Saturday , March 25 2023

Diadora Set To Buy Out Nike!

Sensational news coming out of Italy today!

Diadora has just announced this morning that they plan to submit an $500million dollar proposal to buy Nike on Monday!! This is sensational news and could change the dynamics of the market, with players now having the option to switch to boots like the Maracana’s and DD Eleven instead of the Vapor or T90 Laser.

It is rumored the buyout is related to the Italian company’s desire to claim the formula Nike use to get their eccentric colors, like the Mango used on the Vapor 8.

Wait, isn’t today April 1st??? LOL

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  1. You got me.

  2. If this is true I am excited about it. Diadora happens to be my favorite sports brand, and as I play soccer I happen to believe that Diadora has the best quality and performing leather soccer shoes. To me this could only improve Nike. If this is anything to go by, I am purchasing a pair of Diadoras tomorrow or sometime this week from a local soccer shop

  3. April fools?

  4. Hahaha, my favorite holiday.

  5. I knew it was a joke nike is an enormous company and covers a wide arrangement of sports it would be worth way more than $500m and what would diadora do with a skateboarding section of the company.

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