Sunday , February 23 2020

Worlds First “Paper” Boot Set To Be Released!

Paper Boot

In recent weeks, the boot market has gone from mildly crazy to downright nuts and this latest release from one of the big 3 sets new limits. We have received exclusive details and teaser images to share with our readers right before their official reveal.

We can’t share the official name on it yet, but this latest limited edition creation is made using recycled paperyes paper! It was only a matter of time before we saw a company take an approach like this, especially after the worlds first knitted boot was released only a few weeks back. In order to make it work, the recycled paper upper is reinforced with a lightweight, Carbon Fiber compound. The Carbon Fiber provides strength to the paper without reducing flexibility and natural feel. What results is a boot that weighs an incredible 3.0oz – smashing the record as lightest release ever on the market!

Paper Boot (3)

Paper Boot (5)

Of course, there are some reservations about a release like these, including how they perform in wet conditions. That has been addressed, with a 0.01mm thick acrylic resin coating the surface. It creates a waterproof barrier and ensures there is no damage to the paper in game. Personally, I’d have to think they would be better suited for use in hot climates, where rain isn’t an issue. You also have to wonder if it will fall apart under hefty challenges, but the company in question highlights the use of Carbon Fiber as the fact it has tested as being 5x stronger than a traditional synthetic material

What makes them even more unique is the fact that each of the 100 Limited Edition pairs will feature its own unique newspaper print – there will be no duplicate boots. In order to create the final design, papermache is used and this means it is impossible to create the same visual appearance on two pairs. Newspaper featuring World Cup news stories will be used, although we are not sure what country the newspaper will come from (in other words will it be all English or will Portuguese text be used). From what we can tell, these boots feature all English.

Because today is April 1st, we can’t release the company that owns this unique concept boot, but its name will be one of the following, you just need to work out which: the evoMACHE, the VaporPaper or the adiTree. If you figure it out, let us know in the comment section below!

Paper Boot (4)

How it all Began!

We started with the Nike Vapor III (which a lot of you guessed correctly) and we added two coats of Papermache across the entire boot. It was a very quick, simple process although the upper has cracked quite a bit as it dried. It also took quite a while to get the laces back in – should have thought that one through before starting!

Any of you think this might be true before reading it? To be honest, it is kind of crazy that we are in a time when something like this initially seems like it might be a “thing” considering how crazy releases have been of late! It’s not to late to share it with friends to see if they fall for it also!!

Just to note that it was during a recent team conversation when Richard questioned if we would be doing an April Fool’s and Ethan mentioned the concept of a boot made of paper. What could be more fun to create!

All for fun – Happy April Fool’s Day.

Vapor Before Papermache

Papermache Boot

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  1. Vapor paper?
    Back studs and carbon fiber use seems like nike

  2. evoMACHE is epic

  3. The next shoe will be made with a 3D printer.

  4. It has to be evomache!! It looks exactly like an evopower and the other names just sound stupid 😛

    Btw,they do look like the evopower stampa's covered by white powder…… Something to think about on april 1st 😛

  5. I think it's just an April fools joke.. no other sites have this

  6. Stud configuration looks like VaporPaper

  7. i wouldn’t be surprised if adidas made another random and outrageous boot from the get go.

  8. Two heel studs and two studs on the big toe? Looks like a Vapor stud configuration.

  9. haha well done. definitely an April Fool’s joke.

    The studs have paper plastered all over it. no way any self respecting company would do that especially Nike seeing the Vapor-esque studs

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