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Nike Tiempo Legend IV Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Review

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

One of the most sought after releases this summer seems to be the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. To be honest, I have been astounded at the amount of attention and positive vibes this release has received. Nike has updated the range and added some unique features to ensure it stays ahead of the game.

Where the CTR360 Maestri has been specifically developed to suit the needs of playmakers, the Tiempo is designed in similar fashion but for players who simply want a consistent boot with great touch on the ball. I had an opportunity to test out a pair in the Black/White/Total Orange colorway with the following results.

In terms of retail, the Tiempo Legend is available at

Breaking In
The Tiempo IV starts out like a well oiled machine, producing a comfortable fit from day 1. It is important to note that I went up a half size starting out to suit my specific fit (more about this below), so those that choose a true to size fit might have a different experience. Right through the first session, the boots seemed to transition to my my exact specifications, with the molded sockliner offering optimal comfort. I did encounter some stud pressure along the outside of the boot through testing. It wasn’t a huge issue and didn’t cause noticeable discomfort, but it is something worth noting. The soleplate also has plenty of flexibility, allowing for great feel right through your stride, something I really like about the regular release, compared to the Elites. You also get a synthetic suede ankle lining that seems to grip and keep your ankle in place – a welcome addition to any boot as it helps reduce the opportunities for blisters to occur.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Choosing a Size
This is an area where debate arises! For testing, I started out with a size 9US but felt they were too tight so, I swapped them out and tested the range in a size 9.5US. Technically, I could have worn the 9US but in order to ensure they were comfortable I went a half size up. I would compare the sizing as a tight true to size. If you find that you have some room in your current size, expect the Tiempo IV to fit tighter. If your size is already tight, my advice is to go up a half size like I did!

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

In game, the Tiempo IV offer many positives, particularly for players who want a high performing passing boot. They are the ideal addition to compliment players who like to get plenty of touches on the ball, while controlling the tempo of the game. I found that you get a great feel on the ball, particularly as you dribble. The upper is padded in such a way that it keeps you well protected without taking away from your natural touch. The quilted stitch pattern featured on the upper also allows the leather to move more naturally or in sync with the movements of your feet. A trend with Nike releases is technology in the upper, but I really like the simplicity of this release, which focuses on making the most of a soft leather upper.

In terms of traction, the sole features a combo of conical and bladed studs. Two of the studs along the outside forefront have a very unique oval shape. They were the ones that seemed to cause some pressure as I played. Overall, they offer great traction on grass. I also tested them on an artificial surface without any problems.

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Heel Counter
Another addition to this release is an internal TPU heel counter, designed to secure your foot in place while adding some additional protection. On the regular version, you will spot there are ridges around the heel – this is the heel counter. I regularly get tackled from behind in games, and I can confirm from experience that it works effectively!

Other Detailing and Notes
There are a few other notes I wanted to add about this release. First off, Nike has introduced a new redesigned tongue that really allows it to hug your ankle. Basically, the tongue has been split in two parts, with 1/3rd on the inside and 2/3rd on the outside. I like how it allows the tongue to sit in place, it actually looks pretty sweet in my opinion! There is also an added layer of padding that runs down the tongue toward your toes. This gives you some added protection.

Two other pieces of detailing to note include a new visually enhanced design on the heel and some small spikes that sit on the very front/along the back of the soleplate. I can only think that these spikes have been added to allow for some additional traction, as you pivot out of awkward situations. They almost seem like an additional weapon to be used in game – just in case your opponent manages to nutmeg you! (of course this is not recommended)

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

Compared to the Tiempo IV Elite
The differences between the Regular and Elite Tiempo lies in the technology Nike include. Of course, for the full experience you will want to get the Elite version, since it features Nike Flywire and a Carbon Fiber soleplate. By including this technology, Nike has the ability to offer a lighter boot while using different materials in the upper. The Elite features a super soft natural K-Leather and weighs in at 9.4oz, while the Regular version comes in a mixed Kanga-Lite/K leather that has a weight of 9.6oz. The Elite is the lightest Tiempo to date, and what I like about them is that Nike have stuck to delivering a solid, well built boot rather than focusing on make them super light. In my opinion, the Tiempo range is not meant to be fall into the lightweight category – so well played Nike!

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

I don’t really have negatives, per-se, for this release as they seem to check all the right boxes. One thing to note it that for some reason (probably because of the colorway) they feel and look slightly long even though they fit perfectly, and at times this resulted in a slightly clumsy feel while wearing them. There is nothing else specific to note right now.

