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Adidas Release the adiPure 11pro Samba

Samba Collection - adiPure-11Pro

In an attempt to freshen up the range, Adidas has modified several aspects of the adiPure 11pro range to create an all new performing boot as part of the Samba Collection. It is the F50 adiZero that sees the largest changes, but the adiPure has also been treated to a proper makeover and initial reaction has been hugely positive.

The first thing you will notice is the paint job, which is intended to inhale the spirit of Brazil. Adidas chose a bold selection of colors to evoke a World Cup feel and it works really well. It starts with the primary Blast Purple that looks fantastic compliments of some cross stitching on the forefoot. Then Vivid Berry and Electricity detailing adds a bold yet effective look.

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Adding a cross stitching on the upper is an unusual move by Adidas, with the boot looking more like the current Tiempo range than the previous adiPure installment. By removing the DuraCoat design on the forefoot, we are immediately getting a glimpse into where Adidas knew changes needed to be made to reinvigorate the range. The upper is still a Taurus leather, so there is some familiarity – although the stitching really will provide a different feel on the ball. Around the heel, a wrap around 11Pro logo is added to add a very modern feel.

11pro Samba Upper

Adidas adiPure 11pro Samba Collection

Adidas 11pro Samba Specs

Memory foam is also added in several regions around the boot to improve comfort. Since the adiPure is seen to be more of a defensive players boot, it only makes sense to add a little protection and ensure players get the most out of a 90 minute game.

Then there is a completely redesigned soleplate. Adidas has added an all-new outsole with comfort frame for better pressure distribution, and a smaller more concentrated stud configuration for maximum grip and acceleration on firm ground. This is the one area of the boot that I am really excited to test out – has Adidas found a way to enhance performance from the oval configuration previously used on the adiPure? This is the one boot in the series where Adidas are not afraid to deviate from other boots in their range and there is definitely a fresh, expressive nature associated with this latest installment.

The Samba 11pro worn by players such as Philipp Lahm, Hernanes and Frank Lampard.

You can pick up this  Blast Purple colorway right now from Soccer.com.

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  1. Well its that time of the year again and I need new boots. I love the new vapor colorway and these 11 pros and I was wondering which you think is the better choice. I play on the wing and center mid so Im confused on which boot to lean towards.

    • That is a toughie considering the positions but if you play wing more I`d definitely go for the vapor but if you play center mid the I think the adipure with the leather upper and more padding is better suited boot for all the touches and passes you`ll be doing in midfield.

  2. Would be great if they went back to K-leather…

    • Agree, they lost me when they dropped it last year. At least there are still tiempos and copas if you want to go back in time. Also, how are they going to compete with Nike's AG stud configuration? They're not even offering their wonky version anymore.

  3. im pretty sure that the 11pros and the adizero are completely new models of the shoe and not just minor "updates". Too many things have changed and it has been too long of a time

  4. wow nice samba package. the new japan exclusive pathiqe will be out on the 15th as well.
    btw hv u given out any of ur 3 Lanzera Super Pro 94 yet?

  5. Can we expect any other colors? Gorgeous boot.

  6. I was just wondering if the memory foam in the upper effects the feel of the ball at all. ????

  7. there is no such thing as a defender, mid fielder and striker and winger boot, I play center mid and left back but I have a pair of tiempo legend IV and Adidas F50 leather and Puma king and powercat, please people don’t fall into stupid gimics like cleats by position

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