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Adidas adiPure 11Pro Samba Review

Adidas adiPure 11Pro Samba

Adidas are currently in full World Cup 2014 prep mode and part of that charge is the introduction of the new adiPure 11Pro Samba. In many circles, opinion of the adiPure range has not been extremely popular of late, with fans missing the traditional, rustic feel that came with the initial versions. This latest edition will not appease those who want a return to the heritage look, but there are several positives to take and initial reaction from fans has been pretty positive.

I’ve had a few weeks to work with the new adiPure 11Pro and spent an extra few sessions really getting a feel for what they have to offer. Check the review below and don’t forget to watch the YouTube video at the bottom of the page – through Saturday, you have an opportunity to win an exclusive pair of these boots!

The adiPure 11Pro Samba is currently available to buy at

Initial Reaction – Part of the Samba Collection

As part of the Samba Collection release pack, there was not a great deal of singular attention placed on the new adiPure boot. Under normal circumstances, a release of this magnitude would get a lot of attention. It took some research to discover the boot had been radically altered and that makes these ever more interesting. With that in mind, going into testing I was very excited to see how Adidas approached the performance of the new boot and how the cross stitched upper felt on the ball.

Adidas 11Pro Make The Player

Adidas adiPure 11Pro Samba Stitching

adiPure 11Pro Samba

Break In and Comfort

Out of the box, you get a mixed reaction with this boot. First, the design is epic and almost knocks you out of your socks! I am sure that is what they are looking to do with the Samba design and you have to give their design team credit for what they have produced. It is wild and really does give you a fun, imaginative feel. The soleplate is flexible and the upper soft enough to break into a training sessions right from the go, but I wouldn’t recommend taking them straight into battle (aka. a game).

You need to get a feel for them and I found that the material around the heel and tongue needs time to adjust. From first wear, you will probably notice or hear the squelch sound that you get when wearing a synthetic boot. You can read more about this down below, but the important thing to note is that it subsides as you break them in and they become more in-tune with your fit.

Compared to the Original 11Pro

There is a lot different with this version, some positive and some negative. Without detailing all of the differences in the section, I’ll just offer a summary and then the positives and negative points I encountered. On the new version, there is a completely redesigned upper, lower cut heel, modified interior and dramatically altered soleplate with no miCoach technology. In other words, it is now a completely different boot!

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The positive is definitely the forefoot design, with Adidas choosing to place an emphasis on stitching. Who doesn’t love a layer of cross stitching to really promote a cushioned first touch on the ball? I for one love the look and am very much for this upgrade over the duracoat layering found on the initial release. I get what Adidas were looking to do on that version and it made sense if you were looking for added durability, but for most players it just left a sour, dated appearance.

The negative comes in the form of the material used around the heel area and across the tongue. I’m not sure if it is related to creating the Samba appearance or if it has to do how the new layer of memory foam placed around the ankle lining is covered, but it has a slippy, synthetic feel on the Samba edition. On the original, I loved how snug the boot fit and how your foot stayed solidly in place even with the lower cut heel design. It seems like Adidas has tried to compensate by increasing the height of the heel, but in my case I found this decreased the overall fit.

When you put them side by side, I think both have their own set of positive characteristics, but overall I feel Adidas has improved the boot with their latest modifications.

adiPure Samba Detailing

adiPure Samba Tongue

In-Game Performance

There are two primary areas to cover when it comes to performance; the upper and the soleplate.

Again, Adidas use a Taurus leather through the upper. Taurus has become a popular choice, with the premium, ultra-soft and ultra-light leather providing a comfortable fit and natural feel on the ball. What separates this addition from other boots with this leather is the inclusion of some highly effective cross stitching. The end result is extremely positive, especially for midfield players who like to get plenty of touches on the ball. There is a cushioned feel, yet the material is thin enough to ensure you know where the ball is at all times. Striking shots, they feel very smooth, pretty much in line with your regular heritage release in this department – they are not specifically designed to be a strikers boot.

