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adidas Strikes Again: What Is Predator Predstrike? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

adidas Strikes Again: What Is Predator Predstrike?

adidas Predator Predstrike FG

If you’ve been paying attention the past few weeks, you will be privy to several iconic releases, including the celebratory, limited edition Predator 30 release. Nostalgia overload! Well, after that drop, adidas decided to continue with their momentum by releasing the Predator Elite collection – or what is essentially known as the special edition ‘Predstrike’ Predator.

What is uniquely awesome about this is that there are three top-tier fit options!

Elite Primeknit LacedElite LacelessElite with Foldover Tongue.

With their iconic foldover tongue and underfoot strap, we want to highlight the Elite Predstrike Elite FT. They are likely to be the key seller from the collection thanks to the dose of nostalgia they will deliver with old-school Predator fans. I know I will be working to get my hands on a pair to test!

adidas Predator Predstrike Elite with Foldover Tongue

Predator Predstrike 2024

HybridTouch 2.0: The Fusion of Comfort and Adaptability

The game-changer in the Predator Elite is the innovative HybridTouch 2.0. This updated synthetic material is a masterpiece, offering a suede-like feel that rivals the adaptability of leather. Imagine slipping your foot into a cleat that molds to your unique shape, providing that cushioned, cozy feel in all the right areas. It’s like the cleat understands exactly what your foot needs, offering comfort and a soft touch that enhances your connection with the ball.

Control Frame 2.0: Stability Meets Lightweight Design

Adidas doesn’t just stop at comfort; they’ve redefined stability with the Control Frame 2.0. This evolution from the original Control Frame technology is all about harmony and balance. The technology transitions from a two-part configuration to a more unified design, complementing the external heel counter to lock your foot in place securely. What’s more, this lighter frame doesn’t just hold your foot; it optimizes traction for those dynamic, game-changing movements, especially when striking the ball.

Strikeskin Technology: Precision at Your Feet

Let’s talk about the hallmark of the Predator line – the Predstrike. With its strategically positioned rubber fins in key strike zones, the Predstrike turns the Predator Elite into a tool for precision. It’s like having an extra layer of skill at your feet, enhancing your grip on the ball for those pinpoint shots that leave goalkeepers grasping at air.

Tailored to Fit: Elite Primeknit, Laceless, or Foldover Tongue

Adidas knows one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the Predator Elite offers three distinct fit options: the adaptive laced fit of the Elite Primeknit, the sleek Elite Laceless, and the classic Elite with Foldover Tongue. It’s about giving players the power to choose their path to elite performance.

Find the pictured pair available for pre-order at

Find the entire Predstrike collection available at


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