Wednesday , June 7 2023

Puma evoPOWER STAMPA – Balotelli Camo Boots Available


Not only are we getting the opportunity to see more images of the prototype evoPOWER STAMPA boots Mario Balotelli has been wearing, but there are also a select number of pairs available to purchase in the US. Yes, you can get your hands on a pair of camo evoPOWER before they are released to market.

This is not the first time we have seen Puma do this, with the pink polka-dot evoSPEED getting the same treatment, but this time around the design is a lot more visually appealing. In fact, there is a huge interest level in seeing them up close to be able to read the news stories about Super Mario.

What is evident on the boot is a lot of definition through the forefoot. It doesn’t seem to have the same properties we currently find on the PowerCat (the boot it will be replacing) so it looks like Puma is focusing on changing the performance of the range. That is not a bad thing, considering the PowerCat has seemed outdated for a while now. The big question is if the additional power compound will add weight or has Puma finally found a way to create a lightweight power boot?

Prototype evoPOWER Boots

Balotelli evoPOWER STAMPA

In typical fashion, the downside is the price point and Puma are offering a very limited number of pairs for a very high end $350. Obviously, this is not your everyday boot and I can only see players with a huge passion for Puma boots forking out on a pair. In saying that, there are already a few sizes sold out!

You can currently find the evoPOWER STAMPA listed at

Balotelli Puma avoPOWER

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  1. Agreed that the price point is damn steep. Would love to see more pictures of the forefoot without all graphics.

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