Friday , June 2 2023

Pele Trinity 3E K Released

K-Leather Pele Trinity

We mentioned a few weeks back that Pele Sports had some pretty interesting releases on the way. Well, we are excited to be the very first to bring you details on one of them – the all new Pele Trinity 3E K. This boot features a pretty phenomenal Kangaroo leather upper and weighs in at 6.5oz. Everything about these is geared toward speed and acceleration, and the TITAN one-piece upper makes them one of the lightest K-Leather boots in the world. I had the opportunity to see them first hand and was blown away by how they felt. The upper has a fantastic and extremely natural fit across the forefoot. I have no doubt that players who try these out will be heavily impressed.

The K-Leather Trinity in Black/High Risk Red will retail for $229 and is currently available to pre-order from

The most exciting component of this boot is that unlike many top-selling leather cleats that use kangaroo leather on the forefoot of the shoe, the Trinity 3E FG K uses only one-piece ultra thin leather construction in order to create a glove-like fit, optimal for precise touch and comfort. Combine this with the super-light technology of the trinity, a truly unique stud configuration that features a tri-pod heal design, and you have found yourself a pretty advanced, elite boot.

Pele Tinity Kangaroo Upper

The original Trinity 3E with Symbioskin continues to gain popularity and will also be available in a new black/red and white red colorway. Maintaining the weight of 5.6oz standing as one of the lightest boots on the market, extremely low density, tri-laminate material designed specifically for the Trinity.

From reader feedback, a few of you encountered some problems with the Trinity upper separating. I spoke to Pele Sports and they ensured me that this issue has been addressed and resolved. As well as that, the studs have also been altered so that they are stronger and will sustain activity on artificial surfaces (where a lot of players end up wearing them). Stay tuned for more images and details as we get them over the next few weeks – we should have one of the first pairs in early June for testing and review!

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Pele Trinity K


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  1. sole plate looks beast

  2. Crazy! Props to Pele sports 😮

  3. Good to hear they reinforced the studs. Im a very fast paced mid-fielder and they broke on me twice before i returned them for good. Very lightweight and comfortable though

    • I had the same problem with the studs so its nice to see that they claim to have fixed it. But besides that, I also experienced a lot of stud pressure resulting in discomfort through the sole plate specifically under my big toes when playing on astro turf. The K-leather is making me reconsider again, but there's no way I'm going to buy them before trying them on in a store this time.

  4. For those who have used this sole plate design, how stable is it?

    Also how do these cleats fit? True to size?

  5. these seem perfect, but the durability seems like an issue. but they are the same price as morelia neo's and 11 pro SL's, and im not sure if they are better.

  6. Bryan,

    did Pele Sports indicate that they are going to release the K-Leather Trinity in white? Also, are they going to continue releasing the Trinity boots in a slim last?

  7. Will you do a comparison on the trinity K and the King SL?

  8. The K leather are on the way! Get yours NOW before they sell out.

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