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Pele Trinity 3E Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Pele Trinity 3E Review

Pele Sports Trinity

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a huge wave of publicity surrounding the release of the new and highly advanced Pele Sports Trinity. These boots are extremely unique, with Pele Sports gambling on the addition of new forms of technology to capture the attention of the market. It is the three stud heel design that has people talking, with many wondering what type of traction you can expect while wearing them. I initially tested a prototype pair, but finalized my review over the past week with the Black/Neon retail version in a size 9US.

Finding the Right Size
The first important aspect to consider in order to make the most of the Trinity is sizing. I wear a size 9US and tested a size 9US – they fit a half size long. Ultimately, an 8.5US would offer a much more snug fit. If you are going to buy a pair I strongly consider going down a half size. For players looking for a wide fit, these are a solid option, with the midfoot through forefoot allowing for adequate room.

Breaking In
You are not going to encounter any problems breaking in the Trinity. Everything about them is designed to give you good feel in the first few wears; it is one of the highlights of the boot. The Symbioskin upper (read about it below) is soft and molds very effectively to your fit. The soleplate also offers plenty of flexibility so you won’t need to worry about spending a great deal of time working it in. I started out wearing my pair for a short jogging session, but knew they were pretty much game ready – so I wore them the following weekend for 90 minutes without any problems.

Symbioskin Upper
A synthetic upper called Symbioskin is used on the Trinity. It has been specifically developed just for this boot and is basically a low density, tri-laminate material. Because the material is so thin, you get great feel on the ball. This makes them ideal for quick players who like to look up and survey space in front of them. Something that is unique about the upper is the laminate grooves right throughout. There are 3 systems within this that allow the boots to really envelop your foot. The real benefit behind this, in my opinion, is that you get a fit that has room to stretch out as you put your foot in. This also offers medium players the opportunity to wear them in a similar fashion to what a wide foot player would. Pele Sports are also releasing a narrow and wide version of the boot to cater for different players!

Another positive about the upper is that it is not rigid, something that we have seen in uppers of other lightweight boots – like the Superfly for example. This means you are getting a far more responsive material, aiding your control.

Trinity Up Close

Pele Trinity Upper

Extreme Speed Boot
At a mere 5.6oz, these boots are designed for out and out speed, matching some of the lightest boots on the market. One concern this raises is that of durability, but thanks to Pele Sports collaboration with Formula One engineers to formulate a solid boot that offers long lasting wear. Having wore them 6-7 times at this stage, I have to admit that they still look pretty brand new. The Symbioskin upper is extremely durable and doesn’t scuff/mark easily. The soleplate is really scientific, with a dual density polymer created through molecular manipulation, resulting in optimized rigidity directly aligned to the overall bio-mechanics of the foot. Basically, it is slightly rigid to start but extremely light and durable through wear.

Pele Trinity Stud Configuration

Pele Tinity Tri Stud

Trinity Pele Sports

Innovative Stud Configuration
It is not difficult to spot the differences between the soleplate on the Trinity compared to any other boot on the market! Five blades on the front and 3 on the back make for one of the most unusual configurations you will ever see. On first impression, it seems very daunting and I have to admit that I was nervous testing them out for the first time. The idea of playing with 3 misaligned studs at the back goes against the norm, you grow up expecting at least 2-4 parallel studs to keep you stable in play. Pele Sports claim that “The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.”

The big question, how do they test? Without over exaggerating, there is something about this configuration that actually makes you feel more stable on your feet! I was under the impression that the boot would easily wobble from side to side, but this is absolutely not the case! There is no rolling or movement whatsoever. I have had the opportunity to test them out on both grass and turf surfaces, with positive results on both. The boots hold firm without sticking, giving you the ability to accelerate and stride when needed, and also take quick steps when getting out of tight spaces.

Pele Trinity Image

They remind me of…
Several players have brought up the fact that these boots remind them of the older Mercurial ranges. I have to agree that they do and this could be one of the most smartest moves seen on the market in recent years! Players loved the old school Nike range and because they are not available anymore, why not replace them!! So, if you are looking for an alternative….meet the Trinity!

