Friday , September 29 2023

Adidas Predator LZ SL Released

Adidas Predator LZ SL

If you are a fan of lightweight boots and were not satisfied with the recently released 8.0oz Predator offering, Adidas has another boot for you; the Predator LZ SL. Kicking things off and in an effort to keep things fresh, Adidas has matched up a duo of popping colorways that appeal to both ends of the spectrum – a Black/Electricity/Infrared and an Electricity/Black/Infrared. Out of both, I would choose the more dynamic Black upper.

Retail wise, both colorways have a $250 price point – or a slightly better $225 if you go to WeGotSoccer. The one positive that can be taken is that Adidas didn’t increase the price of an already expensive shoe!

Black Electricity Predator LZ SL

At 7.3oz, this is not the lightest Predator we have seen (the adiPower Predator SL was 6.8oz) so they don’t break any new boundaries. In fact, the 0.7oz differential between the regular and SL has left many players wondering why there even is an SL version!

Both versions feature the same technology, 5 Lethal Zones and miCoach technology, and the same soleplate. It is the the upper material where they are differentiated. Rather than using the Hybrid S-L seen int he regular LZ, Adidas employ a thinner SprintSkin on the back end of the LZ SL. This reduces the overall weight of the boot and provides a slightly different experience. There are not too many other differences between both boots to offer up!

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New Pred SL in Black Electricity

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  1. This is really really unnecessary!!!

  2. I agree with Ali, Adidas doesn’t need this release, but the colors chosen look absolutely fantastic, I like both colors, I just don’t like how Adidas has to make everything Super Light

  3. So does the SL not have the hybrid S-L at all or what? I am confused on that part.

  4. None of the zones do anything! It’s just marketing. Bryan, you need to point things out like lightweight does not make you faster or zones give you better touch. These look like $20 boots.

  5. Calm down people, don't bash the lz sl. have you guys tried the lz sl yet? i didn't think so… wait till you get hands on it and then bash it if you want.. don't be prejudiced

  6. Bryan when do you think the Black/Lime colorway will be released on the normal LZ

  7. The colourways are good but the difference is not much so this is a kind of waste

  8. so is this thinner sprint skin only on the heel of the LZ SL and the rest of the cleat has the regular Hybrid S-L that is in the regular LZ. Or is the entire upper the different thinner sprint skin. I would like to know this because if it was all the thinner sprint skin, wouldn't it take a lot of control away from the players game if they were to get the LZ SL compared to just the LZ

  9. any word on if adidas is going to come out with a primarily white predator lz? thats all im waiting for, too much flash in some of the modern boots.

  10. predator with kangaroo leather is ma favorite… Is there any lz edition with kangaroo leather?

  11. Just got them today. A very comfy boot and not to mention they look great mad most important they feel great. 10/10

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