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Diadora Brasil OG LT+ Limited Edition Silver Edition - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Diadora Brasil OG LT+ Limited Edition Silver Edition

Diadora Brasil OG LT+

As one of the most consistent brands on the market, Diadora are a leader in producing high quality, traditional style boots. I’ve always appreciated their ability to stay true to their morals by continually delivering truly classy releases. Case in point this latest version of Brasil OG LT+ that features an incredible metallic silver upper colorway. Talk about a standout design!

Rather than your standard run of the mill release, this is a boot intended to announce the quality of one of the market’s most iconic boots. Built using the same manufacturing quality and materials as the original Brasil, this “Made in Italy” production evokes a real life connection to their namesake.

“Hand made from the very beginning, and that is a key aspect here, the Brasil is one of the few timeless classics that are always on the top of the quality list. Master craftsmen in Montebelluna, Italy use techniques that have long since been forgotten to create this golden slipper. What you get in return is one of the most comfortable, softest, and highest quality cleats you can find.”

Silver Diadora Brasil OG LT+

Silver Diadora Brasil OG LT+ premier leather upper

To my California friends – rejoice! These feature a premium leather upper (no K-Leather) so they can be ordered and shipped to Cali. I know that is something that has caused disappointment in the past for fans who have a strong connection with the more traditional style brand.

That premium leather upper is a supple calfskin that is enhanced by a very thin and shiny silver upper layer. It creates an unmistakable look that is ready for those tournament days when are ready to pick up silverware. Bonus of having a waterproof treatment also included, so they can be worn in all weather conditions.

Being that this is a more traditional style boot, you might expect that they’d be best suited to central style players with a defensive mindset. They are built to last, provide a little extra padding for getting stuck in on tackles, and basically fit a no-nonsense mold. But, I also feel they have plenty to offer attacking style players. We are not talking quick, pacey wingers here but more about players in need of a reliable striking boot. The construction of the forefoot provides a great region for striking clean shots without feeling the full impact. The central lacing system does run pretty low on the boot, so it is not quite the perfect strike zone, but it is clean enough to give you a nice area to focus on connecting with the ball. As you dribble with the ball, you get decent feel, but the role of the stitching is to allow for some padding and this does take away from what you might call natural touch.

Limited Edition Silver Diadora Brasil

Silver Diadora Brasil FG

Diadora Brasil 1984 Silver

How do they Fit?

The term I’d use to describe the fit is “natural”. Right around the foot they are form-fitting, very much a snug style boot with the benefit of having a super soft leather upper that mimics your foot shape over time. Up towards the toe, they have a little extra space. I’ve debated a little over whether to recommend a half-size down in size, but I’m still on the fence. They provide about a finger width extra as compared to a true to size, so basically, if you want a complete snug fit, go down a half-size. But if you prefer a little extra room so your toes are not pressed up against the front of the boot, stay with your normal size. Width wise, they are a medium-wide fit that should accommodate a wide variety of players thanks to a little extra stretch from the leather.

Traction + Soleplate

As you’d expect with an old school remake like these, the soleplate holds a traditional feel. Think of a soleplate you’d find on a pair of Pantofola boots, Ryal, or even the eternally classic Copa Mundial. Well, this is the style found on the Brasil Italy, with a comfort outsole and 12 fixed conical studs helping to make every turn and touch stable and fixed. Whether you play on AG of FG, this is the type of soleplate that provides reliability as you play. You stay well grounded, with the multiple studs ensuring there is little slip unless you plan on wearing them on soft ground.

Are they Worth the Money?

Listed at $280, these are going to be a serious investment for any soccer player out there. That might prove to be the major stumbling point when it comes to this particular release. However, Diadora has done an exceptional job of putting pure quality into everything these boots have on offer. The box, paper wrap, boot bag and the boots themselves are next level, you get a royal feeling when unboxing them for the first time. And since we are somewhat devoid of true classic boots on the market right now, there is huge potential for a release like this.

If you want a complete heritage style package with glorious upper design on a boot that is tried and trusted, this is one that is absolutely worth considering!

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Diadora Brasil OG LT+ feature review

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