Sizing is obviously a negative. The boot fits longer than your regular release, which will result in players needing to swap for a new pair. My advice is to order a half size down. I also had some problems with toe-off action. Basically, the tip of the soleplate is slick with groves that go down to the toe. There is nothing in the region to grip the surface as you turn sharply and accelerate off. It is really only an issue when your knee is positioned closer to the ground, visualize the motion of pushing off with your foot fully flexed.

This is an exciting release from Pele Sports and it really ups their value in the market. For those that decide to pick up a pair, you won’t be disappointed as you are getting a very tidy package that offers something you won’t find elsewhere. But, moving away from the norm can be challenging at times and a retail price of $200 might be hefty for some. You need to weigh up exactly what the boot has to offer and factor that in with what you are getting. I am fascinated with Pele Sports decision to push boundaries and unleash a three stud design. Add to that you are getting a durable upper that is going to last right through your season (plus more if you really take care of them!) and there is a lot to consider here. In terms of player position, I can see fast forwards and wingers benefiting most. They are a match for many other positions on the field, but this category of player will find them most effective.

(*boots supplied for review by Pele Sports)

Pele Trinity Heel

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. How about the fit of the boots? Is it true to size? Fits long? Wide?

    I usually wear size EU42. (US8.5, or US9 for some brands)

  2. So you are just testing out their Prototype?

  3. Awesome… too bad they’re so expensive, then again all the top tier boots are

  4. How does the symbioskin go with striking power and accuracy? I am curious as I have found some synthetics better than others.

  5. how is the protection?

  6. so when are you going to rate them out of 100?

  7. How come Pelé Sports can get there boots down to 5.6 oz after only being in the business a little while, but nike can't get anything below 7.8 oz??!?!?!?!?!

  8. I'm going to be pre ordering these because I want to try out a new stud configuration since I feel like the f50's start to poke through the soles in some places. I think the concept is really great, the only thing I'm concerned about is that I usually prefer natural leathers and I hope the upper is better than other synthetics I've tried like kanga-lite and sprintskin. Going to order half a size down initially and see how that works out.

    • You will be in good hands… The stud design is meant to take pressure off of the traditional "hot spots." Please let us know what you think. It is always better when you can perform at your maximum potential.

  9. "I have to agree that they do and this could be one of the most smartest moves"
    most smartest? i think you might want to check the grammar right there hahaha

  10. I 'd like to hear your comments about fit if you have had a chance to test drive the Trinitys since yourfirst blog about them. They are for a CHRISTmas gift so would like to get the right size. Thanks! Soccer Mama

    • Hope this helps you out, I just got these in the mail. These are the sizes (US) I know fit me perfectly for comparison.

      Adipure SL – 10
      Adipure 4 – 10.5
      Adizero Leather – 11
      Copa Team Turf – 11
      Nike 5 Bomba Finale – 11.5

      I got the Trinity's in 11 and I definitely need a half size down at least. Gonna have to wait on the exchange. Also, my feet are medium width, if they were very wide, the 11's might fit.

    • Just got them in the mail today. I wear 10.5 in Lazers, Vapors, CTR, Legends, Adizero, and Morelia, and an 11 in Puma and Diadora. But honestly I would need to wear a 10 in these, so a half size down would be the suggestion.

    • Hello, they fit a bit generously. If you are an 8.5-9, then we recommend size 8.5 and so on. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

  11. Hi, just interested to find out why they ranked so low for accuracy. Is it hard to pass the ball long in them? Are they hard to shoot in? What kind of power do you get when striking?

    Thanks Jimbakka

  12. To compare them to the earlier Vapor range is a huge compliment and places a massive amount of pressure on this boot. The Vapor III was the best boot i've ever worn and probably was the best boot i'll ever wear

  13. Hey, I was just wondering if the studs are easy to deal with or if they were easy to adjust to?

  14. can't wait to get these in now! great review

  15. what other colorway is there?

