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Nike Magista Obra – The Complete Review

Nike Magista Reaction

With a blaze of glory, Nike introduced us to the Magista Obra a few weeks back and it immediately grasped the attention of boot fans worldwide. Never before have we seen a boot so imaginative that it includes a knit upper with a mid-cut collar, designed to secure your foot by providing a sock like fit, making the entire fit move in-sync with your foot. It was something that several top players requested and Nike delivered in style.

The use of Flyknit, something Nike has taken across from its running shoes, makes for an intriguing prospect and ultimately provides a totally different type of performance to any other boot ever released. Not only does the boot feature a unique identity, but the overall weight is an extraordinary 7.2oz, leaving them in the lightweight category and adding to the value of the package.

We are yet to see the boot get its official on-pitch debut, but we managed to get our hands on a pair and have quickly put them through some thorough testing to see what Nike has produced and who these boots are going to suit best. Check the comprehensive results below.

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Breaking In and Comfort

You can’t begin to imagine how comfortable these boots are to wear. Given the fact we have never seen this type of design implemented on a soccer boot before, you have to applaud Nike for getting it right first time around. Their advantage is the fact Flyknit is something they’ve been using on running shoes, so they have the inside edge on how to transfer it to soccer footwear. Once you slip your feet into them, comfort becomes the norm. The entire upper of the Obra envelopes around your foot like no other boot does, and the collar completes a very dynamic fit and feel. Even across the area where a tongue normally exists, the soft knit upper sits flush and provides a snug fit in the right areas. Technically, the boots could be worn without laces but with them in tied you get to really personalize a secure fit. And they could also be worn without socks as they are that soft inside – but you are going to want to wear socks while using them in game for obvious reasons!

Overall, this is a solid release from Nike that I anticipate players taking out of the box to the pitch with relative ease.

Nike Magista Review

Getting Them On

Yes, we have a video for that! Right after release, one of the most common questions surrounded fit and how to get them on. As you will see in the demo video below, it is very easy to do, with little problems. And in case you are wondering, I went barefoot to illustrate the fact that even with added friction, they slip on without much work.

How do they Fit?

Obviously, fit is another major talking point, since so many people have different shapes and sizes that need to slip into the same size. I can officially tell you that they are very much true to size, and this is an area you won’t need to worry about too much. In terms of length, there isn’t a great deal of room left at the top of the boot once you get them on, while width wise they start out as a medium/wide fit. After several wears, the upper material has adjusted ever so slightly, and I imagine wider fits won’t feel too much discomfort thanks to the stretchy feel but they definitely don’t offer a loose fit if that is what you require. Think of these boots as a tighter fitting Hypervenom, where the Hypervenom is designed to accommodate wider fits from first wear and the Magista Obra sits snug thanks to Flyknit.

In similar fashion to a regular boot, these feature laces and that allows you to tighten them as needed. If you look at something that is somewhat comparable to the Magista like the Lotto Zhero Gravity (in terms of “no tongue”), the Magista has the distinct advantage of allowing you to zip the boot tight to your foot simply by applying the laces in your own personal fashion. And you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary gaps provided by a standard synthetic considering how Flyknit curves the shape of your foot.

Nike Magista Forefoot

Nike Magista NIKESKIN Upper

Nike Magista Upper Material

Flyknit – Touch, Control, Passing, Striking Shots

Given the fact that Flyknit is a very soft fabric, there is concern that it will be too thin and players will have to endure full impact as they strike the ball (or another players studs). Where the later is true,  there is a wonderful feel to these as you get on the ball and strike it. Looking at the upper, you will notice that is has texture thanks to the wider stitched regions, that create a paneled look. This stitching is raised and it actually has a thicker width than modern synthetics or leathers. As a result, it actually soaks in the impact as you play long passes or strike shot. I actually found that these boots provide BETTER protection than most other boots currently on the market. Soak that statement in for a second. The panels in between the stitching are very thin, so you still get that natural, skin like feel as you touch the ball but overall, through testing I never found impact to be an issue.

When it comes to control, again that texture designs plays a huge role, one that benefits playmakers and central styled players who like to get on the ball. If I was to compare the touch in logical terms, I would say it feels like one of the old school indoor soccer balls, that looked like an over-sized tennis ball and had a fabric coating. I haven’t seen those balls used in a long time, so some of you younger players might have no clue. Just think tennis ball and you should get a good idea.

