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Adidas Originals Retro Track Tops

adidas Originals

Everyone loves a good tracksuit jacket, and it seems these days that retro styling is en vogue (personally this means that people don’t shoot me weird looks when I wear my 1988 Sheffield United Track Jacket about town).

With the World Cup in mind Adidas have dusted off the classic Trefoil logo and taken a walk through their historical closet to offer four nations with long standing Adidas ties, a brand new retro inspired track jacket in preparation for the upcoming World Cup. All four nations Adidas picked for the retro treatment also hosted the World Cup between 1970 and 1982, so let’s see what the boffins in the Originals department have come up with.

Adidas Originals Mexico

Mexico: Hosts of the World Cup in 1970 are first up for the retro treatment, and I’ll be honest, I’m a little confused about the relevance of the markings from the Adidas Tango match ball, that cover the jacket, as the Tango didn’t debut until the 1978  World Cup, the World Cup in Mexico used the Adidas Telstar match ball. That questionable decision aside, the jacket also features the classy looking Mexican flag inspired collar, and the return of El Tri’s original crest, on the classic green jacket I’m calling Mexico green.

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Adidas Originals Germany

Germany: 1974, a time when Helmut Schon was leading West Germany to a World Cup win on home soil, sky blue was all the rage, and Paul Breitner had a perm for the ages! Adidas have gotten the time machine out here and pretty much just gone back in time and nicked Helmut Schon’s tracksuit jacket. And it is a jacket which oozes the mid-1970’s especially with the additional breast pocket where the DFB logo is. Putting my fashion critic hat on here, this is a jacket which I could only see being sported by die hard supporters of Nationalmannschaft, and strictly because of the success it hearkens back to.

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Adidas Originals Argentina

Argentina: 1978 World Cup hosts Argentina generally always have a nice looking kit, and their track jackets are usually top notch. There’s no change here the simple black, sky blue, and white colourway, the only things which givesit away as a retro inspired piece is the Saturday Night Fever collar, and the period AFA crest. It is however, a classy offering and something I could see myself wearing, were it not for my deep loathing of the Argentinian national team, ‘Hand of God’ anyone?

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Adidas Originals Spain

Spain: Hosts of the 1982 World Cup see their Originals offering taking a bit more of a modern day spin, if you can call a homage to the 1994 World Cup kit modern day. The navy and yellow diamond patterns down the right side of the jacket are a lovely touch and it’s the kind of jacket that I’d wear in a heartbeat. I’m actually kind of sad that it’s been released as an Originals collection as opposed to be something that La Roja would be coming out wearing pre-game in Brazil, considering Spain’s actual anthem jacket for Brazil is a tad boring, in my opinion.

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So there you have it the Adidas Originals Retro Track Top collection, available now through Adidas, retailing at about $80 per jacket.

Now’s the chance to have your say, what design do you prefer? What other Adidas sponsored national sides or clubs should get the Originals treatment? Leave a comment and let us know.

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