Nike has done a great job with this latest Nike Tiempo release, and they turn out to be an ideal package for players who want a boot crafted for touch and control. I can see most players on the pitch wearing this release, although they are more suited for players in the middle of the park. This release looks pretty sharp, they break in easily and the upper offers a super soft touch – all-in-all a great release. One of the benefits for players that are interested in a pair is the price range, with Nike keeping this release at a decent mid-range level. You won’t have to break the bank in order to get your hands on a pair!

In terms of retail, the Tiempo Legend is available at

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hey, I just want to know if these are any good on artficial surfaces.

    And what would be better for me the predators or the tiempo legends.(I play center forward) and thanks.

    • Tiempo studs are better for artificial ground. Your position doesn't matter when it comes to your shoes. Predators are very different to these shoes – one is K leather the other is plastic crap.

  2. How do these compare to the adipures? Looking at the score I'm guessing the adipures are better?

    You should make Tiempo vs. adipure. Covering fit all to performance.

    • haha meant to say, covering fit and all the way to performance.

    • Try them both on and see which fits better on your feet. For my feet, which I consider as on the smaller side of 9 (it would be more like 8-3/4, if there was such a size), Tiempo Legend IV in size 9 felt just right in terms of length. It's a little tight at the widest part of my feet but the leather will stretch to conform. Adipure IV fits nicely too, they are wider at the widest part of my foot but I feel that they are narrow at the middle (I have very shallow arches). I found Tiempo's conical studs at the front offered better feel of the ball when rolling your foot over the ball to pull back or shift it to the side.

      • I was curious to this affect as well, so i went to the local soccertowne and tried on both. To me, the Tiempos are the more comfortable boot, and definitely have a slightly wider fit when compared to Adipures. The senario in which i would recomend Adipures over Tiempos is if you have a narrow foot, and are happy with an initially stiffer boot that will break in over time. For most, however, the Tiempos are just more comfortable.

        • I would like to second the adipure 4 vs the tiempo 4 review. Seems like it would be a very useful read.

          Fit wise I don't really see a huge issue with 2 top end fitting boots.

          I currently own the adipure 4 and it is great but I noticed that it detaches at the toe area from the plate very quickly. Also very hard to glue and stick back together.

          But the heel features of adipure 4 is top notch for a player with achilles injury.

          Are there any differences in durability and heel protection of the tiempos to Adipure?

  3. Good for passing, control?

    I play winger or forward,
    I’m really fast and shoot hard
    Do you think tiempo elites are also good for dribblers
    and hard shooting player?

    Thank you!

    • Hey, I saw this comment and while I'm not Bryan I think I can help. This boot is fantastic for passing and control. I play outside mid and forward too and I have loved it. I've had amazing crosses with it and brilliant passes. You can dribble super well with it too. I also have a friend with the elites and he loves them. He said the leather is super comfortable too. They offer about the same touch and you shouldnt have any problem shooting hard with them.

  4. Should I get these or adipures I play center mid?

    • See my reply to Sunny above. In a nutshell, try them both and see which one feels better on your feet. They're both quality boots but with distinctions that will appeal differently based on each player's preference and style of play.

  5. Hey Brian, how does the leather feel on the elites? Is it better or worse than the regular in your opinion?

  6. i like tiempos (i have indoor version). this release has to grow on me, but i really like the suede part near the ankle, i hadnt known about that. any idea if Ronaldinho wears these or the white/blue ones yet?

  7. Hey are the tiempos iv better than the adipure iv or the adipure iv better than the tiempo iv ? can you tell me please because i am going to buy new cleats and it going to be one of those and can you tell me which on has better traction thank you

  8. Does that mean you have 2 pairs of tiempo IV with you now? One is US9 while the other is US9.5 ?

  9. what boots have better traction adipure iv are tiempo legend iv ?

  10. Hey Bryan and SC101 readers I have a couple of questions, I found a store in my country that is selling the Elite tiempos for super cheap, and I wanna buy them, BUT I just wanna check….
    Are the Elite as durable as the Regulars?
    Are they as comfortable as the regulars?

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  11. One more thing, do the Elite Tiempos have a heel counter?? thanks!!

  12. What boots are better for midfield or forward…CTR360 Maestri, Mercurial Vapors, or the Tiempo Legends? I just can't decide.

    • Well, I narrowed it down to the CTR360 Maestri and Mercurial Vapors…so it really shouldn't be on this review anymore oops. But between those 2. The colors are more fun with Mercurial and I'm looking for good speed. The one and only thing I'm hesitant toward on the CTR360 is what it said in the review about durability. Thanks!

