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What is the Copa Mundial Price Increase All About?


In the world of boots, I don’t think we have ever seen a single silo price increase by $30 out of the blue – but that is the case with the fabled Adidas Copa Mundial. This one is sure to cause a reaction.

The Adidas folks have somehow found value in dramatically upping the price of the Copa and it has fans asking some serious questions. In all truth, the Copa has been set a pretty consistent price over the past decade bar one $10 increase about a year ago, offering fans real value for money. And since we never see “updates” like with other ranges that allow companies to jump price, this is probably something that was well overdue.

We have discussed the subject with several top sources and the consensus on the need for a price increase was pretty consistent. In the US, the boot is priced lower than other parts of the globe (currently $120), so already Adidas has been playing favorite with the US market. And lets be honest, even with the increase you are still getting value for what you pay for. The new price will be set around the $150 mark.

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Where the big issue lies is in the dramatic spike of the increase and it won’t bode well with loyal consumers. One of the major selling points for the boot is the fact it isn’t in the same price range as the ghastly bright colored boots. Then there is the introduction of the Nike Premier and its popularity. The Copa increase will actually leave a $60 price gap between both boots. When it comes down to it, I’m not sure how many players will look to the Copa over the Premier.

The price increase is set to kick in come December 1st across most major retailers.

Of course, there is one last chance to get them at a discounted price, and that is this week. Black Friday sales will see the price drop below $100, so it actually makes for the absolute ideal time to snag some pairs. As deals come in this week, I’m going to update below for those that want access to a deal this week. Remember, the current MSRP is $120.

What are your thoughts on the price increase? Will it affect your opinion of the range and will you look to purchase pairs in the future? Have your say and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. $150 is probably "fair" considering what boots like the Tiempo and 11pro cost, but I think the Copa will have trouble selling at that price, especially when they never go on sale.

    Players will be able to get more modernized leather boots more cheaply, because these boots often go on sale when new colorways change, and I could see a lot of former Copa wearers giving another leather boot a chance. I don't think it'll be the end of the boot, because there are Copa Diehards out there the same way there is a the Mercurial Mentality. Still, sales will suffer among people who bought the Copa because they thought it was a good deal.

  2. Stores will lose some sales because of the higher price point but overall it doesn't change too much. People will grumble about it but they will still buy Copas. I can see some new comers (i.e. parents buying their children their first K leather boot) becoming disinterested in them because of the price increase. The other news you may not have hear of was that adidas is taking the boots away from places like Dick's, Sports Authority, etc. This has lead to these telling their employees to tell customers they are being discontinued. So from now on if you want to buy a Copa, you have to go to a soccer specialty store.

    • I think that is actually fair. For the most part, stores like Sports Authority and Dick's really never or rarely sell high end shoes. For example I was astonished when I found a real pair of high end LZ on sale for thirty dollars (too bad they weren't my size). Most people who buy their soccer shoes at a sporting goods store are not avid soccer players and were probably not even willing to spend the money on the Copas anyway. When I bought my Copas, I bought them at a soccer specialty store. Honestly, I think the Copas are actually worth the money. I own a pair, and although they are not my go to boot on a regular basis, you can bet your aunt Betty that I always have them in my bag for training or games. They last for 50 damn years (slight exaggeration) and they are comfortable, not to mention that the Copa is about as close to wearing something like a Pantofola d'Oro, or MIJ Mizuno Morelia, that most people will buy. Overall I like the Copa and when the time comes, I will definitely not hesitate to replace them at their new price.
      Also, I own the Nike Premier and the Copa. Personally I would pay more money for the Copa than the Premier simply due to quality. Don't get me wrong, I ove my Premiers, but the Copa will out last them all day everyday.

    • Good points there, and good info on them only selling them in specialty stores. It makes sense as serious players should only be purchasing at the specialty stores anyway!!

  3. Haven’t noticed a sales decrease over here in Europe tbh

  4. This may push the Copa over the edge. One of its biggest advantages it had is the price. It was a fantastic durable boot, made in Germany, all K-Leather for around $100. It certainly warrants the higher price point. Much more than these cheap plastic boots made in China that everyone raves about now a days. But unfortunately the current generation of players have steadily flocked to these current boot releases (I’m not saying they’re all bad) and at this price it will be in direct competition with them. IMO, this price increase combined with the horrible color options they are going to release for the Copa (a orange copa???really??) before the world cup may kill the boot completely.

  5. They're the only boot Adidas sells in k-leather now except for specialty adipure sl releases, which are for a very limited market. The regular adipure was what kept the cost of the copa down, but now with no competition, supply and demand dictates a price increase. And they take into account k-leather boots from other brands by keeping the price under those. Personally and disappointingly for me, Adidas's shift away from k-leather has caused me to try out other brands as an adult, however, my kids will still be wearing these or tiempos to learn proper touch until their feet stop growing.

    • I see what you're saying but I don't fully agree. Back in the 50's football boots were just that…boots. They looked like something you'd wear on a building site. As time passed and as materials advanced, so did the equipment and this is how the low versions were born in the 60's and 70's. Looking back, it is traditional to use leather and more so K-leather but how does this help with touch and feel? The new synthetic leathers are barely 2mm thick and the contact with the ball is almost barefoot. Now compare this with a thick copa upper and it's like night and day. As I said, i see what you're saying but I for one have never felt such direct touch and feel than i do with the new adizeros with hybridtouch material.

      • And you may prefer synthetic boots, but there are a lot of us (including a lot of pros) who don't.

        • Majority of pro's who have deals don't wear leather…this is a fact, they're paid to wear whatever is given to them. Regardless, my point was not about leather, instead it was about touch and feel. Leather may be nice and soft but over time it hardens, crusts and stretches…synthetic leather does not. Nowadays you can hardley even feel the difference…their development and improvement over the last 5 years is actually outstanding.

  6. They are $200 here in Australia – looks like they are just being evened up with other markets.

  7. I remember back in the late 90’s when the Copas were $90! I can’t believe how much they’ve gone up in cost! Insane…

    • Copas still were $90 until this week. The only place that actually priced them at their MSRP of $120 was Adidas themselves. had them at around $110 but pretty much every other retailer thad them for $90-100. There has always seemed to be a disparity between what Adidas believes their products should cost and what the rest of the market believe they should cost.

  8. My point is no one should believe Adidas’ MSRP for anything. It has always been way off from what the market actually priced their products at. Unless you’re buying from or an Adidas store, you won’t pay that much. Now, I could see them strong arming bigger retailers like into actually charging MSRP, though.

  9. The price increase will lead loyal copa buyers to try other cleats. That may be their intention. Either way it's bullshit! The cleats have not changed? The company is playing a game and it's not the beautiful one!

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