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Adidas f50 and 11Pro Go “Limited Edition” – The No Dye Pack

Adidas f50 No Dye Pack

Another set of extremely fresh colorways has been released by the folks at adidas, although you have to look closely to see what is going on with these. We are talking whiteout to the fullest extent, with the cleanest of paint jobs placed on top of two iconic adidas boots; the 11pro and F50.

Welcome in the Adidas No Dye Pack, the latest release out of the “Limited Collection“, following on from the recent launch of the adidas Primeknit 2.0. In this latest pack, both boots have been made from special material to highlight sustainability. adidas is pushing the bar forward for ‘green tech’ by making boots which have zero chemical and pigment substance, without any colored substrates to underline the environmentally friendly concept.

Being that they are limited edition, overall there have been 3,000 pairs made and released to market.

For those interested in a pair, they will be released on

Adidas 11pro No Dye Pack

We are not quite sure how the special materials will play out on these boots from a performance perspective, from visuals it seems like they might offer a slightly different type of touch on the ball. But we do have a general breakdown on both silos to offer in case you are considering a pair.

f50 adiZero No Dye

With f50, there are obviously two main talking points with this boot; the DribbleTex upper texture and the soleplate configuration.

On top of the Hybridtouch upper, adidas has added a 3D DribbleTex print. It has texture and actually gives the upper material some additional strength. Note here that in turn, this makes them slightly more rigid to the touch. Scratch that and let me restate, the upper is still very, very soft and flexible but it doesn’t match the feel of the previous adiZero F50 release.

When you consider the style of player these boots are ultimately intended for, improving traction is an important factor to consider. This is especially true when it comes to maximum acceleration through quick turns. You need to be nimble, yet connected to the surface so you can chop and release at ease to get out of tight spots. In the past, adidas has kept it relatively simple with the SprintFrame. This time around, the design has been dramatically warped and now we see an almost two tier tooth system come into play.

Adidas f50 Whiteout

adiZero No Dye Heel

11Pro No Dye Pack

This next generation 11Pro release has a lot to offer with a specific focus on comfort and a perfect fit. An extremely unique honeycomb lattice style through the upper contours to your foot shape, with an underlay support system doing what it is intended to do – keep the material from stretching out of its natural shape.

The all new comfort outsole also features a comfort frame which distributes pressure across the shoe, while new smaller studs provide perfect ground penetration. The leather upper provides an ultra-comfortable fit as well as optimum control. And speaking of that upper, it is going to feature a K-leather vamp – yes, a return to the ever popular K-leather material!

Adidas had found much success with the Taurus leather material used on prior 11Pro models, but it seems they are listening to fans who want a premium material that offers proven touch on the ball.

11Pro No Dye Upper

Adidas 11Pro No Dye Heel

Again for those interested in a pair, they will be released on

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