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Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Feature Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Feature Review

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech Soccer Cleats

If you are craving a more traditional style boot that oozes modern simplicity, what could be better than the “Made in Italy” Diadora Brasil Elite Tech FG? We are talking a boot that combine the luxury feel and iconic design elements of 1990’s Diadora boots with cutting-edge lightweight tech.

The stealth black upper is a premium leather that transitions into a synthetic material in the ankle area. Across the forefoot, Diadora has added cross stitching to create a ridged texturing. Visually, it offers an unmistakably classic appearance that we don’t see on many modern releases. But it also serves a dual performance purpose. First, it helps ensure the leather provides more natural stretch over time while enhancing durability. And second, It also creates extra definition on the ball, so there is an added level of grip as you control and dribble across the pitch. It is needed considering the thin nature of the upper materials. I’ll be honest, it is the most ridged forefoot I have seen in a long time, with Diadora really creating a series of up-and-down rolling hills. Traditionalists rejoice!

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Upper Stitching

Underfoot you will find an all-new soleplate design that features teardrop studs for improved rotational traction and straight-line speed on firm ground surfaces. This also plays out really well on turf surfaces, with very minimal drag and the ability to cut and chop with confidence. Right out of the box, there is plenty of flex and natural movement from the soleplate, so you can feel confident wearing them right after you get them.

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Classic Tongue Cover

When it comes to fit, they are incredibly accommodating and can easy to consider a very decent option for any player in need of a wider fitting boot. The forefoot cavity is spacious, while the upper material has plenty of natural stretch to adjust to your foot shape.

When we reference “cutting edge lightweight technology”, we should point out that they weigh in a very competitive 7oz. It isn’t anywhere near the lightest boots we have seen released, but it is extremely light for a traditional release with a leather upper. You can tell where the material has been trimmed back when you hold them. The upper is paper thin around the midfoot, while the soleplate has a compact design. It adds an element that differentiates them from other boots currently on the market.

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Diadora Brasil Elite Tech LPX Review

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