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Adidas F50 adiZero vs adiZero 5-Star

adiZero 5-Star Line Up

On several occasions, I have received emails from readers who want to know what the difference is between the Adidas F50 adiZero soccer cleats and the Adidas adiZero 5-Star football cleat. Both boots offer a similar look and seem to carry a lot of the same technology, but there has to some major differences that effect performance in each sport and there must be a reason for the $100 price difference. From initial glance, the 5-Star has a very different stud configuration and the upper seems to sit higher on the heel.

Ultimately, there is only one way to see what the differences are – and that is to buy a pair to wear test and compare with the F50 adiZero. Please note that I am in no way approving the purchase of the American football specific boots, and going into the review I do not expect they will be a recommended boot for soccer players to wear. But the concept of seeing how they rate against each other and finding out what accounts for the price difference seems like a valuable learning experience. Note that I will not be wearing these in games, instead they will be used in closed individual training sessions.

To make things a little more interesting, I want your input on what colorway I should purchase. Simply vote below and whichever pair gets the most votes by tomorrow at 6pm PST will be the pair that are purchased!

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  1. Just off the bat the shoe is not legal for most soccer because of the single front stud. Kind of makes everything else a moot point……..

    • someone enlighten me on why that makes them illegal?

      • I've always wondered this as well. The Asics Lethal Tigreor has a toe stud. I find a toe stud to be ideal for circumstances requiring extreme acceleration.

        • For the record, the stud configurations of the gridiron and soccer adizeros are quite similar. Not the same, but based on similar geometry and constructed the same. I don't want to sound like a downer, but I really don't see and difference in quality between the two shoes. The shoelaces on the gridiron ones are chunkier and more durable (not nice and premium-feeling like the soccer ones), and the insole offers more cushioning. That's about it. Obviously the gridiron ones don't come in leather, but I think the only reason that the soccer boots are more expensive than the gridiron ones is because adidas knows that soccer players will pay more for them.

        • The reason being is because it is a huge injury hazard. I understand that the Asics Lethal Tigreor has a toe stud, but it was designed with soccer in mind. I played American Football when I was on drugs (JK) and had a pair of specific cleats leftover from the sport. I used them from soccer and I lightly sprained my knee because the toe cleat didn't release. It's very dangerous and that's why it is illegal. I would adivise you Ryan to be very careful. I love your reviews.

        • I believe the toe stud is illegal because of its potential for seriously harming players during a tackle. Think of how much it hurts when someone comes in hard and hits a non-padded area, and now imagine they're sliding in toe-up with a stud there as well. I believe the Tigreor gets away with it because it's less of a stud, and more of a textured pattern, something similar to the Vapor's bumpy toe-off area.

          It's also worth noting that the toe stud on the 5-Star comes at the expense of the, to use adidas's own words, "deceleration stud" on the f50. In other words, the center stud (that lies just in front of the midfoot) on the adiZero is simply moved up to become a toe stud on the 5-Star. Just an observation, I have no idea if removing this stud will actually decrease the 5-Star's deceleration abilities.

          • Thanks for clarifying. Personally, I think there's probably not a whole lot of difference when someone is coming at you studs up if there's one more small stud to deal with (when there are already 4-8 of them on the ball of the foot already), but theoretically, it makes sense.

            On the 5-star, there are two very small studs in the center of the ball of the foot (close to, but a little forward of where the 'deceleration stud' is placed on the f50).

          • Yea, personally I don't think the toe stud makes much difference either, it's just one of the arguments I've heard against it. I also don't understand Alex Ferguson's "firm ground studs are dangerous" argument, as I find it much worse when someone steps on my foot while they're wearing SG studs. It's also curious to me that he targets bladed studs in particular, as they don't seem any more likely to cause injury than a firm ground boot with conical studs.

            Also I always thought of those two little studs on midfoot of the 5-Star as decorative fins than anything. I can't imagine they actually do much for traction.

          • meant to say "decorative fins more than anything else"

          • They are more for stiffening the forefoot than anything, giving it more 'spring.'

  2. why would you buy these when you can have leather adizeros

  3. You should test out the Adidas AdiZero RS7 Pro Rugby boots (the new ones include miCoach). I have seen some pros in the Premier League wear them.

  4. The 5 stars are football cleats hence the front stud. The 5 stars aren't soccer cleats…

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