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Overview of Colorway Collaborations

Mercurial cover

One of the more overlooked things in new colorways and boots is the duplication of colorways on other soccer gear. Basically, companies take advantage of popular colorways by reproducing them on their other products. If you are a fan of a certain colorway or boot collection, you may be interested in matching or collaborating with the rest of your gear. For example, the various Messi colorways from Adidas can also be found in jerseys and shorts. So, if you are looking to match your gear with your boots, than it may be a good idea to read on for an overview of the various collaborations that are offered.


puma king lux gloves

Puma King Lux- The limited edition Puma King Lux featured a lavish black and gold colorway that was highly desirable when released. Considering there were only 999 pairs released, you could consider yourself lucky if you snagged a pair. They feature a kangaroo leather upper and return to the older heritage and class of the King range, something that longtime King wearers missed in the 2013 release. The Puma King Gloves feature the same black dominant colorway with the same classy gold highlights throughout.

predator soccer glovesAdidas Predator- The Adidas Predator Fingersave 14 Gloves come with numerous features and design elements to increase performance. Some of the features are actually designed to increase power and control, a definite Predator mindset. Design wise, the gloves feature the same honeycomb design seen on the newest Predator LZ’s lethal zones. Aside from that, Predator lettering and a differentiated blue/green design show the Predator influence.


evopower statement puma ball

Puma Evopower 1 Statement- Each Puma Powercat/Evopower release brings us an all new match ball. This time around, Puma released the Evopower Statement ball and is my favorite Puma match ball to date. The ball is designed to enhance free kick situations through improved flight stability, which seems a like a good idea for a “Power” ball. The ball has a black orange colorway that is the exact same as the one used for the Evopower launch colorway. In fact, the players used the ball to kick around during the release!

warrior superheat ball

Warrior Superheat Combat- The Warrior Superheat was Warrior’s stake in the red hot speed boot market, and it was a good move for the American company. The Superheat collection was part of their relatively recent emergence as a threat. Warrior does a really good job in their collections, as they have a lot of different items with duplicated colorways, which is great for collectors. For the Superheat, they released a ball that visually looks very similar to the boots. Honestly, the picture speaks for itself, and you can tell the similarities when comparing images.

Shin Guards

puma evospeed shinguards

Puma Evospeed 1.2- Although shin guards aren’t as likely to be seen on the pitch, the Puma Evospeed shin guards still pairs well with the boots. The guards feature the same PUMA lettering and fade design that can also be seen on the boots. And just like its counterpart, the bright design stands out, the only problem is that others can’t see it as well inside of your sock.

warrior shinguards gambler

Warrior Gambler- Another great release from Warrior was the Gambler. The Boots were designed to “Take Control Back” and it does so with numerous features. The Warrior Gambler shin guards actually parallel these features quite well by preserving the design from the boots. Although it is strictly visual, the guards have a checkered design that can be seen in the Tech Mesh of the boot. Additionally, the guards have the same skull outline used in the release. A lot of attention to detail really makes this release stand out, especially considering that they are only shin guards.


wc 2008 air max

Nike Air Max Mercurial Pack- Influenced by the Fast Forward editions of the Nike Mercurial, the Air Max 1 FB “Mercurial Pack” collection has four unique colorways. Using the same colors as the Fast Forward edition, each version matches well with its Mercurial counterpart. The shoes even feature a golf ball upper in parts to show the soccer influence. This release is for true Mercurial Vapor fans who are looking to showcase their colors both on and off the pitch.warrior skreamer bagWarrior Skreamer Backpack- As with all Warrior releases, the Warrior Skreamer backpack is only for the bold. It features the same orange and blue colors that were used in the initial release colorway as a camo print on the back. The backpack stands out and is definitely one of a kind. Honestly, the boots blend well with the bag, so if you don’t like the design of the Skreamer, then the bag may not be right for you.

Which colorway collaboration is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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