Wednesday , May 31 2023

Has the Lightweight Bubble Burst with the Crazylight?

Crazylight adiZero f50

Another day, another crazy, bold and technically advanced release from the folks at adidas. This time around, they are offering up a fresh new look for the adiZero F50 “Crazylight”, again keeping that rainbow-esque style paint job.

Why Crazylight? At a phenomenally lightweight 4.7oz, this boot is 20% lighter than the previous adizero F50 and is to date the lightest soccer cleat ever released to market. Following on from the mind boggling “concept” launch of the adizero 99g (3.5oz) boot last year, adidas used some of the innovation on those boots to decrease the weight of the current range. Dropping things to 3.4oz would be extreme and it is a case of step-by-step, testing the market before they attempt to hit that level.

F50 adiZero Crazylight

F50 Crazylight Side View

F50 Crazylight Sole

With the initial run of the Crazylight not hitting “limited edition” expectations (ie. they didn’t sell-out) we are left wondering how the market will react to this latest edition. Just by media coverage, we can already tell there is a lack of direct interest into what the boot has on offer – they do weight in at 4.7oz after all! This is the lightest boot EVER released and the market is not going crazy to snap up the last remaining pairs. Why?

It leads us to wonder; has the lightweight bubble burst, or is it simply the visual design of these boots that is a direct miss? Or are we way off in thinking these are not popular? We are interested in hearing your take – hit up the survey question and then let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this highly advanced, lightweight speed boot.

And for those seriously interested in a pair, they can be found at

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  1. i want them, but they are not in my size. they have a minimum of a size 8, and i am a size 6.5. all sizes are in US. I am just waiting for the launch of the 99g boot and if they land here in Singapore, and in my size US 6.5, then i will consider it, even though the price of the boot will not be $99. What do you think SC101?

  2. Wow! I remember when they first released the adizero. It changed everything about the mindset of the consumer and what they look for, and now they're going even lighter! I can't imagine such a light boot providing the same support for your foot as a heavy foot.

  3. I would love a pair. But is the slight decrease in weight worth the extra 80 dollars

  4. Wow now I am feeling happy. Now I get more information about lightweight 4.7oz !! Yes this boot is 20% lighter than the previous adizero F50 !! I think maximum football player like lightweight 4.7oz for bubble football . I want to buy lightweight 4.7oz for my practice match.

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