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Penalty VV1 Prototype Boot with QR Code

Penalty VV1

Check this out, Brazilian company Penalty are working on developing a new soccer cleat for 2012 with the help of Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes. But, unlike any traditional boot creation, Penalty are putting this one front and center of the limelight, allowing fans the opportunity to learn more about them as they are being developed. From the image above, you will notice that their is a QR code printed on the side of the boot. When scanned, fans are taken to a website where they will be updated with information on the boot as Penalty develop it. It is a pretty simple idea that offers an excellent opportunity for fans to see how a company creates a boot.

Victor Valdes debuted the White/Black prototype this past weekend vs Real Zaragoza, and the Penalty site has since been updated. Their goal with this one is to continually have fans coming back to see what new information is available on the boots. It will be interesting to see how fans take to this one and if it turns out to be an ingenious marketing strategy!

We have confirmed with Penalty that a pair of the new boots will be available for review upon their release in 2012, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, what do you think of the Penalty’s strategy and does it increase your interest in the company?

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  1. kinda stupid imo

  2. like the tactic! just wish it was in english so i could understand. my spanish is a bit rusty

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