  16. Do they have a heel counter?

  17. since I cannot try these on in stores, I'm still confused over the sizing and I want to make sure I get the correct size before I order. If I'm an 11.5 in CTR's and an 11 in the new adizeros, should I go a half size down from the adizeros or just get size 11? Also, overall, would the adizeros be worth it over these, since I won't be able to try these on, I would like to get a feeling for how these stack up against the adizeros. If anyone who has worn them could tell me that would be great! BTW I play center mid and really enjoy having a "locked in" feel to a soccer shoe, where I get a good touch and don't have a lot of fabric between me and the ball., much like these and the F50's.
    Great Review!

    • I wear a size 11 adizero leather and I originally got these in size 11 and they're both too wide and too long. I have medium/average width feet. They're so wide, when I tightened the laces it caused some of the material to bunch up and overlap. But that being said, they do feel more stable and more comfortable than the adizero. My foot also felt locked in even though they were probably a size too big. I think the stud configuration gives you a wider base. The upper material also seems to be designed to pull tight over the top of your foot as long as you get them the right size. It is thicker than the adizero synthetic so probably gives a better touch. I sent them back and exchanged them in a size 10, which I will be getting tonight. The key to these definitely seems to be getting the right size.

      • So you are saying it was afull size too big?

        • I know for sure it was at the very LEAST half a size too big, but it fits similar to the Adipure SL, which I did the same thing with and got half a size down wishing that I got a full size down later. So this time I got a full size down.

          I won't know for sure if I'm right until they arrive in the mail in the next few hours so I'll let you know if you should get a full or half size down with certainty in a few hours if you can hold on.

        • Yeah, just get a half size down. Definitely a 10.5 if you're an 11 in f50 leathers. I definitely like the material better than the sprintskin on the adizeros to, its softer and you get more give on it. Its a much better alternative to leather.

  18. how tight can the laces tie the cleat. i have very narrow feet you see

  19. I just got this on the mail today 🙂 i'm trying them out around the apartment and they feel great!! The upper material feels amazing for a synthetic….can't wait to try them out at a game.

  20. This shoe will suprise a lot of people!!

  21. The laces are really long on these, make sure you have a spare pair just in case, also there is this neat little foam bar attached to the underside of the tongue that adds a level of protection to them.

  22. ''Pele Sports are also releasing a narrow and wide version of the boot to cater for different players!''

    Great! When?

  23. These cleats have exceeded expectations! I first I was only on planning on using the them in a quick warm up before the game started and was quite surprised at how well they performed, they fit really well and were amazingly stable.
    I played for just over half the game in my f50 tunits, where I scored one goal and had at least two assists. Then I decided to switch into my Trinities because they felt game ready, of course my feet felt super light after wearing the tunits for about an hour so the difference in weight was immediately noticeable. After making several runs I noticed that I could accelerate more rapidly, run faster and the ball felt like it was much closer to my body when dribbling, it took a while to get used to these changes
    . The muscle soreness I was feeling toward the end of my time wearing the tunits decreased and I had a bit more stamina than I did before.
    They were quite comfortable through out wear which I didn't really expect, I pretty much was able to take them straight into the game. The only breaking in I did was walking around the house and a little warm up.
    Whilst wearing the Pele Trinities I scored five goals, five! I also had a fair number of assists as well. Shooting was a dream, I think that the little foam strip under the tongue had something to do with it. The foam pad also adds protection to the boot and I wasn't afraid to make challenges.
    The only thing that I have a problem with is the length of the laces, I had to replace them. I am also concerned with the durability of the studs. I've heard that one player had the tip of a stud break off mid game, I'm not sure if this is true or not. Also there is a little airy noise they make when I was running, but it really wasn't a big issue. There was also some minor discomfort but that might just be from them breaking in. They also fit half a size big but I knew this so i was able to get the right size.
    The one thing that really stood out in performance was how the studs did exactly what they were designed to do. I was very skeptical at first but after playing in them the effect they had on my game was noticeable. These truly are one of the most advanced and effective cleats I have ever gotten to wear, and I've worn my fair share of cleats.

