Thursday , March 16 2023

Just Arrived: Diadora Evoluzione K

Diadora Evoluzione

Latest boot to arrive in the door for testing is the Diadora Evoluzione K. In person, the K-leather on these boots feels fantastic, very soft and about as supple as you could expect. The Yellow Flue stripe design along the front of the boot still looks a little outlandish, but we will see if it grows on me over time! And of course, you have the Perforated NET Breathing System in the soleplate that provides a unique type of ventilation for the foot.

There are two different stud configurations offered in the Evoluzione range: a BX and a GX. The version I will be testing is the BX and for those interested, it currently retail for around $130 at

Stay tuned for a full review and a breakdown on differences in the soleplates over the next few weeks!

Evoluzione Profile

Diadora Evoluzione Upper

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  1. Now thats a cool boot aint it ,mercurials?

  2. whats the difference of the BX and GX?

  3. the smooth finish on the leather doent look like it will hold up very well in harshe leather and it makes them look like cheap material

  4. I think BX are blades and GX are conical studs

  5. Diadora k leather is really high quality

  6. those look like theyll bite!!!! brah

  7. I'm surprised its K-leather, I would have guessed it was synthetic just from the looks of it. I'm curious about how the technology in the sole plates perform.

  8. diadora and lotto are the two best boot adidas and the rest are needing to up their game coz italian football boots are the best by far

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