As a striker, there were times that I didn’t appreciate the feel, as I wanted to move the ball further ahead and run on to it. There is a slightly tacky feel, almost keeping the ball closer to your feet as you dribble. Again, this is obviously an ideal performance characteristic for playmakers and center mids who want to keep the ball close and play short, direct passes where possible. But as a winger or pacey striker, a leather or synthetic that provides a little pop as you move is more beneficial, ensuring the ball doesn’t get stuck under your feet. As you can tell, this is where we are already attaching these to a particular, very distinct playing style.

Nike Magista Collar

Magista mid-cut collar

Magista Heel

Dynamic Mid-Cut Collar

The mid-cut collar creates a very unique feel as you wear the boots. Up until this point, we have all pretty much worn a regular ankle cut, so you will understand what I am referring to when I say our current boots allow for sway and natural movement of the ankle. As you chop or turn, you feel less attached to the boot and your ankle cuts with relative ease as you rapidly turn to change direction. If you don’t have dodgy ankles, you appreciate that relative ease and we don’t have to think twice about how the ankle swivels. While wearing the Magista Obra, you experience something totally different, with the entire movement feeling more in unison. You actually feel connected with your leg and the presence of the collar increases your awareness of spacial cutting. Surprisingly, it is an enjoyable feeling that allows for a more grounded approach as you play. In other words, you almost feel like you are closer to the ground, something that center mids will again really appreciate.

The cut sits right above the ankle bone and because of the Flyknit material, it hugs the foot. There have been concerns raised that the material will stretch over time and feel awkward. Although I haven’t worn them for a long period, my experience with them leads me to believe the material won’t stretch too much. The fabric feels well connected and it stretches around your feet as you wear them, creating a glove like fit. When you take them off, the material almost curls back into itself, closing the opening. In other words, it seems to readjust to its original shape after you take them off. It is an area that only a season of wear will accurately confirm, but to date, my opinion is that they won’t overstretch.

Who are they Designed for?

Ultimately, this is a boot that won’t suit all player types and it is not the type of technology that can be expanded across all silos. For playmakers and center mids, they make perfect sense and play perfectly into the characteristics these type of players crave. Being able to feel the ball, while having a little extra cushion to take in long passes before distributing very quickly makes them a dream boot for players in the mold of Andres Iniesta. I can understand exactly why he is the type of player Nike are addressing these boots toward. I don’t see them suiting strikers or wingers as much, with the Flyknit material and mid-cut collar taking away from the natural style of those who look to blow by defenders at pace with the ball just off their step.

Magista mid-cut collar

Nike Magista Traction

Nike Magista Soleplate + Stud Configuration

Soleplate and Traction

Right through testing, I never had to focus on the traction delivered and this is a definite positive. With so much else going on, it was refreshing not to have concerns over how the boot took to different surfaces. Over the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to wear them on both artificial turf and a natural grass surface, which was a little dry and slightly on the firmer side. The configuration delivers well and you get a controlled, balanced feel with no evident stud pressure.

Nike has worked on a creating a new 360° rotational traction system through the use of conical studs and a Pebax-and-nylon plate. Compressed nylon offers a highly responsive plate that delivers strength while remaining incredibly light. And when this is combined with Pebax, the structure allows for flex and increased movement with the foot while eliminating mechanical flex (an area where the boot always flexes in the same spot). A lot of this is advanced technical speak from Nike, primarily because I felt like the soleplate and traction delivered very efficiently and I don’t have much else to comment on!

Comparing them to…

Right after release, adidas announced that they also had a knit boot ready for release – the timing seemed to perfect, right? Their boot, the Samba Primeknit, features a one-piece yarn construction and is obviously a direct competitor to the Magista obra. In the US, we haven’t seen much of the Primeknit, so I haven’t had the joy of experiencing them to see how they compare to the Magista. And the consensus is that they won’t even be released over here. If I do get a pair, I’ll add some notes.

What they can be compared to is the Nike Hypervenom, primarily because of their shape and implementation of a textured upper. Both boots feature a paneling style, but they feel very different on the ball. Touch is definitely more natural with the Magista, and they provide a much more dynamic feel as you dribble. The Hypervenom is a much more effective boot for striking shots and the overall design is styled in a more attacking fashion. But both do have one commonality, and that is the use of NIKESKIN across the upper. NIKESKIN ensures both have a waterproof type finish and don’t soak in water across the forefoot.