    • This is great and thanks for such a detailed report. The speed, touch and traction is exactly what you felt. Stud tips should not be an issue, but Pele Sports will always guarantee its quality. As for new laces, please request a free pair from

  24. Just wanted to update my experience with these after some training sessions and a game. I'm sure everyone's experience will be different so I just hope this helps a decision. Positives are the great touch and I've never had a cleaner strike on the ball. Every shot and pass goes exactly where I want it. They almost feel like a control boot in terms of touch. I also do feel the speed advantage of the crazy stud positioning that they claim.

    Negatives are that these are probably the most uncomfortable boots I've ever worn. They might be different for other people, but even after running about 10 miles plus doing drills in them and a 90 minute game, I have blisters on both my heels, under both my big toes and even on the tops of my toes. The stud pressure from the studs under my big toe and balls of my feet is really bad. Also, the injury prevention claim seems to be bogus, in the first game I slipped twice on artificial turf just like how Bryan described it and I almost rolled my ankle, which I'm not prone to doing normally, ever. I'll probably keep wearing them for fun once my feet heal to see if they get more comfortable as they break in, but yet again, going back to Adipures when I'm serious.

    • Do you double up your socks? That is what I do with all my cleats and in some cases it makes a bid difference

      • Not normally, i tried that with my adipure SL's that i had similar stud pressure issues with and i felt like my touch was way off, probably because i wasn't used to it. But it only mitigated the problem a little bit, not completely. Hopefully these will break in better after some more use though. My feet finally feel like they are healed up 2 weeks later =-P

        • I would recommend returning them and replacing with a smaller size. What you seem to be experiencing is related to fit. This should take care of it, but keep us posted. Thanks for your input.

  25. Hey guys. I bought these shoes 2 weeks ago and I LOVE THEM. The only issue is the bottom sole is beginning to come apart from the top. Does anyone know if this is a normal part of the breaking process for the shoe? Better yet, does anyone know the warranty of the Pele Sports Trinity?

    By far these are my favorite shoes.

    • If the separation is really a problem they sell a product called freesole on that would help keep them together. I'm not really sure if they are supposed to separate like that but it won't hurt to reinforce them a bit.… I would try contacting a pele sports rep. try going to their site. They are really great cleats, it would be a shame to have to scrap them after 2 weeks

      • Thanks James_G111 for the reply! I emailed Pele Sports, but no answer back. I originally thought this was due to the breaking in process, but the other day one of the studs snaps off! Don’t get me wrong, the Trinity performs very well, however, the durability of the shoe is misleading.

  26. Hi
    I live in new Zealand we dont have the brand here could you tell me would you pick these over superfly's

  27. So I just got a pair of adizero II synthetic. Comparing my first impression of the adizero to my first impression of the Pele Sport Trinity, the Trinities win hands down. They just feel so much more professional and advanced next to the adizero. Pelé Sports did a great job with these boots and in my opinion they are higher quality and if you are looking for a new speed boot go for the Trinity.

  28. Ive seriously considered buying these cleats, but im not sure how they stack up against the f50 adizero leather version. As well as the size, i wear a size 12 in the adipure iv should i get a size 12 pele? I also hope they hold up well.

  29. I bought these cleats and after my first practice they showed signs of ripping (soleplate coming off) which was very poor. And might also answer your question of how they are so light but nike's aren't light (My nike's always have lasted me until I WANT new cleats, I never actually NEEDED to buy new ones). Shooting power was also a factor that I didn't like. Going on some of the positives this cleat is EXTREMELY light..Doesn't feel like 5.6 feels extremely less, almost nothing. The ball control and touch were wonderful but all of this was offset by the fact that they started to rip..Returning them soon.

  30. Is there a retail chain in the US that caries Pele's ie. where these can be tried on?

  31. Has anyone had any major durability issues yet? I’ve heard many people say that they broke quickly, especially on turf. I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy these. Any comments would be extremely helpful.

  32. How do these work on soft ground?

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