Cross stitching offers a much more natural fit, with the material contouring to the movements of your feet. And for players who need a wide fit, it has a tendency to stretch, when needed, as you wear them. I’m very much for its inclusion on any heritage boot, so Adidas has made the right choice here in my opinion.

Then there is the soleplate, with a new Comfort Frame being utilized. In the words of Adidas, it is an all new outsole with comfort frame for better pressure distribution, and a smaller, more concentrated stud configuration for maximum grip and acceleration on natural firm grounds. In game, you really won’t notice the change in design too much, it is tough to tell how much performance is improved or if you do get increased acceleration as you take off. What you do notice is that the Comfort Frame is much more flexible to bend and that transcends into an easier break-in. I’m a fan of the smaller stud design that does increase the opportunity for quicker release from the surface and I like how the center stud has been moved up toward the front of the boot. All-in-all, this means that weight distribution is dispersed more evenly while ensuring the boot appeals to a wider audience of players who desire more speed in their game. Overall, I found the design works effectively and your foot does feel secure right across the forefoot as you walk or sprint to the ball.

What it comes down to is this; the changes in the soleplate turn this boot from more a “graft” player option into more of a “craft” player option if that makes sense. Rather than being a boot geared toward the gritty, “get the job done” center mid, they are now more of a move the ball fast and create space boot.

adiPure Comfort Frame

adiPure Comfort Frame Up Close

adiPure 11Pro Samba Stud Profile

miCoach Not Included

Important note for those of you that use your miCoach chip to track your performance; Adidas has removed the cavity in this boot and you won’t be able to take advantage of the technology. It is directly related to the new soleplate (as seen above) and means this boot is in a different bracket to all other Adidas boots currently on the market (bar the Copa Mundial of course).

The Samba Design

You can see from the images that there is a lot of detail on this boot and it goes along with exactly what Adidas wants us to feel. That is flair and the build up to World Cup 2014. This is a high performing boot with a fun feel, and to the amateur player out there that probably won’t ever play under the bright lights of a big stadium, they bring a little extra excitement to your game. Seriously, I felt more ambitious while wearing them and was at time ready to break out into beast trick mode. Sadlly, they won’t actually turn you into a Ronaldinho style player!

adiPure Samba

How do they Fit?

This is very much a wide fitting players option. By no means does that mean it is going to appropriately fit you XXL fitting players who require custom made boots, but it is a good option in a market where larger fits are becoming increasingly sparse. As a medium/wide fitting player, I found them to be very comfortable and a solid fit. Where there is increasing benefit to these is in the cross stitching used through the forefoot. The stitching should loosen for players who need that extra bit of room. For players who previously wore the original adiPure, they will fit just as well and true to size, but with the added bonus of stretch if needed.

Critics Notes

My only negative remark lies in the material used through the inner heel and along the tongue. It might just be the color coating employed, but it doesn’t provide that snug feel we got from the original adiPure 11Pro. And, of coarse, I should remark on the color design that won’t appeal to a certain type of player!

Pick up your pair of adiPure 11Pro at right here.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A fresh and very fun version of the adiPure that is packed with new updates and a proper coat of Samba colors, highlighted by the cross stitching used across the forefoot.
Category: Heritage, although the new colors might not appeal to the tradition player.
Weight: 9.2oz, which is an increase from of 1oz from the original 11Pro.
Would I Buy Them: I would splash out on these for sure. They are a very forward thinking release that offer players a lot of positives for their price point.
Player Position: These are the ideal boot for players who like to control the middle of the pitch and use their guile on the ball. There is a crafty, nimble feel about this boot that differentiates them from other heritage releases. Outside backs and keepers will also enjoy what they have to offer.

Video Introduction Plus Giveaway Details

If you have made it here on time, we are having a giveaway for a pair that come in an exclusive Adidas promotional display case. There are very few of these “paint cans” with boots to be found anywhere, so it is a very, very big prize. Please make sure to enter on YouTube rather than here on this post please! Competition is open to entries through Saturday evening, and we will update with the winners name on this post.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Seriously SC101, what about the sizing? And only one paragraph dedicated to in-game use? If I wanted to read specs, I’d look on…

    • For sizing, check the “How do they Fit?” section. As for your other question, I am going to pull a Darma and ask if you are “Lost” because their is an entire section for in-game use!

