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Adidas F50 adiZero Messi – Light Up the Pitch Edition

Turbo Blast Purple F50 adiZero

One of the true benefits of being the worlds best soccer players is that you get a slew of personalized boots made for you. And if you ask Lionel Messi, I am sure he is ok with Adidas producing dynamic designs for him to wear on his feet. This time around, Adidas has taken a much more dramatic approach and released this rather eccentric Turbo/Blast Purple/White colorway in a Messi F50 adiZero. It is a colorway that should actually merge pretty well with the Barcelona home kit.

We have seen several Messi editions released over the past few years, but I think this latest version takes on the most radical visual design we have seen. Right across the upper, the colors used switch and mesh to create a very nontraditional look. In between, Adidas has instilled multiple lines that are intended to clash with the primary colors and depict Messi’s ability to “light up the pitch”.

They are currently available to order at

If you are wondering, these are pretty much the same Adidas F50 adiZero that is currently seen on the market. The only real difference is a very light embossed rubber design across the forefoot that is intended to provide more grip on the ball. You can see it in the images as the vertical lines coming down from laces toward the toes. Everything else, including the same 5.8oz weight, correlates with previous releases.

New Messi design

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Although the boot is not set to released to retail until August 1st, Messi will be debuting them in the next week and he will then be wearing them through Barca pre-season and into the new campaign.

Even though I am not overly impressed with the cheery design, I will be looking forward to seeing Messi dazzle in them as he always does and when he does, you might hear me rave about the design. Please don’t be offended if I see you wearing them at a park and don’t give you the same compliments! What are your personal thoughts on the design?

Again, they are currently available to pre-order at

Lionel Messi F50 adiZero


Messi Signature F50 adiZero

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  1. I've been pretty vocal about my dislike for player-custom boots. That being said, I was actually a fan of the previous Messi colorway purely in terms of aesthetics. In comparison, I find this release to be rather underwhelming. The colors are definitely Barca inspired, but unfortunately it just doesn't have the same crisp and defined appearance as the previous Messi F50.

  2. lil kids will b clamouring to buy these

  3. yeah, but he wears the leather versions which are 7oz. I don't like that companies sell a different version than what the player actually wears. Messi and most players clearly prefer leather and yet companies sell us synthetic so they can increase their profit margins. Messi wouldn't touch the synths with a ten foot pole because they are uncomfortable to wear being so thin.

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