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Top 5 Colorway Collections of Early 2014

EarthPack - Collection

As part of the ongoing World Cup build-up, Nike and Adidas have been releasing colorways and new boots at a breakneck speed. Ever since the start of 2014, those companies have slowly picked up the pace. And now, it may seem as if there is a new colorway introduced everyday! But how do you keep track of all these releases and colorways? If you haven’t been diligently following the latest colorways and releases, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the action. . There have been many boot collections/packs already released, and there are surely more to come! So, to help organize and bring you up to speed on what has been released, we rank the Top 5 Colorway Collections of 2014. Please remember that individual colorways (such as the latest Hypervenom or Gambler colorways) won’t be ranked, only colorway collections.

Also, for those interested in indoor or turf boot collections, be sure to check out Nike’s recently released indoor “Radioactive Pack”.

 5. Adidas Carnaval Pack

One of the most interesting collections released was the Adidas Carnaval Pack. Brazilian inspiration is shown in the use of the heel design referencing Carnaval costumes and the Carnaval ticker tape reflective upper. The Carnaval Pack brings in a variety of opinions, ranging from love to hate. It seems as if Adidas really considered the phrase “go big or go home” when designing these boots. Personally, I like the designs but I would never wear them in a game. To me, Adidas has created a good collector’s item that would be best used in a display case and not the field. But, if you appreciate unique extravagant designs, these colorways might be perfect for you! The boots in this pack can still be found at

4. Nike Summer Collection

The Nike Summer Collection was Nike’s latest pack to be released, and features four simple colorways. My favorite out of the four has got to be the Bright Crimson CTR360. That colorway is also the last colorway to ever be released in the Nike CTR360 range because Nike will soon switch to the Magista Range.  Each boot features a predominant color (bright yellow or red) with simple highlights that make each boot unique. As always, these colorways from Nike are bright and bold, but I personally don’t think it’s the best summer collection Nike has released. When compared to last year’s summer colors, I would have to say the 2013 version is slightly better. I would like to have seen a bit more variation as these seemed a bit monotone. However, this is still a solid collection from Nike and the entire range can be found at

 3. Adidas Copa Mundial Samba Collection

The long standing Copa Mundial has been known for its quality and consistency over the past 20 years. But the simple black and white colorway may not have appealed to all buyers. So, in an effort to push the boots into a more modern era and appeal to those who like brighter bolder colors, Adidas reinvented the Copa Mundial with new samba colorways. The colors come in Blast Purple, Vivid Berry, Solar Blue,Solar Zest and Solar Slime. The five different but bold colors really stand out on the pitch and I would definitely wear any of the pairs. If you are interested in picking up a pair, has the whole range.

2. Adidas Earth Pack

The newest pack released by Adidas is the best collection Adidas has released in 2014. The designs are inspired by the diverse colors found in Brazilian rainforests. The best colorway in this pack has got to be the Nitrocharge 1.0. The highly contrasting colors of Solar Zest and Earth Green really helps the boots stand out on the pitch. Also, it is the first time we have seen an orange Solar Zest color on the EnergySling. But the other three boots are just as impressive. The F50 is suited with a glow colorway that is extremely vivid and vibrant. The introduction of an orange soleplate also helps set this release apart from past F50 releases. The Predator LZ and Adipure 11Pro are a bit less vibrant, but the colorways blend really well. The orange and white on the Predator is simple but impactful. And the black paired with neon green on the Adipure is a solid release for Adidas’ “heritage” range. You can find the boots at

1. Nike Mercurial World Cup “Fast Forward”

The Mercurial Range has been one of the most iconic and revolutionary range throughout the years. The range has also been known for its presence at World Cups. At the last four world cups, either the Brazilian Ronaldo or Portugal’s Ronaldo had great performances. So to revive past colorways used on the international stage, Nike brought back four unique World Cup colorways for the Vapor IX. Each design commemorates a past colorway. Visually, the ’06 edition is the brightest and most bold because of the yellow/green fade design. But my personal favorite has got to be the ’10 edition, simply because it is so similar to the design seen at the last World Cup. The ’98 edition has a green forefoot and fading into a blue heel which really helps it stand out. Out of the four, the ’02 fast forward can be considered the simplest because the upper is chrome with black and green highlights. The Fast Forward range can be found at

Which collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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