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Light Gets Lighter - The 3.5oz F50 adiZero Prototype - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Light Gets Lighter – The 3.5oz F50 adiZero Prototype

Adidas F50 adiZero 99grams

I have often asked the question “how light is too light?”. Well, Adidas are set to blow our minds with a boot that weighs about a full ounce lighter than the lightest boot currently on the market.

Let me put that into perspective. The lightest boot currently released on the market weighs in at 5.3oz (Puma V1.10 SL). The boot that Adidas intends to release is set to weigh in at an incredible 3.5oz.

Having had the opportunity to test the Mizuno Wave Universe running shoe, which weighs in at 5.8oz, I really can’t comprehend what it is going to be like to wear a soccer cleat that clocks in even lighter. Seriously, it kind of blows my mind.

Prototype F50

adiZero 99

Key to this boot is the fact that we are still a long ways from its addition to the market, and even at that it looks like it will be a limited release. Here is the press release details from Adidas:

adidas created the game-changing adizero f50 and now they have taken it to the next level with a new lightweight boot that weighs a mere 99g. The revolutionary boot, rigorously tested, has been created in adidas’ speed range, adizero. Players wearing the new boot will be lighter and faster than ever giving them that physical and psychological advantage of speed.

Fans will be given a preview of the product with it displayed mid-air in a capsule to convey the unique lightness of the boot. They will also be able to pick up and examine a prototype to experience first-hand the feather-weight lightness of the boot before a limited number being made available to the public in 2015.

This is actually the first time we have used a textile composite material on the outer layer which has allowed us to reduce weight. The 1mm thick outsole, made from a high-spec polyamide material, also reduces weight but maintains the rigidity of the boot needed to perform at the highest levels. We have also reduced and removed any non-essential materials, especially in the heel, linings and materials between the different layers of the boot. The new stud layout ensures the fastest possible movement in all directions while playing. Put simply, we’ve reduced the boot to its essential elements which allows for the greatest possible reduction in weight whilst maximizing performance, similar to what designers do with a Formula 1 car.

lightest soccer cleat ever

Yellow F50 adiZero prototype

Lightest Adidas F50 adiZero ever

Ground-breaking features of the 3.5oz boot include:

  • 1mm polyamide outsole which reduces weight but has the rigidity to perform at the highest level.
  • Extremely lightweight upper layer made from a brand new textile composite.
  • Unique stud layout to ensure fastest possible movements in all directions.

With the recent release of the Nitrocharge 1.0 that features protection in the heel and across the forefoot, it seems like Adidas is really segmenting its designated players and targeting different styles with very specific releases.

All of this brings up that all important, key question again – “how light is too light?” Would you gladly wear a boot that weighs in at 3.5oz or do you look for other attributes, like protection and power?

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  1. if you get stepped on in that you're done!

  2. Graham Zusi should represent this boot with the slogan “every gram counts”

  3. not trying to be cynical. but…when barefoot my shoe weighs 0 o.z and is free.

    on a more serious note.
    i guess if they are able to include energy return (like adidas boost) and good touch + traction, it will be a considerable addition.

    • Isn't that the point though? Not that I would choose to wear these, but if you like playing barefoot this is as close as you can get in a game.

  4. lookoutworld11

    too far………. people were talking about the point where boots get too light, this is it.

  5. why not make a 4.5 ounce boot instead and have some protection on the upper

  6. It looks like a track spike with a Traxion studs

  7. The boot should offer some protection, right? As a centerback, I would probably severely hurt a forward when their foot gets stepped on. Adidas should go for light but with some substance

  8. Look up "adizero hagio"-it looks almost identical, aside from the studs.

  9. Anyone wore the Nike GSII? If you have wore GSII soccercleats, you will know what I am saying. The back portion of GSII is in textile form, like this F50. I find textile material is tougher that those synthetic leather. So, providing better protection and the rigidness will also helps prevent those studs doing an imprint on your foot.

    I also remember the first model F50 with the back portion using textiles and has a spiderweb mesh. So this is not something new, Adidas is doing. I like that F50.

    But I still prefer the front portion to be leather or synthetic leather which gives better feel for ball control. Just like the GSII has or the current F50 adizero has. Maybe cleats manufacture should look along this line in producing lightweight cleats.

    Also, I have wore the F50 adizero synthetics and there isnt any protection at all for that boots. For me, GSII is a good combination of lightweight (160g for size 9) and good protection. So if 2015 comes and adidas uses leather or synthetic leather on the front, then I honestly would want to try it. Hopefully GSIII might come out and challenge Adizero.

    • Ok now would you try copa mundial or even cruyff recopa?
      Tell me if they're not protect you as well as that kind of textile material you've mentioned

  10. Maybe someday they made a flip-flops with stud below

  11. I worn a lighter…barefoot

  12. The problem with these ultra light cleats is their durability. Myself and two other friends all have the f50s, and all of us experienced cracks the the plastic soles on the bottom in less than a year of use.

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