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Skechers Diamond-Ice Pack Available in US!

Skechers Soccer Cleats

We’ve seen a lot of Skechers in the news over the past few months as they make a major push into the soccer market.

And this week, we got confirmation that the latest Diamond-Ice pack is available in the US for the first time, with the entire range listed at

From their lead player Harry Kane to Alex Zinchenko and Anthony Elanga, the hype that has come with the new releases has been of the highest profile.

Skechers SKX 01

SKX_01: Precision and Comfort Combined

Leading the lineup is the SKX_01, a boot that’s quickly catching the eye of soccer aficionados, notably worn by the renowned Harry Kane. It represents the pinnacle of modern football footwear, emphasizing precision control on the ball – a crucial aspect for players aiming to make a significant impact during play. The boot features a custom-designed last, a result of in-depth collaboration with professional players. This meticulous crafting process guarantees a fit that’s not just comfortable but also enhances the touch and feel of the ball, allowing for precise dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Available in both a standard low profile for those who prefer a classic fit and a high-top version offering additional ankle support, the SKX_01 caters to individual player preferences and positional demands. This versatility ensures that players can choose the style that best suits their playing style and physical needs, without compromising on performance or comfort.

Skechers Razor

Skechers Razor: Unleashing Speed

For players whose game is built on speed, the Skechers Razor is the go-to choice. This boot is engineered for those explosive moments on the pitch, with a design inspired by track spikes to maximize acceleration and energy return. The lightweight construction of the Razor is complemented by a carbon-infused soleplate, providing responsive power and agility that allows players to effortlessly navigate through defenders and make those game-changing plays.

The Skechers Razor stands out not only for its performance-enhancing features but also for its comfort – a hallmark of Skechers footwear. This boot is designed to feel like an extension of the foot, enabling players to focus on the game without the distraction of discomfort.

Greg Smith, VP of Product Development and Merchandising for Skechers Performance, emphasizes the brand’s dedication to the sport:

“The full range of Skechers Football boots offers options for any type of player, from the grip and control of the SKX_01 to the speed of the Skechers Razor—with every style featuring innovative comfort that performs to differentiate Skechers from the competition.”

This commitment signals Skechers’ intention not only to enter the football market but to innovate and grow within it, bringing with it the promise of comfort, performance, and style. Whether you’re a striker like Harry Kane, seeking precision control and fit, or a winger requiring speed and agility, Skechers has engineered a boot to elevate your game.

Find the Razor and SKX 01 available at

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