Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Puma King 2013 – Tier Breakdown

With the release of the latest Puma King my first thoughts were “Well what about the take down versions?”. I’ve found that the last incarnation of the Puma King came with a fantastic Mid-tier cleat in the form of the Puma Liga Finale i which I believe is the best …

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Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach vs Pele Trinity

I have received several emails from readers recently, looking for details on which boot is a better option; the Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach or the Pele Trinity 3E. Both boots offer their own individual set of positive characteristics to the market, so defining which one is “better” is simply unrealistic. …

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Adidas and Pirma – Something Looks Familiar Here!

Regularly, we see companies releasing colorways that are similar to each other – but the latest batch of Adidas/Pirma releases has a very distinctly, familiar look. It could just be timing, but in my opinion it sort of looks like the same designer was used in the creation of boots …

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Nike CTR360 Trequartista vs Trequartista II

Having just finished reviewing the Nike CTR360 Trequartista II, it seems like good timing for answering the question: how do they compare to the original Trequartista release? Many players choose the Trequartista range due to their value and excellent price tag. I have pointed out on several occasions that they …

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Adidas adiPure IV versus Nike Tiempo IV

Many of you have requested some sort of comparison on Adidas and Nike’s latest heritage releases: the adiPure IV and Tiempo IV. I can understand how choosing between both versions could prove challenging for players since both releases offer great performance at a very affordable price range. In fact, I …

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