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Adidas adiPure IV versus Nike Tiempo IV

Adidas adiPure vs Nike Tiempo

Many of you have requested some sort of comparison on Adidas and Nike’s latest heritage releases: the adiPure IV and Tiempo IV. I can understand how choosing between both versions could prove challenging for players since both releases offer great performance at a very affordable price range. In fact, I deem these releases to be some of the best value for money options on the market. Here is a quick breakdown of how they compare to each other.

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Adidas adiPure vs Nike Tiempo

Difference in Leather
Starting with one of the most important parts; the leather upper. Both versions offer a very similar level of quality, with the primary difference being Nike’s addition of a mixed K-leather and Kanga-lite design, compared to the adiPure’s K-leather only. This allows them to cut some weight while adding some weatherproofing. Another big difference lies in how both versions are stitched along the front. I much prefer the performance of the adiPure as the strategically placed stitching allows the upper to bend and mold much more efficiently to our feet. But visually, the Tiempo looks a lot cleaner and the vamp stitching adds a really classic look.

Adidas adiPure vs Nike Tiempo

Size and Shape
First off, there is a visible difference in the heel design of each boot. Nike use a typical high cut that protects the Achilles, whereas Adidas use a low cut, more rounded design. Some players actually have problems with this area on the adiPure but I found it was comfortable. The second thing is the angle at which the upper and soleplate meet. The adiPure has a more beneficial design, with a sharp angle in to the toe – making them ideal for getting under the ball. The Tiempo, on the other hand, has a more rounded toe that can feel a little clumsy at times. Other than that, both boots have a very similar shape, and the dimensions of the soleplate are pretty equal.

Adidas adiPure vs Nike Tiempo

Stud Design
The adiPure uses a typical bladed design, whereas the Tiempo offers a mix of bladed and conical. As a result, the adiPure is much more adept to natural grass surfaces, while the Tiempo is a better choice for players who play on artificial surfaces.

The adiPure weighs 9.8oz and the Tiempo weighs a slightly lighter 9.6oz – but fall right inline with the average for the heritage range.

Price Range
Starting out, the original retail price for the Tiempo is $165, whereas the adiPure’s retail sits at a slightly cheaper $154. Right now, deals on the adiPure IV are much better and drop as low as $113 – especially since they have been on the market for a longer period.

Adidas adiPure vs Nike Tiempo

Even though these boots fall into the same categories, there are many differences that make them unique from each other. This also makes it extremely tough to nominate one as being “better” than the other. Ultimately, they both offer great performance and a classic look – it simply depends on your circumstances and what type of deals you can get. Personally, I found the adiPure to be a better option and the fit was much more comfortable. But, in general, feedback on the Tiempo range has been much more positive and it seems like the majority of players would choose them over the adiPure. Some of the best players in the world are currently wearing both ranges, so if you decide to pick up a pair you can do so knowing you are in good company!

The adiPure IV is available in a Blackout colorway for $125.99, while the Tiempo IV is available in the Black/Total Orange colorway for a best price of $134.99.

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  1. i got the tiempo

  2. i prefer the adipures, the k leather is great

  3. Wellllll yesterday I was going to buy Maestri 2's, but my search ended up coming down to these – Tiempo or AdiPure.

    The Tiempos felt more comfortable at first, but when compared to the AdiPure, the Tiempos were a little too soft and loose, and I figured by the time I break them in, they'd be too loose. So I went with the AdiPure. They feel more snug and are a little more supportive. Plus a I don't like a tall heel so these are great.

  4. The newer additions of the AdiPures (the newer colorways) have changed, from what I've been reading.

    The leather isn't the same. It's stiffer and doesn't form as well. And they changed the complete shape of the shoe. A lot of people who wore the first couple of colorways had a hard time fitting into the newer colorways.

    And from what I've been reading, the new Tiempos are Nike's saving grace; they're supposed to be that good.

    • Just curious to where you've read that. My brother (a devoted adipure wearer) had the original white/black release color and literally just the other day got his blackout ones. I asked him on this and he said they feel exactly the same to him…

      • Like I said, I'm just going by what I'm reading and seeing. I don't, and never, owned a pair myself, but here's the video about the change.

      • I think the change only applies to the Black/Zero Metallic/Fresh Splash. Personally i have seen photos side by side and you can tell the obvious difference in the front toe area. The front is slightly raised compared to the previous versions. Since your brother has both, maybe you could check and let us know if they are the same or slight different? 🙂

  5. dose the tiempo fit tighter than the adipure?

  6. I own and like the Adipure 4. Great pair cleats with awesome construction around your heel.

    I handled a Tiempo 4 at the store on the weekend. The toebox is bigger and wider. Looks like the Nike may be a little bit more "clumsy" and harder to get under the ball.

  7. waiting for my adipure SL to arrive, SO EXCITED!!!!

  8. I have played in both the adiPure and Tiempo series. I prefer the Legend, the IV has been great.

  9. This is freaky, I was just looking for articles online earlier today for this exact comparison. I'm looking to get rid of my AdiPure's cuz my feet are too wide for the soleplate and I keep rolling my ankle on artificial turf. Tiempo, Maestri, and new T90's are the frontrunners at this point.

    Thanks for this article! Keep up the good work.

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