Outside of that, this is another one of those releases that really sits within its own unique category. They are not a heritage, power, speed or agility boot. Realistically, the closest category they sit to is control, and that is probably what we will continue to reference them.

Hypervenom vs Magista

Critics Notes

This is an area that some of you might have immediately jumped to and I do have one primary comment to add here. Although the design works in terms of functionality, it doesn’t make sense to have a permanent “sock” attached to your boot. Why? Because it results in a very, very stinky boot! Think of it this way, when you wear a pair of socks and take them off after a game, you don’t re-wear them, and if you do, they end up being even stinkier than before. Multiply the stench of twice worn, unwashed socks by 20 games, and you have a serious issue. After only 2 short weeks, I have a pair that definitely don’t smell fresh and I am not really sure what to do about it. The only real solution is a lot of Febreze or you have to go to great lengths in washing just the collar under a tap with detergent after each wear. In other words, these boots come with some baggage.

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The Skinny Summary

Highlight: The first boot of its kind, featuring a Flyknit upper and a dynamic mid-cut collar. Very comfortable boot with a fit that hugs the foot.
Category: We are going with control for now, although they do have their own unique performance.
Weight: 7.2oz, which is very light considering they feature the mid-cut collar.
Would I Buy Them: There is serious intrigue in the range and they have mass appeal but ultimately it is down to playing style and the amount of money you are willing to drop on a pair. I’d definitely consider a pair even though they don’t suit my playing style.
Player Position: Definitely best suited to central players who like to get on the ball and create from behind the front line. I can also see players right across the backline enjoying what they have to offer although they are not going to be beneficial as you get stuck in on hefty tackles!

Now it is your guys turn – what are you thoughts on the Magista and are there any other areas of the boot you want to read more info about? Hit up the comment section below and let me know!

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  1. How secure does the Flyknit feel when sprinting and cutting hard? I felt like the HyperVenom Phantom even had a little too much give to them, so that's what would make me the most nervous about the Magista.

  2. durability? did they easily tear around where the upper meets the sole plate?

    • Through testing, no problems to report. An extended period is where we will find out more, I'll update if there are any issues.

      • We bought these 6 weeks ago and the shoe laces tore after 4 weeks and now the eyelet(the hole the laces goes through) is tearing with only a thread remaining holding in the lace. We tried to get a replacement pair but apparently there is no inventory until later in July. My son absolutely loves the feel of the boot but he may not have them much longer unfortunately.

  3. My favorite cleats are the vapor vii, in terms of shooting how would you rank the hypervenoms and the magistas?

  4. You said, that for a winger the boot has a tacky feel to it. I wear predator lz's, so is it more tackier than in predators? And about the official release date, will they hit the stocks on mid April or will they be ready for pre-order just then?

  5. thanks for the headsup on the smell issue.

    the stronger way to deodorize stuff is not with febreeze but with the disinfectant dettol spray. it's cheaper n way much stronger n effective. 😉 i personally use it on my "barefoot running" shoes.

  6. Adidas actually launched their Samba Primeknit before Magista. It was Primkenit FS that was launched on the same day as Magista. Luis Suarez has since played and scored in the boot. I'm in the UK and tried to get a pair, unfortunately no chance because they sold out immediately.

  7. what's your rating out of 5 stars?

  8. I know that the majority of the upper that features the fly knit and nikeskin has waterproof technology, but what about the area the laces are strung over? That area looks like the water would just soak right through.

  9. What length of socks were you wearing during training?

  10. HAHA when I started reading I thought it was absolutely disgusting to have that sock type thing there and BAM at the end of the review you talk about it. Disgusting looking cleats and they are not only going to look terrible, after a while they will smell worse than they look.

    • It's fine if you care more about your game than your boots' smell.

    • they are a fantastically good looking cleat, in my opinion. They will smell, but every new technology will have a bit of a hiccup every now and then. They perform well, though you have to get used to feel and movement as the boot is completely different in feel and movement to other boots on the market.

  11. Try spraying them with grain alcohol when they get smelly. It will kill the bacteria. Good application for all shoes, including sport sandals.

