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All New "Power" Boots You Might not Be Expecting to See! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Wednesday , June 19 2024

All New “Power” Boots You Might not Be Expecting to See!

I am Power

All of a sudden I have gained an increased interest in the Power brand.

For those unaware, Power are a company that have been around since the 70’s, and now under Canadian ownership. We covered some old-school Power Sierra boots a while back in a Cleatology post, but other than that the company has never grasped our attention that much.

Check out the new range of boots that were recently released. Each offers its own extremely unique look and everything about them looks polished and professional. If these were readily available in the US, I would expect to see them sell decently well and be visible on a lot of pitches. But, to date we are yet to see the company attempt their luck on the US market. Something tells me that there will be an increase in interest for the boots with a trademark Flash after seeing what is on offer below.

Leave some comments below and let us know what you think of the new boots and if you would have any interest in trying a pair.

Power Zephyr


Giving all other premium football shoes a run for their money, the Zephyr is Power’s first high-end offering of the type. Designed to help the player maximize speed, this shoe boasts a TPU blade outsole for superior abrasion and impact resistance, so feet stay safe and healthy through even the most hard-won game. TPU outsoles provide greater shock absorbency and dent resistance than other outsoles and ensure the shoe stays lightweight. With embossed and screen-printed details, the microfiber upper offers superior comfort and looks.

Power Comando Stud


Lightweight and modern, the Comando Stud features a microfiber and synthetic upper for unbeatable fit and comfort. With contact panels to bolster the player’s ball-control ability, the upper has screen and emboss details and fresh, modern colors. The studded TPU outsole guarantees unparalleled abrasion and impact resistance, so feet stay protected out on the pitch.

Power Guerilla Stud


An outstanding option for the player looking to improve shooting accuracy, the Guerilla Stud has an asymmetric upper with panels designed for just this purpose. Superior abrasion and impact resistance are guaranteed by the TPU studded outsole, and modern screen and emboss details make this a shoe with flair.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.


  1. The zephyr's soleplate is pretty close to the Vapor III-V soleplates. The boots themselves look disgusting and atrocious. The colors chosen with the graphics picked are horrendous.

  2. Is this Power under Bata ?

  3. where can i get these?!?!?

  4. Where can I get them!!

  5. the commando stud looks interesting to say the leastthe commando stud looks interesting to say the least

  6. No doubt these are just copies of nike silos, with the zephyrs like the vapors, and the commandos like CTRs. And the colors are awful

  7. I think these a awesome. I can't find them for sale anywhere online though, if you find a place LET ME KNOW!

  8. The Power Zephyrs look, ascetically, awesome. I would buy a pair; I love the less common brands.

  9. Looks like the Zephyrs are trying to be Vapors, the Commandos are kind of trying to be CTRs, and the Guerilla just looks like an ugly boot with nothing special. And "An outstanding option for the player looking to improve shooting accuracy"? How about go practice, your boot can help your touch but it wont improve your accuracy.

  10. These Power boots can be find easily here. Almost every sport shops sells it. You can say it is a starter-type boots because almost all of children here wearing these brand of boot when they are literally playing football for the first time in their life. I had one too when I was a child although the boot that I have back then are not in the picture above.

  11. They just copied Nike shoes. The three silos resemble the Mercurial, CTRs, and T90s. The colorways are scary.

  12. I think these colours are so refreshing and the boots themselves are so sleek. All my friends that I've shown these styles to are bent on buying themselves one of the 3 featured here!

  13. So nice shoes ! I didn't hear brand but I want to buy it…. Who is designer?
    I love you♡

  14. I like the zephyr. I would buy a pair but can't afford to buy any boots and don't have twitter so I can't enter into most of the giveaways.

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