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New Review Scores Page

Review Scores Page

Over the past few months, there has been a monkey on my shoulder pointing out some problems with how the Review Scores page was looking. There were several categories in the old system that were move arbitrary or based on personal opinion and as more reviews came in, the system became outdated.

So, on November 1st, I started the creation of a whole new page and a completely reinvented scoring system, breaking down the most important categories.  With this new scoring system, there is a higher level of consistency based on an extraordinary amount of data for each boot. Two months later, the final product is ready and I am referring to it as the most accurate soccer cleat scoring system available anywhere!

On the new page, you will find several columns to help you find out about new boots and what might suit you best; the scoring system, SC101 Rating, Category and Notes. Each column can be organized by highest to lowest (or vice-versa) clicking the top row of each column. To reset the table, organize the last column so that the highest number sits on top (this represents the number of review).

Check the Review Scores page.

Scoring System
The final numbers on the review scores page should be read as a comparison out of 10 players, or how many players out of ten would agree with the below category statements. It is important to remember that this is not a “best out of 10” score but rather an evaluation of the number of players who can benefit from the boots.

  • Comfort
    The number of players who would find the boot to be comfortable right through wear. We have factored in several aspects including support, flexibility, ease through twist/turns and how responsive the boots are in-game.
  • Performance
    The number of players who would agree that the boot fully suits their needs in-game. We have factored in how durable the boots are, the level of traction offered and how they feel on the ball (touch, control, shooting).
  • Technology
    The number of players who would rate the technology included on the boot as effective. We have factored in the purpose of the technology, innovation and how adaptive the boots are to different types of players.
  • The “Hollywood” Effect
    The number of people that would give the boots a straight up “Yes”, does it have the X-Factor! We have factored in how the boot’s release impacted the market, visual effectiveness, overall style and their final value to the market.

SC101 Rating
Introducing the new 5-star rating system that is set of my experience of the boot. It should be seen as an extra guide to help you in your decision process. Each star should represent a day, with 5 training sessions in a week. The final rating is my evaluation of how many times I would wear the boots before deciding to change out to another pair. As reference, a 5-star is obviously a top boot, while a 1-star represents a boot that offers little value to the market! Under the stars, you will find the link to takes you to the SC101 review of the boot.

What type of boot are you looking for? This column will allow players the opportunity to find boots tailored to what they are looking for. It is broken up into 4 categories: Power, Control, Speed and Heritage.

A one-liner on what you need to know about the boots. On occasion, I will include further information if I deem it is beneficial. Each boot has its listed weight and original retail price when they were released on the market.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. It'll take some getting used to but I like it. Very good for a quick look up.

  2. I really like it. I think it is very helpful especially with the filters.

  3. Always appreciate your efforts

  4. Wow sweet Update Bryan! ill go look at it now

  5. Copas more comftorbale than tiempos? I own both, and i can say that the tiempos are a lot lot better!

  6. Shouldn't technology go in under performance?

  7. hey brian boot names on the chart would be REALLY helpful, especially when differentiating between vapors and superflys

  8. Fantastic work Bryan! I know all of us readers really appreciate the time and effort you put in in bringing fellow soccer lovers/players accurate, informative, and unbiased reviews. With so much marketing and false claims by big companies today, it is hard to separate solid performance from fabricated gimmicks. Thanks for helping us out Bryan! Keep up the fantastic work.

    PS. I love the new video reviews! They add another dimension to the reviews that is refreshing.

  9. This is awesome, all the scoring was coming out looking the same in the old system.

  10. Nice work Bryan!

  11. Reviews are much easier to understand now.

  12. I don't play soccer but am trying to help my son, 16, find a good pair. He just tried the Nike mercurial ix and thet are coming apart after 2 practices. Any recommendations for a center defender?
    Also what do you mean by a shoe designed for power?

    • Power boots are anything built with technology around the strike zone, to add a little extra umph on shots. Sounds like he would be better off with something with a leather upper that is designed for durability. Check out newer boots like the Warrior Skreamer, Adidas Predator LZ or even the Nike Tiempo IV – all good options!

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