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Is Luis Suarez Switching to the Nitrocharge? Solved!

Suarez Adidas Nitrocharge

This would be a pretty unusual change, but Luis Suarez was spotted on pitch wearing the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 over his regular F50 adiZero. Suarez definitely fits the mold of an F50 wearer, and he has scored 19 goals in 14 games this season while wearing the highly regarded speed boot. So, it was a surprise to see him wearing something different in Liverpools game vs Hull this weekend. Of course, there is a back story behind this one and it seems to be a temporary move.

The Liverpool striker actually picked up a foot injury late last week and was left with a heavily bandaged foot. In order to keep it protected, he changed to something with a little more support across the forefoot. Thus, he decided to sport a pair of Nitrocharge and rely on the EnergySling to provide a little extra padding.

Another interesting move was the fact that the boots looks like a Steven Gerrard special. It is pretty likely that he was offered a pair by Gerrard leading up to the game. If the boots were returned covered in mud, I bet Gerrard won’t mind too much considering the pivotal role Suarez played in Liverpools 2-0 win while wearing them. Another cracking free-kick scored, by the way!

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Suarez in Nitrocharge

What is worth noting is that the Nitrocharge 1.0 offers a completely different type of performance for a very specific type of player. Adidas worked with Opta to define the “Engine”, which we have to date associated with the center-mid spot.

A new soccer cleat silo designed to retain energy, improve lateral movement, sharpen on field reactions, deliver added sprinting power and increase protection specifically for players who are tirelessly on the move.

It is the final sentence where you start to see an association between Suarez and the boot: “for players that are tirelessly on the move”. Although it seems this was only a temporary move to the Nitrocharge, it will put an entirely new light on the range and increase the appeal for more players on the pitch. Liverpool take on Oldham this weekend in FA Cup action, we will be watching to see what boots Suarez will be wearing and if he feels confident enough to move back to the F50!

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  1. I've also seen Zidane wearing these at RM during training. It's interesting to see him go to these instead of the Preds.

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