  12. How do they handle a wet ball if you're playing I wet conditions

  13. How can we get a size comparison to know what size to order? For example, if a 10 in a Tiempo fits snuggly, what should I order in the magista? How much stretch will there be? Need that nice comparison tool that some sites offer when purchasing new boots.

  14. How would you compare the magista in terms of touch to the predator lz? And if I am a size 8 in the predator lz would I be a size 8 in the magista?

  15. How well would these work an outside back? I generally get up into the attack too, and I do tackle quite often. I currently wear CTR360's

  16. Do you the magista would work for a striker? Or are they more of a midfielder/defender boot?

  17. Do they fit like the ctrs? because i went half size up in ctrs so instead of a 8.5 i went to a 9.
    does this apply to the magista aswell?

  18. If you wear socks with the Magista does it still smell terrible?

  19. douglas chrisman

    What about for a keeper? Is power there an issue?

  20. Please reply. How are the cleats for shooting and free kicks?

  21. Would they be good for a defender? If cleated will it hurt?

  22. Would these be a good choice for a keeper I prefer nike over any cleats and was hoping the were comfortable and goo for keepers

    • Yeah they would be a decent option. Thibaut Courtois is wearing the Magista Opus so they are also worth checking out and a little cheaper. Another good but simple option would be the Nike Premier!

  23. Does the stretchy material around the ankle eventually stretch out after many times of putting them on and stretching it out?

  24. Michael Bochnovich

    If you get stepped on would it hurt really bad?

  25. Will it come out for kids or what are the sizes there are?

  26. I currently wear the adiZero F50. Do you think the Magista will suit a player like me? I model my style of play to the tune of Pablo Zabaleta, so yeah; do you think it suits me?

    • adiZero to Magista is a big jump, they offer completely different levels of performance. In saying that, the Magista is wildly different to most other boots, so experiencing them once wouldn't hurt.

  27. Is the nike magista also for people with wide feet?

  28. I’m a center midfielder, mostly a holding mid. I’ve been wearing ctr’s pretty much since they came out. Am I going to regret switching to the Magista Opus when I go in for tackles/ get tackled?

  29. Do the shoes provide more ankle support then regular cleats?

  30. I currently wear a size 10 in a ctr 360 maestri. What size would you recommend to get in the magista obra?

  31. Hey I heard somewhere that you cant use these or the superflys on turf because apparently the turf cuts the flyknit. Do you know anything about that? How true is it?

  32. Hey I heard somewhere that you cant use these or the superflys on turf because apparently the turf cuts the flyknit. Do you know anything about that? How true is that

  33. How much will the magista upper stretch?

  34. I'm in between a 9 and a 9.5 so I was wondering are these quite loose so I could get a 9 or are they tight so I can wear trusox and these magista in a 9.5

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  36. after wearing the shoe will they stretch or go back how it is

  37. how wide are the magistas? I have skinny feet, but are these too wide for me. How wide are they compared to adidas shoes

  38. Bought them for 15 yo son after months of pleading. Early Christmas gift. 6th time worn (10 days after delivery) he noticed there is a tear in the collar right at the inside right ankle. Not sure how it happened. His ankle is fine and you’d think he’d remember some event that could tear the collar.

    Retailer says – Too Bad. Won’t effect play. Well – there is a hold/tear on the ankle that goes half-way through the cuff, You don’t think that is going to get worse? Plus its the 6th time worn/10 days since delivery that burns me. A couple of months of heavy use – sure. but 6 days? And I do not see any way to fix them or prevent it spreading.

    Poor Quality? Bad Policy? Bad Luck? Take your pick. He gets @ 3 pairs a year. Won’t be using this retailer again (or paying this much for a boot either.) Should have gone with my first instinct that it was too much and would not hold up.

  39. I wear a size 8 in a Nike Mercurial Vapor X. Also a size 8 on Adidas Adizero. What size should I order for the New Magista?

  40. Unisport said that the Obra has Brio Cables, but personally I can't find any. I don't know…. Are there Brio Cables on the Obra?

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  42. Please reply, What do you prefer out of the Superfly and the Magista Obra?

  43. Worst pair I've used. Soleplate split from the upper after 4 months.

  44. if I wear a size 7.5 in my normal cleats than should I get a 7.5 in the magista obras or an 8?

  45. Currently wear adidas copa mundials 9.5 double socked, a pair of ctr360 9.5 will I be looking at the same size for these

    Thank you

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