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How Adidas Has Created Complete Chaos With the X15

If you have followed any updates since their release, the reaction to the Adidas X15 has been very loud. Fans have been active in letting Adidas know their thoughts about the retirement of several key boots, with its replacement looking like, well, total Chaos!

But, that is the purpose of this release, to push the boundaries and provide players with something that they have never experienced before. Take for example the wild design featured on the outer side of each boot. There is a purpose to its inclusion, as it adds support from stopping right through to the second step as you sprint away.

To really understand what they are all about, I recommend checking out the above documentary that talks about the boot and its creation process. Adidas really shed purposeful light on what they are trying to achieve with this boot and how they implemented key features to improve player performance.

Destroy order. Smash defenses. Create victory. X15, built for the gamechanger.

One other key note I wanted to discuss at this point is how smart adidas decision is to cater the boot as an FG/AG. In other words, they have done extensive testing to ensure the X15.1 can be used on both firm and artificial surfaces. Players commonly use boots on both surfaces (I would be one of them) yet there has been great debate on whether players should do that or not. By providing the answer in the title, adidas alleviates any doubts and provides players with a one boot option for both surfaces!

The Adidas X15 can currently be found at


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  1. Makes a little more sense when you get to watch a video like this! They are kind of growing on me.

  2. So players will be wearing these on the champions league final? I bet adidas wish that Bayern had made it.

  3. it's bullshit.

    strip away the marketing… what u have is nothing.

    • I don't agree with you. Adidas have created a fascinating boot that deserves a review test to determine its true value.

      • I agree with Kangjie on this one (at this point anyway). We really need to test the performance to know what adidas has produced and if it is worthy of replacing the more famous silos.

  4. I've only been playing soccer for 4-5 years but wouldn't playing on both artificial grass and natural grass make the cleats less durable over time?

    • In some respect, yes. But you have to compare the option of wearing one pair compared to having to buy two pairs (one for each surface.) Wearing any boots on AG is going to be more demanding on their lifespan.

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