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Puma King Lux – The Luxury Edition

Puma King Lux

Here is a new version of the fabled King range that is sure to whet the appetite of traditional enthusiasts. Labelled as the Puma King Lux, this is a limited edition release that offers players a luxury package, both performance wise and visually. These boots are sure to add a special touch to any players collection, the question is if you actually wear them or keep them in mint condition on your shelf!

Is there a more lavish colorway than adding a splash of Gold on a Primary black upper? I always love seeing both colors matched, especially when it comes on a soft leather upper. In this case, Puma has gone with a super soft K-Leather that adds a new dynamic to the range. In past days, K-leather was a staple on every King release, so it is a bit odd highlighting it as a unique factor of this release. But, the marketplace has changed over the past few seasons and it means fans of the highly sought after material will need to fork out a little extra to get their top choice.

Puma King Luxury Edition

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Puma are no strangers to giving us limited edition releases, and this latest luxury version comes in a special limited edition packaging,  including a PUMA King lux sack pack. There are only 999 pairs being released, so availability might get pretty limited once they are officially released. The tough part is the price-point and you are going to need to really invest to get your hands on a pair – it has been set at $274.99. Every pair will have its number stitched in gold thread on the inside of the boot, so you know just which edition you have in your possession.

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King Luxury ed

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  1. $150 was already steep for the Puma King, especially as it is not even kangaroo leather. $250 for the SL and $275 for the Lux is just impossible to justify, even if they are top drawer. I've been in Puma Kings my entire career, and this is the first time I've ever been completely frustrated about the release of a King boot.

  2. jaw droppingly beautiful.

    gotta always love the stylish and quality touch puma adds to their boots.

    love the new stud pattern as it looks pretty interesting.

  3. The only barrier come through the price…

  4. This is a shameful move by Puma. They released a King Finale in this exact same colorway for the standard retail price of the Finale. It was, however, a "limited edition" colorway (but what isn't these days, really). So now that they've ruined the King and it's not selling at all, they go back and make some changes that should have been standard on the model to begin with, and actually have the nerve to add a $100 upcharge? Adidas and Nike can get away with stuff like this because, well, they're Adidas and Nike and people will buy their products regardless. Puma simply can't force their will on the public like that. Puma has always been horribly managed but it just seems to get worse every year.

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