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Exclusive First Look Details of the Power Zephyr 1.5 Turf

Zephyr 1.5 Turf

Here is a pretty cool update on the emerging Power brand. As well as releasing their Power Zephyr boots in South America prior to the big World Cup kick-off, Power is on the verge of getting a new turf specific boot out to the US market. There is no specific set date for it’s introduction yet, but the Zephyr 1.5 Turf will debut sometime later this year and we have your exclusive first look details!

The Zephyr 1.5 Turf is an extension of the original Zephyr Blade that we previewed a few months back, but with upgraded materials and intended to be even louder visually. Power wanted to keep the same styling and language as the original Zephyr Blade, so they kept characteristics and details that made it unique.

Zephyr 1.5 Turf Colorways

The same lightweight textured microfiber found on the original Zephyr Blade is used on the upper due to the extremely positive feedback it received through testing from an extensive range of players. The biggest noticeable difference to the upper was the addition of mesh on the quarter to improve breathability and keep the shoe lightweight. The mesh is a ballistic nylon blend so it is strong and also easy to clean and Power were also able to further strengthen the structure of the boot with high frequency welds.

In an effort to make the boot even more exciting, the lining was updated with a crazy graphic and so super trendy camouflage along the sole. Of note is the black colorway, which actually uses reflective ink for the graphic on the heel. The result is a super bright hit that is similar to the effect 3M has when light hits it at the right angle.

Power Zephyr Turf

Just a final note on the Power Zephyr that is currently available in Chile and Colombia – they are retailing for an incredible $49.99. When you consider the fact our poll on how much readers thought they should cost resulted in a majority 40% stating the “$75 – $100 range”, it makes for an incredibly generous release price. When I questioned Power about the low price, there response was simple:

Power is taking the necessary risks to push forward higher quality product at a low price point., so it’s pretty exciting times for us right now!

In business you need to make money to survive, but when you are an emerging brand you need to make sacrifices and allow players an opportunity to experience the performance of a boot. It is a bold move, but one that should be applauded if it pays off. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to study it and see things unfold.

With these details on hand, we want to know what your thoughts are on the boots and if they are a type of turf shoe you would be interested in testing? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Zephyr 1.5 Turf Soleplate

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  1. I would definitely play in the these for indoor soccer. They look pretty sweet… Wish I would have known that they sell them in Colombia as my mom just got back from visiting family there.

  2. i would argue against using a mesh on the instep. Still, at that price you cant really go wrong.

  3. i own a pair. and they are really good, cheap light durable keeps ventilation

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