Monday , September 25 2023

Understanding the “Latest Releases” Page

Latest Releases Vapor

At the beginning of this year, I put together the idea of creating a resource page where it would be really easy to research specific ranges or brands of boots. The concept was simple; add new each new colorway released on the market and allow for a search functionality where you simply enter a keyword and the results appear. After much research, the Latest Releases page was created.

Today, I added the 100th new colorway released this year to the page. It is a pretty cool milestone, and as a result the page is really starting to become a functioning resource. Funnily enough, it serves as a great resource for myself personally, when trying to compare new to older colorways, or if I remember a particular colorway but just can’t pinpoint the boot is was on.

Ultimately, I want this to be a useful tool for you also, especially as you look to resource new boots or colorways to suit your taste. Using the page is simple, simply enter your required search term in the box, hit enter and watch the results appear. The above image demonstrates the current results when you search for “Vapor” boots. Or then there is my favorite search, for “Adidas Predator”. What is different here is the fact that Adidas has released both adiPower and Predator X releases in the past year – and the result set is more comprehensive.

Again, I want this to be a useful resource for you guys – if you have suggestions for new columns you would like to see added or simply changes to how the results are displayed, leave them below and I will out each one into consideration. Without further ado, head over and test out the functionality yourself – Latest Releases.

Predator Results


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