      • Referencing a cult classic show from the 90’s, sadly, won’t help. Most of the “in-game performance” continues to merely state specs while I want actual notes on the in-game performance. And the sizing area does not inform me whether I need to order true to size or a half size down, but after checking SR4U, I see that I need to order a half size down. I’m not being insulting nor trying to start banter where we reference shows that are now placed in the bargain bit at your local supermarket, but if I’m going to drop $150 on a boot I would like a bit more information on them. We can’t all get boots for free.

        • Read the sizing section again – it says "true to size". And I in no way would recommend going down a half size, otherwise they are going to be tight – they do fit wide, but length wise they are a perfectly natural and comfortable length.

          PS "Lost" is a show that aired from 2004 to 2010.

  2. Good review! Interesting to note on the heel lining….the other colours of the new 11pro will have suede lining on the heel. I'm sure you would prefer those instead. I do!

  3. Good review. I was not a huge fan of the previous version of these cleats (have both 11pro and 11core). But I’ve tested the new ones out in a few games now, and they’re much higher quality (better fit, no break in, more comfortable, better touch, better materials). I had no issue with the heel lining, though suede would probably be better still. Overall, great cleats.

  4. Why on earth did they remove miCoach from the new soleplate?

    Bizarre decision.

    • Agreed, maybe removing it makes the soleplate more flexible, but I didn't feel that soleplate flexibility was a problem with the previous 11pro.

      • Honest question; Is MiCoach all that it is cracked up to be? I'm looking to add an adidas boot to my growing collection and I love the look of this 11Pro Samba. I've always been curious how the cavity would affect the soleplate. Your thoughts?

        • Personal opinion is that the MiCoach chip isn't really a big deal. I have one, which I bought for running, so I'll occasionally use it for training in soccer. It isn't the world's most helpful thing out there in terms of getting feedback that'll help your game, but it can be nice if you want to see if your speed and stamina are improving or declining over time.

          As far as to how it effects the boot itself, I don't think it does anything really to effect performance. The weight is almost negligible and it just sits in the cavity and doesn't effect comfort. I don't think traction wise it has much of an effect either. I had a Chameleon pre mi-coach adizero and I feel like the traction is fairly similar to the Nitrocharge (minus the solidness in the forefoot). Since the miCoach chip is pretty expensive, I wouldn't buy it unless you were going to use it for something else also (it's a good tool for running if you want to keep track of how much you're doing), but if you already have micoach and a pair of adidas cleats, you might as well use it to track progress in soccer. Ultimately, I wouldn't let the miCoach chip be the deciding factor in buying a pair of boots, unless you really liked both options.

          Hope that helps.

        • It is very useful if you are looking to follow a training program or need to monitor your performance in games and practices. But, it is more of a novelty that regular players tend to stop using after a few weeks. I used mine a lot at the beginning, but I used it recently.

          And Shyam also has it pretty spot on!

  5. Question thats not really related but which is better, hybridtouch or kanga lite?

    • I'm sure Brian's opinion is going to be based on more boots, but as I have worn the CT3 and the Nitrocharge I have an opinion on this. Kanga Lite is a little better a material in terms of touch and feel on the ball, but the hybrid touch stretches and forms to your feet a little better. The Kanga Lite on the CTR 3 is by far the softest, and gives the boots a very nice touch that is both soft and responsive. Hybrid touch, at least on the Nitrocharge, is neither as soft or responsive. However, you get more of a custom feel to it with hybrid touch.

      Hope that helps, good luck with your decision!

  6. No sprintframe? You sure these are made by Adidas?

    Not touching this line until they return to K-leather…

  7. i was just wondering, when are you announcing the give away?

