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Checking Out A Prototype – The Power Zephyr

Power Zephyr Soccer

This post comes as one of the perks of running a boot review website. We have been given the exclusive opportunity to check out and share with our readers a new prototype boot called the Power Zephyr. This boot is not currently on the market, so having the opportunity to check it out and offer the company some feedback is a lot of fun. In return for getting to check them out, I am going to ask you guys to help me out and leave YOUR FEEDBACK on the boots.

For those of you asking “Who the heck are Power?“, kick things off by reading this article posted a few weeks back. It includes images of all prototype colorways.

Checked it out? Ok – lets get to the goods on this one. Please note that I am making assumptions on many features of the boot, primarily because there is extremely limited information to go off!

Immediately, I am guessing that the Power Zephyr will eventually be seen as a new addition to the Speed boot category. The upper is a very unique microfiber that features a soft texture feel, not quiet a faux leather feel but there is a definite give when you push down on it. The fibers used actually align towards the toe, or they run from the laces straight down to the soleplate. The advantage to this will probably be seen in wet conditions, here the upper offers slightly more grip or tack than an ultra smooth material. I’ve tried them on and spent some time touching a ball and I have to admit that they have an extreme “Nike Vapor” feel about them, right down to the angle toe.

Power Zephyr Type S

Zephyr Forefoot

Power Soccer Cleat

Then there is the super clean soleplate and Power has not skimped here. In order to ensure quality and a modern level of performance, a glass composite soleplate has been added, with the inner blade holding cell in full view. The blades are slightly long and the radius still needs to be trimmed on the edges, so I would expect this to be one area that looks extremely different in the future.. Inside the boot, you get a really nicely padded molded PU insole that has been perforated for extra breathability.

As it stands, this current prototype weighs in at 9.1oz, but I have a feeling that number will drop once the necessary adjustments have been made to the boot. Thus, it will be labelled as a speed boot come it at around the 8.5oz mark.

Finally, I love the design and look of this Black/Rose Red colorway. Something that companies really struggle with is adding their logo, keeping it simple and making it blend with the upper. When a logo is too prominent it can really take away from the focus of the boots.

Time for your feedback! If you have any comment on the boot – whether it be the overall make-up, weight or something about the design – let us know down below. We have limited information on when or even if these boots will be released on the US market, so I have also added a poll to get your thoughts on how much you would expect a pair like this to retail for…..personally I’m guessing around the $80 to $110 mark?

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Power Zephyr Heel

Power Logo

Power Zephyr Detailing

Power Zephy Soleplate

Power Zephyr Soleplate


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  1. They look rather nice, they do remind me a whole lot of previous vapors. I kinda like that about them.

  2. I feel like i would hate the upper. Looks very similar to the one used on the miracle 1 and i wasn’t too much of a fan. Too slick. I never felt like i could get a solid strike on it. Maybe add a bit more texture? As far as the rest goes, it looks quite decent.

  3. They look like such a Vapor knockoff that its not even funny. It has the Vapor VI upper with the Vapor III soleplate. The front studs look way too close to the toe for my comfort. I do like the colorway though, that much can be said.

  4. I love the look, they have that mysterious mercurial look but would have a totally different feel to it. I would love to test these boots for you and make a youtube video for you they look beautiful and i would love to try these on.

  5. The only problem is that Power has been known to make low quality footwear throughout the years. It’ll definitely take some effort in marketing these

  6. same upper on vapors. same studs on previous vapors. if you have used vapors before then you will know what this boot will offer. pricing is the key with this one. price it too high then I would go for vapors, price it low then I might go for it.

  7. its so vapor. i think they just got it direct from Nike’s chinese manufacturer….

  8. Plain looks might appeal to some. Would have to test the upper to see if it's worth whatever they charge. Does not have a top tier boot look. This boot would need amazing performance/great player endorsement to sway the masses.

  9. Everything seems great about it but the studs look incredibly bulky and closely packed.

  10. My word I appear to have come down with a touch of the Vapor's! Kidding aside though. I've enjoyed the vitriol which has been thrown at the boot on the SC101 facebook page by a few people, who if this had a swoosh mark as opposed to a boomerangy thingy for a logo, would be drooling and picking their jaws up off the floor.

    The upper is very reminiscent of my Vapor VII's which is a decent choice if accurate. I feel that the Vapor VII's were the best padded speed boot when it came to shooting there was always a bit of a pop, as opposed to my F50's where there is pain. However, they seem to have gone the way of the blades which puts me off as they play havoc on my knees for reasons I'll never understand.

    I'm interested to see what you find out through wearing them Bryan. If I were to range the price I'd say bottom end about $75 and a top out point of $125. Power I think are going to be a Joma or Prima like player, looking for that mid point range and a player who wants a decent performing boot with a bit of style about it but won't layout 'silly' money for slick marketing.

    • I agree with you. I do however disagree with the remark about Pirma. They are considered top end boots in many places south of the border. Also since I have worn them (multiple models), I can say they are better than the mid level boots that Nike, Adidas, and Puma but not as good as boots in the top tier range. As for these Power Zephyr boots, I actually want a pair. As a boot nerd I would love to try anything new.

      • Cheers Jose, I wasn't meaning it as a bad thing for where Pirma are on the market (I have some friends here in the Great White North who swear by them) but I certainly could have worded it better looking back. I view Prima and Joma as companies who put out a great quality boot for at a great price point, but there's only so much you can do at that price range when it comes to competing with the 'big boys' and their top range stuff. I'm hoping that Power enter into that same market, where you get a much better boot than anything you could get from the big three at that price range.

        • @ richardlwyatt: Okay I understand what you meant now. Sorry If I came across as "snappy." By the way Brian I would appreciate it if you let us know about whether or not these boots will be readily available here within the United States. I like the looks of these.

  11. I like the designs it is similar to vapor but different at the same time

    more texture would make it perfect 🙂

  12. whheen are they coming out!!!??!?!??!?!?

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