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Up Close – Detailing the adiZero f50 Yamamoto “Dragon”

Yamamoto f50

Last August, adidas released a limited edition collaboration boot with renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, this one labelled the Yamamoto adiZero F50 Dragon. It was the type of ferocious design that immediately grasped attention and had fans wondering what the highly visual graphic was all about.

On release, we highlighted the boot but this is our first opportunity to take a look at them up close to see exactly what they are about.

Side note; finding a pair of the limited edition boots is pretty tough to do, but you can still find them on eBay should you be tempted to own a pair!

Adidas Yamamoto f50 Dragon left

Adidas Yamamoto f50 Dragon right

Following last years successful launch of the custom Yamamoto adizero f50 boot, which drew inspiration from Japanese imperial lion-dogs, these new boots come in a striking blue and green colorway. Each boot gets its own color and unique visual appearance. The traditional design has been placed in the context of Japan’s modern sci-fi culture creating a spiritual connection between the past and the future.

The right boot, in blue, features a Dragon King or a lion style design. This symbolizes “greatness, glory and power”, making the perfect compliment to right footed goalscorer who like to impact the game. On the left boot, in green, is a Dragon Bird. This is set to represent the ability to live in the most hostile situations, showing resistance, determination and agility on its way to the victory.

f50 Yamamota Dragon

Yamamoto f50 Dragon King Detailing

It offers an extremely complex meaning unlike other designs we have seen on boots. On one side is the animal style covering, with an intricate mechanical design placed on the other side. No matter what view of the boots you take, the visual understanding can be interpreted in different ways.

In terms of touch, there is a definite texture created by the design right across the surface of the boot. The additional definition won’t offer much in the way of first touch and control but it does create a more dynamic 3-D style appearance. In the images, you should be able to see the lining clearly, where the light hits the microfiber upper.

Adidas f50 Yamamoto Detailing

adiZero f50 Yamamoto

Yamamoto f50 Upper Design

In order to create the finished article, adidas actually use the same model of adiZero F50 that is worn by Lionel Messi. In other words, this is the version of the boot that doesn’t feature SpeedFoil around the heel region or DribbleTex along the forefoot. Instead, the forefoot has a smooth leather like feel and the entire boot is built as a one-piece design.

This version of the adiZero features a SpeedTraction system, offering a different level of performance. It is a high speed stud alignment designed to provide maximum acceleration and pinpoint changes in direction.

Yamamoto f50 Soleplate

As you’d expect, this is the type of design that is not going to suit every players taste. There is an exhuberant visual impact that will match players that really want to stand out on pitch, wearing something that is completely different to the competition. Personally, I am all about the story behind the boots and what they represent, but they are not a boot I’d want to wear in game. What is your take on the design and would you wear them if you had the chance?

On release, they retailed for $299.99. So, getting a pair at a lower price right now would be a big win for any player out there. Benzema, Bale, Marcelo, Coentrao and James are the players that actually wore them in a Champions League match vs Ludogrets last September.

Check for pairs available on eBay.

Adidas f50 Yamamoto Dragon Heel

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