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Up Close: Nike Elastico Finale III IC (Before Retirement)

Elastico Finale

As part of their master plan to re-engineer the indoor boot market through the Nike FootballX range, Nike actually retired some pretty sweet shoes. Case in point these Elastico Finale III. From a performance perspective, they have everything going for them, including a high number of positive reviews from players that ply their trade on short courts.

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the range late on, in case there were any players that want to experience a pair before they disappear (eBay is the best spot left to snag a pair!) This pair comes in the Laser Orange colorway and of course I took the opportunity to wear them just to see what they had to offer.

Nike Elastico Finale Up Close

Elastico Finale Upper Design

As you might have expected, Nike geared this boot toward the fastest small-side players. Weighing in at 7.2oz and featuring a textured Nikeskin upper, they are intended to provide a lightweight feel on the ball. The actual material has a definite synthetic feel, not in any way like a natural leather or even a faux-leather. It is this slightly stiffer feel and the honeycomb design that allows it to mimic your foot movements while still maintaining its shape, improving the overall durability of the shoe.

The one thing to note here is that the material is not in any way designed to provide protection. For the IC (indoor) version that doesn’t matter much. But there is a turf version of this shoe, and if you wear it in games where other players are wearing FG shoes, you are risking injury. From a random experience wearing my IC version on turf (don’t ask, I made the mistake of jumping into a game wearing them) I can confirm that it hurts like all heck when you get caught by a stud!

Elastico Finale Heel

Elastico Finale Ankle Lining

Nike Elastico Finale Fit

What really makes these special is that locked-in fit you get from the ankle lining. Nike has designed the opening in such a way that the stretch material really hugs your ankle and creates a secure feel. It really proves beneficial through wear and is the type of design I’d love to see more boots direct to! In turn, the ankle lining continues into the tongue, providing a one-piece design. Technically, this particular shoe is the final step in the evolution of the current FootballX range.

Underneath, you get an articulated rubber sole that is perfect for explosive speed in all directions. Are they all that they are cracked up to be on indoor courts? They definitely offer solid traction thanks to the dynamic design. There is a lot going on, with honeycomb style patterns being split with single line cuts through the forefoot. It allows the soleplate to flex in unison with your movements through sprints and quick turns.

Elastico Finale Traction

Nike Elastico Finale Soleplate

From a design perspective, I’m a huge fan of what these shoes have going on. My only qualm is with the general feel of the upper – it is just not natural enough for my style, although I doubt players will complain about the added durability the new-age synthetic material adds!

Again, the one spot to find a pair of Nike Elastico Finale III right now should you be looking for them is on eBay. The prices might be over inflated, but this is your last shot to secure a pair before the range disappears.

Anyone else have experience with these shoes? Any advice to offer other players interested in finding a pair?

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  1. I Bought one pair, truf style and it have lasted 3 years ! (I play very offten! ) Amazing shoes!

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