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SC101 Archive – Gola Speedster

Gola Speedster

Something I have been looking to do over the past few months is pick-up a selection of old-school soccer cleats to spruce up the SC101 office. Last week, I spotted a pretty awesome deal on a pair of Gola Speedsters and couldn’t turn them down. These are similar to the ones worn by George Best at one point in his career. The best part of this deal is that they are the real deal and have never been worn.

They arrived a few days ago in their original box, with the boots wrapped in newspaper from the 70’s – a pretty nice touch! Along with that excellent old-school leather smell, the upper is really smooth and embodies the classic feel you expect of boots from the 1970’s, although I am sure they would take a few wears to really loosen up. The stitched-in panel along the front is specifically positioned to add some extra durability. The soleplate and stud configuration is very basic, designed to suit firm surfaces. This pair comes in a size 7, so needless to say I won’t be wearing them! Just to note, back in the day this size sold for 16.10 – and I am not sure if that is $ or £ (as per the tag in the image.)

I’m going to continue searching out more boots to add to my collection, and I will update as I pick them up. For anyone interested, there is a pair of Gola Cup’s in size 7 available on eBay for $34.99 right now, which is a pretty awesome price!

Gola Speedster box

Gola Speedster in box

Gola Speedster

Gola Speedster soccer cleats

Gola Speedster

Gola Speedster

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  1. they look pretty original, i hope there good!

  2. im a size 7! 😀 haha

  3. those are awesome!

  4. I'm size 7 mate 😉

  5. More retro boots please!

  6. Picked up a pair (black with red trim) in England when I was 26 (1976) and wore them to play in a pickup league at Ft. Lee, Virginia. Nice boots.

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