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In Need of Old, Rare or Foreign Boots? Check These Out!

Bet you didn't know that Under Armour did a custom edition of the Blur Carbon III strictly for the University of Maryland!
Bet you didn’t know that Under Armour did a custom edition of the Blur Carbon III strictly for the University of Maryland!

Don’t you hate it when you fall in love with a boot and the manufacturer does something evil like produces a more modern version of the boot? What about when you find a boot but to your horror it’s only available in a foreign market? Well that’s where we come in! I’m constantly scouring the web for forgotten relics, unknown custom boots, and those wonderful boots only available on the foreign market. And with the help of the gaffer we’ve undertaken a scouring of that great global market the world knows as eBay to bring you some top offerings you just can’t find everyday. Hopefully some of the boots we’ve found will surprise you – less for their high prices, and more for the fact they are boots you don’t see everyday!

So, if you are in the market for something a little different, or just looking to see what’s out there, take a look at the options below and see if anything tickles your fancy. Just remember when using a third-party market such as eBay, it’s important to do your homework on the sellers. We’ve done our best to highlight boots from sellers with good ratings from other eBayers.

Below you will find the boots, posted by specific size and including the end date at the end of each listing. Some are single listings, so they are likely to sell out at some point. We also want to know if this type of summary post proves useful for you – if it does, let us know in the comments so we can turn it into a continuous series!

eBay Boot Sale

Size 6.5

Adidas +F50.7 Tunit – *BNIB – GERMANY EDITION (ends 11/30)

Nike Tiempo Guri FG – Ronaldinho 10R (ends 11/02) (ends 11/02)

Size 7

Adidas Predator Pulse – SILVER *Beckham Zidane Kaka* (ends 11/25)

Size 7.5

NEW Nike CTR360 Maestri III SG (ends 11/12)

Under Armour Team Blur CBN III – Maryland Edition (ends 11/15)

Diadora Brasil MD FG – “Original WHITE Kangaroo” (ends 11/30)

Adidas +F50.8 Tunit16 – *BNIB – ROYAL Italy Special Edition (ends 11/30)

Size 8

Adidas Crazylight F50 – Preowned  (ends 11/12)

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Cactus Green (ends 11/13)

Adidas Supernova Leather – Rare BLACK/GOLD (ends 11/13)

Nike Mercurial Vapor III R9 – *BNIB Ronaldo Brazil (ends 11/25)

ASICS TSI107 JAPAN 2002 – BLACK K-leather (ends 11/30)

Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG (ends 11/31)

Size 8.5

Puma v1.06 – SILVER/BLACK RARE* BNIB (ends 11/08)

Nike Total 90 Laser 1 – GREY *BNIB (ends 11/08)

Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite (ends 11/30)

Nike Tiempo Brasileiro (ends 11/30)

Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG (ends 12/8)

Size 9

Puma v1.06 – BLUE/WHITE *RARE* (ends 11/02)

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 Supremacy – SILVER (ends 11/13)

Nike Limited Edition CTR360 III Maestri “LIGHTS OUT” (ends 11/14)

Reebok Sidewinder Evolution GSC – Vintage (ends 11/30)

ASICS TSI107 JAPAN 2002 – BLACK K-leather (ends 11/30)

Nike Total 90 LASER II – GOLD (ends 11/30)

Size 9.5

Lotto Zhero Evolution Due – *BNIB WHITE/RED (ends 11/12)

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III (ends 11/13)

Nike Mercurial Vapor II FG – GOLD Brand New (ends 11/26)

Adidas adiPower Predator SL – WHITE (ends 11/30)

Size 10

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II – BLUE/SILVER (ends 11/30)

ASICS JAPAN Lethal Sniper 3 SK – RED (ends 11/30)

Nike Tiempo Brasileiro (ends 11/30)

Size 10.5

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 MD – *BNIB (ends 11/08)

Adidas Predator World Cup 2006 –  Gold – NEW! (ends 11/10)

Nike Tiempo Premier – Vintage Maldini Romario Bebeto (ends 11/30)

Size 11

Nike Air Legend FG LE – World Cup 2006, 250 Pairs Worldwide (ends 11/21)

Nike CTR360 Maestri III (ends 11/31)

NEW Umbro GT2 PRO FG (ends 11/04)

Size 11.5

Puma v1.06 FG Ebony/Orange/Silver US 11.5 *RARE* (ends 11/30)

Size 12

Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho FG 10R (ends 11/30)

Size 12.5

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly I (ends 11/25)

Adidas +F50.9 Tunit *BNIB – SILVER Messi Special Edition (ends 11/30)

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