  8. How would you compare these to the Puma King 2013? The two seem very similar but with enough to set them apart. I know you've been wearing the Kings for awhile, but any chance of these dethroning them?

  9. Great cleats for wide fit, love them

  10. These or the nitrocharge? I'm a centre backing always winning the pall and creating play from the back. Passing it, tackling, long balls and free kicks. What would you recommend? Please reply!

  11. Thank you for the review, I also noticed the heel slipping when trying them on in the local store. I loved the feel but not the color, so I customized a pair on the MiAdidas website. They just arrived today.

    NO HEEL SLIPPAGE! i think it was the material of the Samba design that caused the slipping, mine have a soft leather feel that cradles my heel and i have no heel slippage. Just an FYI

  12. I have been using Adipower Predator TRX for about 4 pairs now and it is getting harder to get them and its hard to find a new style that works as good for wide feet. These look as if they would be pretty comparable and work for my wide feet especially around the toes. Your thoughts? Also I wear 10 in Adipowers would 10 work for these? Cheers!

    • Love the adiPowers and sadly they are disappearing. You should look at something like the Mizuno Wave Ignitus or the Warrior Skreamer if you want to stick in the power mold with a comfy forefoot fit. Or you could make the jump to the Predator LZ – definitely not the same performance as you get with the adiPowers, but they are a solid option!

  13. Would these boots be good for a striker/winger that needs extra protection due to a aggressive style of play?

  14. Hey Bryan, great blog btw. I always check here before I buy. I bought a pair of these 2 weeks ago and have played 3 matches and about 5 trainings in them and they are already ripping along the inside of my foot (where the upper meets the sole plate). I was wondering if you noticed durability problems with these because I really liked them but am not gonna get a new pair of the same if I'm going to have the same problems again… I was hoping mine were just flawed.

    • Luc, I didn't encounter any durability issues with them. Did you get caught by a heavy tackle or anything of that nature? They are pretty well built, so I would imagine it was just the pair you got unfortunately.

  15. Very good Review!

    I found another one:

    Hope this helps!

  16. If I comfortably wear a size 12 Predator LZ what size do you think I would be in these? A size 12? I wanted to try them on at my local soccer shop but they only carry up to a 10.

  17. I loved the adipure ii but haven't liked subsequent variations and switched to Nike Tiempo Legend for a number of years.

    I went to get some new Legends and they changed the shape on me, so now I can barely squeeze my foot in. On the other hand, these new 11pros fit like a glove.

    Looks like adidas is fighting back.

  18. Great reviews on this site. You were spot on about the discomfort from the 2nd stud in the Maestri III's…sadly I didn't heed the warning. It's also a major issue with the Legend V's, in my opinion. So now I'm looking for new cleats again. Are you going to do a review of the 11pro SL cleats? I'm trying to decide between the 2, but I don my want to pay the extra $50-$100 if it's going to sacrafice comfort/feel for less weight. Thanks!

    • I've been wearing the regular 11 pro for awhile, so I can only speak to them and not the SL's. The comfort frame and shorter studs are exquisite. The 11 pros have been very comfortable throughout my time on varying natural surfaces. Coupled with the wide forgiving fit and memory foam padding, the boots feel good all around. I'd say these boots are great and no need to spend the extra money for the SL's.

  19. I usually buy traditional / heritage boots but these have really caught my eye. I cant tell whether they would be suitable for soft ground from looking at the stud configuration – my boots usually just have 6 studs. Can anyone advise if theyd be suitable for heavy wet muddy pitches – the type i usually play on! Thanks.

  20. Would you recommend these, the adidas predator instinct, or the tiempo legend V for a defender?

  21. I love these cleats more than any in recent memory but now need a pair to play on turf. Should I go with adidas mundial team turf, or are there any alternatives?

  22. I have a pair of the se and I really enjoyed using them for a while. But after a labour two months of use, the forefoot stretched so muć that my feet could wiggle around touch and I really lost my fondness for them. I just returned to the f50 series which I now prefer to the 11pro.

  23. no review on the predator lz II?

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