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Soccer + Golf = FOOTGOLF! Live Tweet Sunday


This weekend, the inaugural California Footgolf Challenge 2013 takes part at River Ridge Golf Club in Oxnard, CA. For those of you not familiar with Footgolf, it is basically golf played soccer style. In other words, you kick a soccer ball and try and get it from the tee box onto the green and into the hole – all while looking extremely stylish in old English attire.

I know for a fact that there are a lot of people interested in the sport and I have been wanting to play for a while. Last week, we received an invite from Senda Athletics (who are one of the sponsors) and I will be taking part in the event with 3 fellow players.

In addition, I’ve decided to live tweet the event. If you are interested in seeing images and finding out what the FootGolf experience is like, make sure to follow SoccerCleats101 on Twitter, where I’ll be posting images, details on what shoes and balls we are using as well as scores for our fourball.

As a teaser, check out the video below!

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  1. sweet there a nice way to combine soccer skills in a social type of game.
    good way to practise bal control etc..

  2. Hey Brian,
    What boots will you be wearing during the tournament. And what are your thoughts on the new predator lz I'm a wearer of the originals after being a convert from the adipure range

    • I'm still in the deciding phase – but I'll def be bringing some turfs as well as indoors to compare use on the golf course. Might even try the Munich's since they are such a well built shoe! New Preds look extremely interesting. Securing a pair for review right now.

  3. no

  4. Is it just me or somebody thinks that it looks stupid at the same time really want to win that competition lol

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