  13. bryan,
    I got a pare of the tiempo iv in white and was wondering how i can clean dirt and mud off of them without ruining the boot.
    thanks, mnnbob

  14. I got these they r a good boot but i do not recommened them for some one who likes an accurate shot they suck at that point the leather also takes away power and accuracy

  15. Nice review, I had a quesion about sizing. Have you worn them anymore to be able to comment on the amount of 'stretch'. As you said a 'tight, true to size" i completely agree. 11.5 is my size, but they feel very snug, and i'm not sure how much give I will have in terms of length. But size 12 are kind of big to me. I wear 11.5 in the Air Legend II that I currently have and side by side, there is a length discrepency between the two, but I can't tell if its from wear/tear or actual as the sockliners are identical. Any thoughts on stretch lengthwise? thanks

    • They do stretch, but not a great deal. my pair are a pretty ideal true to size now, but not more than that. I always recommend the half size up to ensure they are comfortable starting out, always better that way than having them too tight and causing blisters.

  16. Hey Guys, I'm trying to get a new pair and need some advice

    Nike Tiempo Legend vs AdiPure SL

    I need to know how whether these cleats have similar fit.
    I have the prior Tiempo and they fit perfectly to my feet. Think I might get AdiPure SL if they have the similar fit. I found CTRs and Predators to be a little to narrow and pointy.

    Also, I wear 7.5 US Tiempos, so what size should I get for AdiPure SL?

  17. bottom line can wide footed players use these without fear of discomfort?

  18. bryan i would like to ask if i go to my true size which is size eleven and it feels tight would they strecth or mould to my foot after a few session?or should i go with half a size up?

  19. Hey Brian, have you played in the rain in these? How waterproof are they (do they soak up lots of water)?

    Thanks and great reviews as always!

    • Considering they have stitching right across the front of the leather upper, they actually don't soak in too much water. If you stuff them with paper and air dry them after use, they will be in prime condition for the next game.

  20. Do the toe on this shoe wear easy because of the leather? and is there any way to prevent this wearing?

  21. Sole plate on the standard Legends is well known for cracking. It's a weakness. The Elite don't suffer this problem because of the carbon fibre. Also it's not your imagination about the boot being long. I wore Nike cleats in different models for 10 years and I can tell you they are long in terms of fit. I have now switched to Mizuno and Adidas and much prefer their wider shorter toe box. My shots are far more consistent. Wish I made the change earlier.

  22. Hi Guys, anyone got any experiences of these on hard pitches, got quite a few games coming up which will be on hard ground pitches and dont want any comfort issues as will be playing 3 games a week.

  23. Was just wondering on sizing. I have the T90 Laser III’s right now in size 9.5 and they’re a bit too big (would definitely get size 9 next time, wear size 9 for almost all my shoes). Just wondering what size you would recommend for these. Thanks.

  24. Hey, i wear a us7.5 in adipowers , should i get these in a 7.5 as well?

  25. I suffered a Jones fracture (5th metatarsal) in November of last year and had the screw fixation operation. I’m due to return shortly and was wondering how much of a problem the stud pressure on the outside of the boot might be? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Fantastic boot!!! Very confortable, light, and gives you great touch of the ball. I bought them 7 months ago and use them about once or two times a week, and they are in perfect state! Definitley gonna buy them again next time!

  27. Do you recommend these or the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII? I play Center Mid and I am more of the passing and playmaking type rather than taking on players with fancy moves, but I still take on some players with moves.

  28. Bought these about month and half ago, today leather unstick from sole plate in top inside of boot. Very disappointed with durability 🙁

  29. If I am a size 7 1/2 in my adiPower Predators, and have a bit of room, but good width, would I still be a 7 1/2 or would I be a true to size 7 and still have enough width in the tiempo ?

  30. Question about the IV vs the elites. Can you comment on the durability of each. I'm assuming the elites are made of higher quality materials. Thanks

  31. Hi I play predominantly as either a defensive midfielder or a CB I play morecas a touch and go kind of player are these the right boots for you?

  32. I play as a Centre Back mostly but when needed as a defensive midfielder, I'malways moving around and play a touch and go game are these the right boots for me?

  33. If i wear a 8.5 in Nike Mercurial vapor IX (Fits good) should i get 8.5 in the tiempo legend iv, or will it be too tight?

    • They will prob be a little snug, the Vapor IX also fits a little longer but more narrow through the forefoot. If you can get to a retail store, that would be your best bet for ensuring the right size.

  34. i purchased these from blackout football and after 9 weeks the lining above both the soles had split into 3 pieces. same on both boots £96.99 for 9 weeks use .

  35. Hey thanks for the great review. I just wanted to ask how does the width of these legends compare to the tiempo flight, ctr 360 trequartista 3, and the puma powercat v1.12. I need a shoe that provides comfort and width along the mid foot and in the the toe box. What would you recommend?

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