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Adidas Predator LZ SL – Exclusive Soccer.com Colorway

Adidas Pred LZ SL Limited Edition

We have already brought you details on this soccer.com exclusive colorway in the Adidas Predator LZ SL range, but having the opportunity to really get up close and personal with such an imaginative release can’t be turned down.

These are literally one of the most colorway boots you will ever see – don’t be fooled by the primary Black upper. It might tempt you into these are a plain old release as you take them out of the box….but then BAAAMMMM!!  You can’t get much more disco funk meets “Andy Warhol the boot designer“. They are like Bruno Mars hooking up with Rihanna and creating a family cover band called the “Imaginative Bahama Soul”. Or, have you ever tried rainbow melted crayon art – well if you have, this looks like your creative art. Viola!

Predator LZ SL (2)

Predator LZ SL (6)

Predator LZ SL  (4)

The mix of neon Purple, blazing Red and an electric Yellow make it a true one of a kind release. On closer inspection, you can see how Adidas has subtly blended one color into the next, each defining the Lethal Zone region that it covers.

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This version of the Adidas predator LZ SL features updated technology compared to the original Predator LZ SL. With all the recent Adidas releases, I found myself questioning whether I had tested this version out or not – I haven’t. I will take them for a test drive, so watch out for an update at some time in the near future. Weighing in at 7.3oz and featuring pretty stable Lethal Zones, this is an ideal hybrid for players who want to connect with the ball on solid shots but still wear a boot with a lightweight feel.

Soccer.com are the only site in the US that have this colorway available, you can find this exclusive Predator LZ SL Colorway listed here.

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Predator LZ SL Colors

Predator LZ SL (7)

Predator LZ SL (5)

Predator LZ SL Soleplate

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  1. They are "beautifully ugly". Honestly I would wear them just because I am a flashy #10 and I have always been a predator fan.

  2. I think it would be cool to try and get Ray Hudson to say something about these like he did for Cristiano’s boots

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