of paper that’s been soaked and dried. It holds a certain rigidity, a deliberate choice by adidas to blend durability with an ultra-thin, second-skin connection to the ball.

But what does this mean for comfort and fit? The X Crazyfast+ wraps your feet in a surprisingly snug embrace. Gone are the days of spacious forefoot areas typical of older adidas models. Instead, these cleats offer a fit reminiscent of Nike’s Mercurial Vapor series – tight, with a lower profile across the toes. The upper’s structured nature means it maintains its shape without much give or stretch, so don’t expect them to loosen up much as you break them in. For those like myself who typically wear a size 9US, sizing up half a size could be a wise decision for a more comfortable fit.

adidas X Crazyfast+ Thin Upper

Crazyfast Upper Design

X Crazyfast+ FG

The True Second Skin Experience

In terms of on-ball feel, the X Crazyfast+ shines. The ultra-thin nature of the Speedskin+ upper translates to an extraordinary sensation – every touch, dribble, and impact is keenly felt. This heightened sense of connection with the ball is unparalleled, offering an almost raw, unfiltered interaction during play. It’s a double-edged sword, though – while you gain superior touch sensitivity, you also feel every stud from an opponent’s challenge more acutely.

Ease of Wear with Thoughtful Design

A simple standout feature is the non-integrated tongue, a seemingly minor detail that significantly impacts the overall experience. This design choice enhances the ease of slipping the cleats on and off – a notable convenience that players will appreciate, especially when preparing for intense training sessions or crucial matches.

The tongue itself is ingeniously crafted. Its ultra-thin profile doesn’t just contribute to the cleat’s lightweight feel; it also integrates perforations. This clever design ensures enhanced breathability, a crucial factor during high-energy play. The perforated tongue allows for increased airflow, helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable even under the pressure of the game. Even more importantly, the non-integrated tongue design plays a role in customizing fit. It provides flexibility in lacing, allowing players to adjust the snugness around their midfoot to their preference. Whether you prefer a tighter feel for more security or a looser fit for added comfort, the X Crazyfast+ accommodates your style.

Heel Comfort: A Delightful Surprise

Despite their feather-light weight, adidas hasn’t compromised on heel comfort. The ample padding in the heel area is a standout feature, ensuring a cushioned and secure lockdown. This thoughtful addition means players can engage in dynamic play without the worry of blisters or discomfort commonly associated with lighter boots.

adidas X Crazyfast+ FG Release Up Close

adidas X Crazyfast+ Soleplate

Aggressive Traction for Dynamic Play

The Speedframe AEROPLATE soleplate on the adidas X Crazyfast+ is a game-changer in terms of traction. It may have a minimalist appearance, but its performance on the pitch is anything but. Initially, you’ll notice a certain rigidity when you step onto the field. This isn’t a flaw; it’s a feature. As you break them in, this rigidity evolves into a dynamic springiness, a kind of energetic responsiveness that you can feel with every movement.

This soleplate isn’t just about supporting rapid movements, it’s there to enhance them. The way it transitions from a solid base to a source of lively propulsion is impressive. You get this lively, energetic pop with every push-off from the ground, which is crucial during those split-second decisions and rapid changes in direction. On firm ground and artificial surfaces, the Speedframe AEROPLATE shows its true colors. It provides an exceptional grip, a crucial factor for players who rely on quick, agile maneuvers. The soleplate ensures that whether you’re making a quick turn or sprinting towards the goal, your cleats are firmly anchored, giving you the confidence to play your best.

Comparison with Previous Models

X Ghosted: The X Crazyfast+ builds on the Ghosted with a thinner, more adaptable upper while retaining the responsive soleplate. It feels less restrictive and offers a closer touch on the ball.
Speedportal+: Compared to the more cushioned Speedportal+, the Crazyfast+ prioritizes lightweight speed and direct ball touch, providing a rawer, more barefoot-like experience.

Durability Insights

AEROPACITY Speedskin+: While thin and lightweight, this upper is surprisingly durable thanks to its TPU reinforcements and woven structure. However, expect more scuffing on firm ground surfaces and some potential tearing with aggressive play styles.
Soleplate: The Pebax® PowerFrame plate is known for its responsiveness and flexibility, but like most lightweight plates, it may not hold up as well on hard, uneven grounds.
Overall Durability: Expect decent lifespan on natural grass pitches, but be cautious on artificial surfaces. Regular care and maintenance will extend the boots’ life.

Performance in Different Weather Conditions

Rain: The Speedskin+ sheds water well, maintaining grip and feel. However, the thin upper lacks insulation, making them colder in chilly weather.
Extreme Heat: The lightweight construction provides breathability, but the dark colors can absorb heat in intense sun.

adidas X Crazyfast+ on foot fit

adidas X Crazyfast+ Testing Review

Final Thoughts: Balancing Performance and Fit

The adidas X Crazyfast+ is a cleat that presents a unique blend of attributes and challenges. It excels with its ease of wear, exceptional heel comfort, and the assertive grip of its soleplate, making it a standout option for speed and agility. However, the snug fit and limited stretch of the upper material might pose a concern for some players. My recommendation? Opt for a half size larger to ensure a more accommodating fit.

This cleat is tailored for players who seek a lightweight, performance-driven boot and are willing to navigate the nuances of its fit. For those ready to embrace its speedy nature with a mindful approach to sizing, the adidas X Crazyfast+ could be a thrilling addition to your soccer gear.


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Where to Find Them

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The adidas X Crazyfast+ wows with its AEROPACITY Speedskin+, blending ultra-lightweight design with a second-skin feel for exceptional ball control.
Category: A leap into the future of speed boots, crafted for players who crave a blend of lightweight agility and innovative material technology.
Would I Buy Them: As someone who values a snug, performance-focused fit, I’m intrigued but cautious due to their tight fit. They’re a tempting choice for players who prioritize speed and precision, but I’d recommend trying a half size up for optimal comfort.
Player Position: Perfect for the agile attacker or dynamic midfielder who thrives on rapid movements and desires a boot that enhances their quick-footed playing style.

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