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And Then There Were Carbon Fiber ShinGuards….

Mercurial Blade Hinge

We get a lot of requests for information on Carbon Fiber shinguards and what they have to offer. In recent times, the number of pairs on the market has substantially declined and it seems the standard $25 slip-ins are leading the way. But the development in carbon fiber technology has increased tremendously over the past decade and there is still a large number of players that want the ultimate in protection.

We figured it was about time to share our thoughts on a few of the top options currently available, tackling the question of which ultimate protection with the lightest package you should be considering!

Nike Mercurial Blade Hinge

As seen above – You are not just getting a Carbon Fiber guard here, you are getting a shinguard that actually hinges and bends in the middle. The benefit of this? You get a guard that wraps around your shin and offers a more mobile solution when you encounter impact. They are designed with Poron foam backing that features a waffle pattern for impact absorption.

Weigh: 2.6oz
Price: $120

Verdict: The deep foam backing gives them an extra gripped feel against your shin and they definitely sit comfortably thanks to the hinge design. When it comes to finding a guard that sits securely against your shin, these are a prime option. Likely to be the top option of any Nike fan.

C6 Guards

C6 Agility

Probably the most technically advanced guard ever released to market, but as you would expect that comes with a price! You are getting a guard made of 100% aerospace grade real prepreg carbon fiber/epoxy shell that has no fiberglass, other fillers or cosmetic face coats applied. In other words, you are getting an extremely lightweight and formidable piece of protection for your shin. C6 also use PORON XRD Extreme Impact Protection as a breathable backing.

Weigh: 1.2oz
Price: $150

Verdict: Tough to validate spending so much on shinguards, but they are super strong for their minimal 2oz weight. I’ve had refs double check me for guards while wearing these as they sit right up against your shin. Currently, these are the guards I wear. Word of warning, don’t try bend them in the opposite direction – it won’t sound so pretty!

Pleymkr Carbon Fiber Shinguard


If you are looking for some customized carbon fiber guards, the guys at Pleymkr are well worth checking out. They work with you to add the design before shipping them your way. The guard itself features a cross weave slightly textured pattern on the front, with a foam backing added to keep them snug against your shin. In a size M, they are also the lightest guards on the list!

Weigh: 1oz
Price: $80

Verdict: Price wise they are solid, and it gives you the option to be able to customize with some cool graphics on the front. Although not a lot of people will see them, it is an ideal spot to add something meaningful to your kit.

What other guards are there on the market that you’d add to the list? If you’ve tested them, let us know in the comments how they perform!

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  1. Curious about these shinguards, which would seem to vie for most technologically advanced:

    Pretty cool that they got Pele to do a video with them

    Ever seen them or tested them?

  2. Curious about these shinguards, which would seem to vie for most technologically advanced:

    Pretty cool that they got Pele to do a video with them

    Ever seen them or tested them?

  3. I have a pair from GL Sport (an Italian company) – . They're probably a little "heavier" as they use a neoprene backing to act as a cushion, but it's still a great carbon fiber guard. For an extra charge, you can order the guards with custom graphics.

  4. Check out Zone !4's Carbon Guards. They come in 33% carbon fiber and 100% carbon fiber.

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