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How Exactly Did We Get To The Primeknit 2.0?

Primeknit 2.0 Design

It has been a labor of love for Adidas, as they looked to develop what in their words is “the best fitting boot in the world”. Over the past two years, we have been left wide-eyed at some of the prototype boots they have unveiled to get to this point, and lets be honest not all of that was good. But there was an intent to create shock-and-awe in an effort to grasp market attention.

So, how exactly did we get to this point and the Primeknit 2.0? Adidas give us a perfect “mini” breakdown of the boots used through the process. There are sure to have been other models placed before the development team, but these are the important ones used in the final decision making process.

Fnd a select number of pairs available at

Samba Primeknit 2.0 Design

First was the Primeknit Samba, released with Luis Suarez as the central advertising figure. The introduction of an upper made of knit material was kind of mind-blowing and there were many questions surrounding the protection it offered. But that didn’t stop consumers buying and the limited edition number sold out in a matter of hours. No doubt Adidas loved seeing that!

Soon after, adidas released another version with a grey toned upper. That too sold out extremely quickly, as players across the globe latched on to the idea of using a boot made of yarn!

Primeknit FS 2.0 Concept Boot

When Nike released the Nike Magista series and that mid-cut collar, it probably caught adidas slightly off guard as they developed their own high sock collar style design. In the midst of the Magista release, adidas threw out some imagery of a compression prototype design they had in the works – the Primeknit FS.

It was a design that went against common sense and convention, one that we had many questions about. Luckily, it was never released and from the video, it seems like adidas only used it as a marketing ploy.

Primeknit FS 2.0

Furthering the development of a collar style design, they created a much better looking Primeknit FS2. This version ahd a much sleeker appearance and the actual sock collar looked like it would fit more snug around the calf. But again, it was never released and the overall design simply proved to be another unique stepping stone.

And then there is the final product – the Primeknit 2.0. There is a definite feel of compromise with these boots, as adidas chose to stick more a more conventional style. In saying that, there is nothing atypical about the the heel cut! It sits a lot higher, with the stretch material designed to provide more support up along the Achilles. How is that set to play out? I’m not sure – but I’ll tell you once I’ve checked out a pair in person!

At this stage, most players willing to pay the $300 it costs for a pair will have done so already, but for anyone else crazy enough to pick up a pair, you can find a select number at

For the rest of you, check the video below and let us know what you think of the process in the comment section!

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  1. Fs2- There is a reason why most shoes have laces… It's kinda important in dynamic shoes that are intended to fit a wide range of feet shapes.

  2. Prime knit FS just looks ridiculous, better never release those.

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